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Reality of Being a High School Cheerleader | Mian Twins

Reality of Being a High School Cheerleader | Mian Twins

– [Mian Twins] Hey guys … – I’m Azra.
– And I’m Aisha. – [Mian Twins] And we’re the Mian twins and welcome back to “Squared”. (upbeat music) – As you can tell, we are
pretty much fully matching. And it’s not kind of a
normal outfit, it’s our … – [Mian Twins] Cheerleading outfit. – Because we’re
cheerleaders for our school. – Yes. (claps) – And so we’ll be doing
a video on the reality of being a high school cheerleader. So we’re going to give you guys, five main things that come with being a high school cheerleader.
– Yes. – And all that kind of
stuff, but before that – In case you guys want to try out or you guys are interest in
what cheerleading is about. – I mean, every school is different. – Yeah. – But we’re gonna give you our experience. – Because we are seniors now
so this will be our last year. – Sadly. – But before we get on with the video, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs-up and subscribe down below in the square, if you haven’t already. We’re close to a million almost. – Yeah, which is crazy. – And so we’re pretty
much there really soon. So don’t forget to subscribe, so let’s get on with the video. – Okay, so the first
thing that I wanted to say is the stereotypical idea of it and how its not what you’d
expect in the movies. – That’s the first thing. – Yeah that’s the first thing. In movies you always see the cheerleader and you know they’re the
mean girls of the school, but with our school … – They’re with the jocks
and like it’s just them. – With the jocks yeah
it’s always like that. They’re like the obnoxious
girls in the school, but what our school taught us is that they’re kind of the leaders of the school. We kind of want to show … We represent
– Yeah we represent the school. What our schools about and so we think it’s important that that stereotype I mean I don’t know about your school personally, but for us we know that like … – Cheerleading is meant for you to be the main face of the school. – Like a leader, like a role, like exactly you have a role to the school which is really important that
our school teaches us that. Like even when you’re trying out our school and our
coaches check your grades. They want to make sure that you’re good in your academics, you don’t cut class and everything like that so I think people should
understand that being a high school cheerleader is more than the looks and the idea of … – Yeah the idea of being that. – Being a cheerleader, but it’s different from what it really is. – So the second thing that comes with being a high school cheerleader is definitely making friends. And you might say yeah you
can do that with any team, but that’s just like with cheerleading for some people to say
cheerleading is not a sport, but cheerleading is a team. You guys come together, you kind of well what’s fun about it is you guys got to events as a group … – Exactly. – And its like its not
like you’re actually competing against someone
as if you’re in a sport you’re competing against some school. You’re just representing your school you’re not going against it.
Exactly. So you and your friends
always come together and its just really fun. – Its fun yeah and like
even I want people to know that not even just cheerleading, but all of your school teams. So like if you’re going into
high school or something and you’re scared to join the team don’t be scared because everyone is equally afraid to join a team. For us personally when we first tried out for cheerleading we actually
didn’t make the team. So I think that’s really
important for some people to know because they give up so easily
and they get discouraged. – And we had friends on the team and they’re the ones that
pushed us and motivated us to try out for a second time next year. – Exactly, so we tried
out for a second year and then we actually got on the team which allowed us to move
up to varsity quicker than the other team
because we were all ready not really late, but
because we got on the team sophomore year instead of freshman. So that was awesome
because they allowed us to move up early … – We went up with our grade
so we had more of our friends. – Exactly so I think
that making friends and joining a team is so important in school because you will remember
that the rest of your life. Like when you’re grown
up and you’re talking to your kids about your
high school experience you can say yeah I was a cheerleader or I was on the golf team
or I was a football player or I was this, I was that. No matter what it is you make friends and just don’t be afraid to go … – Just make the most of the years that you’re there in high school. – Exactly just don’t be afraid I think that’s important not to be
scared even if you’re shy. – So the third one its
pretty much like the most fun you get to go to all the
events of the cheerleaders. So you go to the football games, you go to the basketball games, and maybe in your school
they cheer for other teams like lacrosse games or
whatever the case is, but what’s fun is we
even have some footage that we’ll play after I discuss this, but like we go to lacrosse
games with all of our friends after a practice or something and we’ll just chill out there.
Yeah. We’ll go to orientation
or meetings and stuff and we’re just there as a group so. It’s just the most fun because as you can tell you’ve got your pom poms.
Yeah. So it just makes it so much more exciting and you’re the one who
makes the whole crowd kind of go crazy. – Crowd go crazy. It’s a cool feeling. – So that’s why I’m saying that the games are pretty much the most
fun of being a cheerleader, because you know obviously
cheerleading they’re known … – Cheering more.
For cheering at games. – And that’s definitely
one of the most fun things if you’re gonna become one. So here’s a clip of us going I think it was to a lacrosse game. – Lacrosse game.
Yeah. – [Girl] What are you doing? – We’re at a game, say hi. (background mumbles) – [Girl] What kind of game? – Oh a lacrosse game. – (speaking as a group) Hi. – It’s so cold. (laughing) – [Girl] It’s really cold. – Lax life, lax life forever. (laughing) – [Girl two] Wow you’re so cool. – [Girl] Wow I hate you. Number uh … – Number I’m not doing that. – [Girl] Actually I
can’t see on the camera. – I can’t say. There’s too many I have like four or seven I don’t even know. – [Girl] 22.
22. (laughing) – Every number existing on that field. – Another thing we think is so important and the reality of cheerleading … – The fourth one. – Or being on a team in general is that it’s really good for college. So if colleges see that you participate in extracurricular activities
or clubs or sports they love to see that because they know you’re
open to new things … – Interesting. – You’re interested,
you have a goal in mind because if you don’t do like a sports team first of all you won’t really get credit. I don’t know how your school works how many credits you need to graduate, but for us we need a
certain amount of credits. Joining a team you get a
lot of credits from that so colleges like to see
that you were on sports team even on your resume even for a job. Because people know
you’re out there and … – You put an effort to go to like you’re volunteering to be on a team. – And in your education too. – And you’re volunteering to get a job. They feel like its kind of the same thing because you’re putting yourself out there to get a position …
Exactly. On something that you
know you’ll stick to. So when they see you’ve been on the team for what like three years they’re like they can probably handle this job for more longer than a week. – And also when colleges
look at your resume and see what sports you took they will see if you were on a team in your school I’m almost guaranteed sure that you can be kicked off your team
if your grades aren’t up. – Yes. – So for us we always have to give our report card to our coaches every single time we get our report card she makes sure our grades are good if not maybe she’ll give you probation. – Or tutoring. – Or tutoring or you
can’t go to the next game like there’s always punishments, but if colleges see that
oh you were on a team that means you had to like have you education and your grades
up there so its always like a good look on you. – Really yeah it is a good look. So this last one is to kind
of close out the video, but this one I feel is so important it’s just that you don’t get
to be in high school forever it’s only four years of your life and … – And it goes really fast. – So be on a team especially I feel like personally for me I’m going
to say cheerleading obviously. And because I’m on this team now I won’t have to say in years from now I wish I went to that game. – Exactly. – Because I can say I was on that team and I was there for every
single one and I cheered for it and I remember when we won by
a point with one second left and you know in the fourth quarter. – And we had go overtime
for like half an hour it’s just the small memories. Or like when it was the Christmas game. – Yeah we all wear pajamas. – We’re all wearing pajamas and it’s just fun memories that I feel like you can just make and I’m sure Brooklyn and Bailey they graduated high school all ready and they’re in college they’ll
tell you themselves … – I’m sure they would. – I’m sure they will
that high school flies by and making the most of
your experience there is so important. – And I feel the most
important thing in high school is to make the most memories possible and I feel like joining
a team like cheerleading or joining a sport or even clubs. – Clubs, teams. – You could remember
like a piece of something in your high school that you take with you for the rest of your life. – They always say your high school is the best four years of your life and you can make it that if you want to. – Yeah if you choose to. – If you choose to. So just don’t be afraid
step out of the box. – We hope you guys enjoyed this video and the reason we did this video is because you know of course high school is starting I mean not just high school, school in general … – School is starting. – Even college, whatever we’re
going in to our senior year so this is our last year
being cheerleaders sadly. – And comment down below what
grade you guys are going to. – Yes. – Or if you are on a team in your school. And when you start school because we want to know. We start in like a week. – Yeah pretty soon. – It’s pretty soon so I’m honestly excited to go back I love summer, but I kinda want to get back in my zone. – Yeah so if you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give
it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below. Don’t forget to subscribe
we’re almost at a million. – Yes. – And you subscribe by also
clicking right over here. – And you can watch
yesterdays video over here. And more from us over there. And we’ll see you guys next week. – [Mian Twins] Bye.

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  1. What about dance team? At my school the varsity cheer team gets everything and we (the dance team) hardly gets as many privileges as them

  2. I'm in year 12 about to graduate in 3 months, and in Australia high school is six years and for me i was at the one school for 13 years

  3. Quick Question: I'm thinking of trying out for my high school cheer team, since I'll be a freshman next year. What type of skills do you need? Do you need to be able to have tumbling skills? If so, what skills are those so I can work on them? Thanks! 🙂 <3

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