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Renato finally finds Bungo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Renato finally finds Bungo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Kalawang, thank you
for taking me in. Kalawang, thank you
for taking me in. I should’ve come here earlier. If you did, I still
would’ve taken you in. I just hope you don’t go
running off again. I won’t, I promise. I hope so. Because if you leave the group
again, I won’t be so kind. Bungo, this is for you. Kalawang… Thank you very much
for trusting me. Get some rest. We’re going
on a delivery tomorrow. Is that what we’re delivering?
Where’s that from, boss? I have a new supplier.
It’s purer. Sir, what’s your plan now? We need to get inside
Kalawang’s den without startling them. And once we’re in,
we’ll rain hell on them. Boss. Can we really trust Bungo? He’s right, boss. Bungo could
spell trouble for us. I’ve known Dante
for a long time. He can help us. I can’t stay here for long. And once the chance
presents itself… ..I’m going to kill
all of them. I’m sure they’ll hunt us down
if Tito Ren gets caught. Good. Fine. Goodbye, Tito Ren. There won’t be a problem
if he gets killed. There won’t be a problem
if he gets killed. I’m sure he’ll snitch on us
and say we’re behind this. You don’t know what
Jacob’s thinking. You can already see
how much he trusts him, right? What are you doing, bro? What if that Task Force Agila
or that Dalisay knows what Jacob looks like? They’ll recognize us too. We’ve got to be ready
for anything. Get ready. Yes, sir. Get ready, boys. Cheers. This won’t do. Hey. Perfect. I’m sure I can
kill all of you now. Cheers. What was that?! Move! Kalawang! Are you a cop?! I think I know you. I think I know you. Who are you? Answer me! I wouldn’t do that
if I were you. Why not?! I’ve been looking for you
for a long time. Why are you looking for me? Because we have
the same enemy. We both want the head… …of Dalisay.

68 thoughts on “Renato finally finds Bungo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)”

  1. Alam ko na ang mangyayari magtatagpo ang dalawang sira ulo. Na taga mental .nakakainis bakit hindi pa mawala ang dalawang taga mental na over acting si hipolito at bungo nakakasawa na

  2. Magkakampi nanaman ang dating lasinggero oh dati uminom ng kulafu pero sa susunod na eksina to siguro ang inumin ni bungo for sure imported na vino see more…

  3. Napanaginipan ko nga pala na nagsanib pwersa sina Hipolito at Bungo, pero nagkatotoo rin hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Kahit makaganti pa kayo kay Cardo, kayo din ang maaalis sa probinsyano kapag di na natanggal ang bala sa inyo


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