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Reasons To Be Afraid Of Rick Perry – Conservative Email

Reasons To Be Afraid Of Rick Perry – Conservative Email

this is a imail that was uh… sent to
me by a friend of mine uh… because she got it and it is a list of reasons to be
afraid of repair uh… it says here in the beginning if
you don’t know the spine l_a_ will pierce from nowhere stressed in the
front runner position by the establishment in east abolition media is
not someone who is on your side how many times this acount before ever
realize the stops falling for quick perry is a nightmare this is not a liberal group as you’ll
soon see so here we go this is what they’re saying about
repairs will conservatives are saying about repair and by the way their language in their
way of framing it obviously makes their point but the facts in this many of them are true
and i’ll tell you when they’re not but i’ve been able to discern otherwise clears the personal uh… perry wasn’t always the guns
slinging cowboy one before barry created his phony macho
image it was a cheerleader texas a and m in the nineteen sixties man the
comparisons to george bush is too much be in a cheer out one of the tat lead
shearer serve the cheer had sort of echo sheraz whatever they call text animal
has a big powerful position to happen that late sixties the record so he was they cheerleader essentially at texas a and m perry is not now it reads here and never
was all that bright his college transcripts pulls a seasoned easy
received until i cannot uh… whatever i he had barely i read
the uh… article stating that he did graduate with a two point five by the way early on he couldn’t be there had a cheer team we couldn’t he he was
on academic probation so for some time news on academic
probation and he got his stuff together and all
the way up to a two point five it’s george bush all over again necessarily live longer affair was a
lifelong democrat supported jimmy carter ronald reagan in nineteen eighty i don’t know whether this is true but
it’s probably true because rick perry was democrat till nineteen eighty eight next one is that he was a elected as a
democratic state legislator there in nineteen eighty four e serve three terms
in that it points out in nineteen eighty seven voted for five point seven billion
dollar tax increase that tax increase by the way it was in the budget where
republican governor uh… and carried it go for the stuff
that’s all true then this part is mostly through this
next when this is one hundred that uh… other conservatives are a hammer uh…
terry with again and again that he was like k texas campaign manager for al
gore’s presidential run in and supported uh… super liberal mike dukakis and
general action i have no way of knowing whether
supported by two copies of the general election he was still democrat democrat
till nineteen eighty nine we switch parties not nineteen eighty eight and there’s a little lack of clarity about their many news reports saying
that he was al gore’s campaign chairman but those might have been based on some
erroneous things that were established in the early nineties in a political
campaign against them what is clear is that he was one of twenty three
democratic state senators or state but legislators from texas who endorsed al
gore he endorsed al gore for president in nineteen eighty eight and then later he is point he said that
sort of his disillusionment with the gore campaign he was a real conservative help contribute to him becoming a
republican in nineteen eighty nine let’s run through the others of these is a
great picture it says here uh… when it became
obvious to being a democrat conservative texas was a career killari opportunistic
ambitious paris which the republican party in nineteen ninety transforming
itself into a tough-talking guns flowing in cowboy perry saying that the only difference is
they’ll be in our before my name we was agriculture commissioner in
nineteen ninety-three perry praised hillary clinton’s socialize health care scheme they’ve course it’s a scheme through
calling it the uh… most commendable that’s true he did say that that was
nineteen ninety-three nynex this is where perry’s getting hammered with most
is his support while in texas for anything having to do the right possibly
be construed would not latinas uh… perry spoke before the national
council of la salle and i’ll arouse of course promos over
towards the welfare for illegals it says here says again their words carries on the rise of the imposes
border fences against arizona’s anti-illegal immigration bill what perry
did say is that the arizona bill would work for texas so he was against it now here’s how you know this stuff comes
from a bright are not the last terry cooperating with the radical marxist
group decor acorns the same regular group that’s
fraud community organizer perot-gore bomber i’d love it when i think what’s
acorn was under investigation vote fraud so states until obama came to the rescue
no that’s true acorn is not developed in a vote probably although that’s nonsense five danny amber’s in for the uh… for
garden still the uh… what a force that will read it
in two thousand seven barry signed an executive order mandating that every six
three girls and the two a three jab regiment vaccine for sexually
transmitted diseases and they point out that of course uh… that uh… the door
sells a mark drug and more contributed to prepare next their nine two thousand eight perry
wrote letters to u_s_ congressional leaders in support of the war criminal
wall street banker bailout by doing so ignore the which is the
american people are aligned himself with billionaire liberals with george soros in warrant bucket
where buffet who says terrible things like i would like to pay more taxes to
help make the country better world people like ward off uh… next uh… that he tripled the tax
is dead in ten years as governor and that’s technically true but if you
justice for employees inflation here bob doubles the debt is what my uh… research turned up and then finally they uh… they got the
big uh… newsweek cover big liberal media is promoting perry sill obviously
people should be against in the elite liberals hike barry’s candidacy same time attacking and just enough to
give him credibility among conservative this clever tactic because we’re that need the mainstream media so clever
this clever taxes notice cheap depict as a wolf in sheep’s clothing whatever
they talk about the uh… this clever tactic i always feel like these people
are talking about juice like this clever tactic by the jews in the big mainstream media buses run
through these last two because it’s good again today there relentlessly stiff last two that uh… uh… terry talks a good game about states rights
but the reality is not a supporter of states’ rights dedicated
internationalist just like george soros was attended
meetings the influential building for a group in europe as described in the
transfer pork build burgers pro socials an anti national sabji how does the bill
number group don’t order proposal from for crew how
he does socialist in what way and he’d look as we were
talking about this before the show the whole point of these guys the whole point is to promote giant thing business growth around the
world howling social units they’re definitely not for any
kind of like national borders or anything from the precipitates invest definitely francis lewis sisters it’s like that all the talking points and kathy’s
issued george soros pros socialist and everything you can possibly imagine
mainstream medium big government establishment and then finally it talks about how he’s
a fake christian order when christian both slick rick shamelessly wears a
false christianity on his sleeve his insincere public prayer spectacles
called by the biblical warning from jesus and then the quote uh… something from uh… matthew
chapter sixty so again they at their hammer and their hammer and
further right and it’s really just one thing loses all
the stuff as lucas says is just taken the talking points together the thing they hate is the immigration stuff that’s why they hate it because they don’t like people who aren’t like that immigrants not comfortable with them
being educated orb not get depressed by the police

100 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Afraid Of Rick Perry – Conservative Email”

  1. @Macaframa1 No, but I guess you missed when that anchor, I forget his name. worked on CNN I think, said the jews controlled the media or something to that effect, and its just a common meme that jews control the media.

    What rock have you been living under to miss this common point?
    So of course when ben sees people talk about media conspiracies, he thinks its code word for those media controlling jews, though he seemed to be more amused by it than offended.

  2. Why do dumbasses get the spotlight? There are soooo many kids who graduate with a 3.5-4.0. Why don't they run? Well, I'm assuming they do, it's just that no one says anything about it because there's nothing bad to say.

  3. @Macaframa1 Well that is what he said more or less. He didn't deny that so why even make a comment about it?

  4. Ben Mankiewicz is full of shit. Most people rather democrat or republican don't mind Hispanic people. What they mind is illegals coming over here committing crimes and leeching off our system. They are jumping the line ahead of people that are going through the proper channels. They have flooded states like Texas, Arizona and California creating massive debts and overcrowded schools. There are enough of them here already and it is time we protect the border.

  5. Since conservatives hate everything that is positive, I'd say perry may be a decent pres, unless he's as stupid as his grades make him look

  6. @xxAeolusxxx yea granted immigrants cause some problems but the they are only causing a fraction of the problems here. war war war war in iraq, war on afghanistan, war on drugs, tax payer money going to bail outs of corporations and war thus economy suffers thus jobs start to disappear thus the jobs seem to become harder to find and here we are on youtube blaming immigrants……and OMG STEVE JOBS JUST DIED NOOOOOO!!!!!! R.I.P

  7. If Obama of all politicians still uses the Patriot Act & Executive Assassinations on U.S citizens, what do you think Rick Perry would do with such powers?

  8. Ben looks & sounds like he has just woken up from a 3week binge on cheap vodka…pull yourself together man!

  9. Gee..some of the points showed that Perry has moments of clarity and good sense…who put this email out? The John Birch Society, the KKK, Pat Robertson?

  10. This guy is so baised bring back Cenk Uygur! Acting as if conservatives being concerned their politicans are bought must be because they hate immigrants. Show my some fucking evidence instead of rumor mongering,

  11. Why does no one care about the things that matter? Who fucking cares if Rick Perry was a cheerleader? We should be talking about how he Covered Up the State-Sponsored Murder of an Innocent Man.

  12. Until the majority of Americans can make a decision ON THEIR OWN about who to vote for, the rest of us are fucked!!

  13. @helioncry If you still believe there's any merit to voting then you're still blind. We're only permitted to vote from one of two candidates who were nominated to be eligible for election by their corrupt peers–do you really think those corrupt politicians would nominate someone to become president if there was ANY possibility of that president ending political corruption and ending their massive profits?

    They only permit corrupt politicians to be eligible for election; your-vote-is-worthless

  14. @oddcatalyst Nowadays, celebrities/politicians are never taken down for the substantive issues that should bother people, it is always the side bullshit. Take Anthony Weiner for example. He was taken down for showing his dick on Twitter, but more importantly was because he was one of the few Democrats that acted like a Democrat. He was a boat rocker. Sure, the Willingham case coverup should automatically make Perry unqualified, but that isn't sexy enough for conservatives or the media.

  15. @Celephaith No; the dumbass Fox News slaves were the one's pushing for Rick Perry harder than ANYONE before his recent collapse.

  16. @Celephaith And besides, what kind of human being with a heart or a brain be down for the forced inoculations of little girls without parental consent when dozens of the vaccines we're expected to take have been proven to lead to infertility, leukemia, cancer, just for starters?! Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, they're both the establishments loyal puppets. You people think just because Rick Perry lost all credibility and Fox knows they can't save him all of a sudden he's a good guy? Get a grip.

  17. Wow, these conservative assholes made me feel sorry for rick perry, maybe hes not such a bad guy after all………..wait a minute, ahhhhh i see their game..tricky dicks..

  18. @DeathtoRaiden1 Extremist right winged groups usually say that "Jews own the media" its in reference to that. You should know this, comedians make fun of that thought constantly.

  19. @SimianImprov – I just signed into my youtube account to point that out but looks like you already did lol.

  20. If anything we need more mandatory vaccinations. Vaccines are not just to protect the individual, they're necessary to get rid of diseases, and if you don't get it, others will be at a greater risk for it. They don't work for everyone, so as many possible need to have them, so that those unable to protect themselves will be protected by not allowing the disease to spread effectively.

  21. Hillary Clinton's "health care scheme" referred to @ 3:20 is not really derogatory.Britain's NHS and other national health plans are often described as "schemes" in the world's press, (meaning "plan"). So TYT announcers should not necessarily poke fun at that wording.It is commonly used.

  22. Well at least they are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.
    Id rather have that than Perry getting elected and fixing problems with "prayer."

  23. Wait, Rick Perry was a cheerleader like George W. Bush when he was in college. Then, I guess it is a Texas tradition to elect cheerleaders to the office of governor. And like Bush, he is a cheerleader of terrible legislation. And they both ineloquent speakers and besides who could tell them apart, they sound exactly alike.

  24. Holy fucking shit. He's a reverse Obama! Instead of getting elected under the guise of a progressive liberal democrat, promising hope and change, and then 180-ing into governing like a conservative, Rick Perry is getting elected under the guise of an exceedingly ignorant conservative Republican, promising prayers and guns, so maybe he will turn around and govern like a liberal???

    Just throwin' that out there

  25. @justcallmeassinine In Europe

    But that's just sinister european sophistication

    We're too stupid to fall for your schemes! herpdederpdederp!

  26. @DeathtoRaiden1 Before the 80s…or maybe the 70s they used to say jew run media.

    The jews own the media, those damned hollywood jews running every television show!

    After the antisemitism lost popularity they used the codeword "liberal owned media"

    I guess they rejected "Big nosed bagel munching long bearded beanie wearing je….liberal run media!"

  27. @oddcatalyst Why is nothing substantive being talked about? Because it was a Conservative Email, of course.

  28. @dffykvn I agree Americans are too stupid to fall for the national health plan 'schemes' of Europe and the developed nations in Asia,Australia,NZ,Canada, and on and on. They all scheming against the USA ! Dederpderpdederp LOL.

  29. @nipplewort I think he slipped when he called the other republicans heartless for being really nasty to illegal immigrants. Especially the children of these immigrants who had no choice to begin with. Yep one moment of pure honest human decency in his career and now the republicans want to kill him for it. Perry if your wise do the smart thing and switch parties.

  30. You would think the fact that Rick Perry has trouble speaking in a coherent sentences at times combined with the fact that he would have to debate Barack Obama would be enough to scare the Republicans away from nominating him.

  31. anyone having to be afraid of an obviously moronic man with no core principles just illustrates the horrible state US politics is in, the thing is, it's not just Rick Perry that fits that description 🙁 oh and the email is, for lack of a better word, completely laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammeeeeee, why would anyone actually bother to take time out their schedule to write and spread that

  32. This guy is really judas look at his deceiving logic. The citzens of the contryare not allowed to choose if they allow or not immigrants to come in because if they do they are racists.So by that logic if a group of random people wants to enter your house and sleep on your couch, get a free meal and watch tv and you do not allow them, you are the bad guy ? Tipical deceiving judas.Its true this Perry guy is a fraud and he exposed himself on the immigration issue, he is a globalist criminal.

  33. The mainstream media is nothing but hard-core socialist marxist liberals. And if you disagree with me, then you're like Hitler!

  34. @aaronpolitical every politician pretends to be the friend of the people.. i really don't care cause they all pretend to help every one. All i care is about his policies and the are crap. It is very shocking is someone is faking his Christianity…NOT

  35. I'm a moderate and I am very afraid of Rick Perry being elected, also TYT in Texas their called yell leaders and its actually a pretty manly thing to do because you get to pick up girls and stuff

  36. @dangerouslytalented PLease use your head and think. Does Texas have a overwhelming amount of teen sluts compared to other states? So teens that didn't have the shot and had sex, have cancer now? The problem is this was a private deal. Perry made this under a executive order, WHICH IS ILLEGAL. Also, made it almost impossible for teen girls to op out of taking it. They were forced. Now do you think it was forced for profitability or because he wanted to protect the little girls vaginas? 🙂

  37. Republicans are going the way of the whigs and federalists, extinct. (although I found nothing wrong with federalist policies)

  38. reasons to be afraid:
    1. his state has killed 234 men – several probably innocent
    2. he prays for rain and god reponds with wildfires
    3. he thinks (or knows) that Texas teaches creationism (which is illegal)

  39. @Jahkillian They give the vaccine at that age NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE. Because it is BEFORE they become sexually active AND because it is when that particular vaccine is most effective. They might not become sexually active until their twenties, but it is still effective, and cervical cancer can be ELIMINATED like polio was, by this simple procedure.

  40. Look, I don't give a fuck about the reasons you're afraid of Rick Perry. So long as you keep him as far the hell away from the presidency as possible, I'm a happy man.

    Now let me explain why I'm afraid of Perry:
    1) He let an innocent man get executed and later tried to cover it up.
    2) He gives corporations millions of taxpayer money to return the favour of supporting his bid for the Texas governorship.
    3) He thinks social security is a ponzi scheme.

  41. Why does this little letter hurt Perry among conservatives? So what if he was a cheerleader and a poor student. Most of the conservative base are simpletons and behave like cheerleaders anyway.

  42. @Relyt22
    … No, that is NOT what "La Raza" means.. Learn some Spanish, you idiot. The word "raza" has implications that go way beyond "race". It basically means "the community" or "the family". .

    Qué idiota eres..

  43. @dangerouslytalented Please read what happened before responding. Rick Perry signed a shocking executive order forcing every sixth-grade girl to submit to a three-jab regimen of the Gardasil vaccine.,
    Doing it under a executive order was illegal. Gardasil's wear-off time and long-term side effects have yet to be determined.Even the chair of the federal panel that recommended Gardasil for children opposes mandating it as a condition of school enrollment. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING?

  44. They are right when they say that anyone the media promotes is someone to be avoided. Of course the media is all corporate controlled (and not liberal).

  45. So Rick Perry is the latest victim of the "GOP candidate implosion cycle"
    (1) Candidate announces his/her candidacy
    (2) Media pops a stiff one and starts gushing over Candidate
    (3) All of his skeletons shoot out of his/her closet simultaneously
    (4) All of his crazy-ass opinions about everything start getting actual press
    (5) Candidate folds and the media moves onto the next flavor of the month

    Gee whiz. Maybe stop trying to appeal to a pack of spasmodic raging geriatrics.

  46. @jbunit2007: You've clearly fallen for the lies and propaganda of the anti-vaccination movement, which was started by a British quack who has since been utterly discredited and laughed into obscurity. Sadly, his movement, which preys on the fears of parents and the gullible alike, continues in his absence.

    None of the things you listed have been proven to be associated with vaccines. Vaccines save lives, but since this "movement" began, children have been dying because of idiots like you.

  47. Any one else here think that this is all intentional? Perhaps the Republicans don't want to win this time around… that's why these are their options. They want Obama to win again. It's very possible that Obama is either being blackmailed or threatened to go into the race again… and continue to be manipulated. This is just a thought that has no backing at the moment, but it seems consistent to me.

  48. @dsjj251 IMHO. BTW, I only used [practicing] "Jew" cuz "Muslim" has been done to death. Ben Stein is the only stupid Jew I know of. Unless Ray Comfort really is Jewish like he claims.
    How do I get that foot-smell off my breath?

  49. @braithmorgan: What a shock…you have no idea what you're talking about. As an electrician, I know all about Tesla. He was never discredited and laughed into obscurity; he had a falling out with Westinghouse over grandiose ideas that were way ahead of their time. Though he died penniless, he was respected until his death. You know why? Because unlike Wakefield, he was a genius who's ideas contributed to society.

    Andrew Wakefield will die a dumbass and be forgotten shortly after.

  50. @braithmorgan: Something else I'd like to bring to your attention concerning your hero. Did you know who funded his "studies" which "revealed" the "dangers" of vaccination? Wait for it…drum roll please…I said fucking wait a second!…that's right, boys and girls…trial lawyers! At this point you might ask yourself "Why would trial lawyers be funding a "scientific" study?" Funny you should ask. It's simple, really…because they were looking to sue vaccine manufacturers! (cont.)

  51. @braithmorgan: (cont.) And "Dr." Wakefield was more than happy to be their unethical douchebag, willing to put the lives of millions of children at risk just to make a quick buck. Prior to the good doctor's study, measles had all but been eradicated in the U.K. Now guess what…it's become endemic again! Yay!!! And it's people like you, who buy into the hype due to your irrational fears, who've made this all possible.

    Congratulations. Hope you feel real good about yourself.

  52. i would choose the bad times of the bush era over the socialist like unconnstitutional times that we are having now….if you dont think there is some kind of hidden agenda by obama than you are def,blind and retarded

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