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Republican Senators TERRIFIED That Trump Will Destroy Their Careers

Republican Senators TERRIFIED That Trump Will Destroy Their Careers

Earlier this week, Politico reported that
Republican senators are very worried that Donald Trump is going to bring about the end
of their political careers. And the way he’s going to do this is by basically
speeding us in to a recession. As we’ve uh discussed in the past, the recession
was pretty much inevitable because of the way the US economy is built. Workers in this country, the middle-class,
the underclass, they do not have enough money. And when they don’t have enough money spending
contracts, businesses then have to contract and that can lead to a recession. But that’s the way it’s been designed since
the 1980s when we decided to give trickle down economics a try. And even though it failed miserably, we’re
still trying to make it work. So yeah, the economy was built to fail. We were going to get into a recession sooner
or later. But Trump’s policies are putting us there
so much faster. And that’s what Republicans are worried about
because, and this is something that gets missed a lot. There are 23 Republican Senate seats up for
election or reelection in 2020 there’s 12 democratic seats. So at this point, we have almost twice as
many republicans up for reelection than we do Democrats. So Republicans have a lot to lose. Democrats have the world to gain. And if Trump’s policies, specifically these
Republicans, say his trade war puts us into a recession prior to that 2020 election, they’re
done. They are toast. And these aren’t, you know, just random US
senators. You’ve never heard of these people like Pat
Toomey. This is a Ron Johnson, senator, Republican
senator from Wisconsin, Joni Ernst, Republican senator from Iowa. You know, all the places where, uh, people
are being affected by the trade war. Uh, to me, by the way, is in Pennsylvania,
hugely effected by the trade wars and the tariffs. And they’re looking at this and they’re saying,
my God, Mr President, what are you doing? You’re killing my career. You’re killing my constituents. But I don’t care about that. I want them to vote for me. And when they’re, you know, in a bad place,
they’re not going to vote to keep me in office. So could you not? Here’s the thing, Donald Trump is solely responsible
for the trade war. And you do have a bunch of Republican cheerleaders
out there saying, yes, this is the right thing, but they did not get to vote on this. They did not put it in place. Trump did this himself, but as he is a Republican,
it is going to be attached to every republican out there as it should be because these people
are no different. I don’t think we’d be seeing any different
policies if there was a different republican in the White House. So they all own this. They all own it and they’re going to own it
big time. When their headed the polls in 2020 more and
more people in this country are waking up to the fact that we are barreling towards
a recession and the president is only making it worse. They don’t know what to do. They say, yeah, things are pretty okay right
this second. But I’m fearful for the future. I’m fearful for the next year. And when the voters start getting afraid,
when the voters start losing everything, they take it out on the incumbent party. And right now that incumbent party happens
to be the Republicans. And so these Republican senators have a very
clear message for the president. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re
not only handing the White House to the Democrats in 2020 you’re going to go ahead and hand
them the Senate as well. And personally, that is what I hope happens
more than anything in 2020.

100 thoughts on “Republican Senators TERRIFIED That Trump Will Destroy Their Careers”

  1. Dear Republicans,
    You all had 2+ years to call him out. To stand up for the people you represent. To separate yourselves from his reprehensible policies and beliefs. To restrain him from pillorying our closest allies and trading partners. To call out his insults. To keep his racism from infecting the nation. To keep him from embarrassing the US by withdrawing from treaties willy-nilly. To keep him from trashing the word of the United States on a treaty. Most of what Trump has done hasn't even been grounded in Republican tradition. But you were weak, cowardly, and greedy. You were afraid of getting mocked on twitter. And now when you lose, you become the snowflake. Cry me a river. You will not have the house, the senate, or the presidency back for a generation or more.


  3. Like they didn't plot behind closed doors, in the dark, hiding from the democrats.
    They loved their stupid hurtful ridiculous tax cuts for rich.
    They hired this blob to do this crap for them. Tax. Judges.
    Obamacare. No, they did it themselves.

  4. This has been Trump's plan to destroy the Republican party good job so far on track all hail the great corporate socialist welfare president D Trump

  5. They are grown men. They themselves chose to jump on the trumptanic and ride it out. If it sinks before it gets to port. Well good.

  6. They did it to themselves when they supported and backed Trump, pursued their greed for power and money instead of standing up and supporting America and the American people.

  7. Yes, the no good bastards only care about staying in office. It serves them right to be voted out in 2020 because they did and are doing nothing to stop fat ass donnie from destroying America. They only care about their jobs and not the Nation. Good riddance to a bunch of repugnant party assholes

  8. We are called Poor, Farron Cousins! STOP INSULTING us by calling us the Underclass! You can't really consider yourself one of the Middle Class either! Unless the figures were wrong when I looked up YOUR net worth it's 15 million! Stop acting like you're one of the poor suffering Middle Class under Trump, stop insulting us Poor by calling us the Underclass! We are NOT the Underclass and YOU, with a net worth of 15 million which no one will bother to look up themselves under the search parameter of farron cousins net worth because they're too damn lazy, if Trump gets us into a recession, You, Mr. Cousins, will hardly be hurting financially. How many Middle Class have a net worth of 15 million! They're not all that fortunate to be working in whatever it is you actually do so it is annoying your tantruming of a possible recession when you have enough to take you through it! God forbid you should ever donate any of your wealth to the Poor you so nastily call "the Underclass".

  9. It really sucks that so many people have to suffer so significantly before the voters that keep voting these atrocities into office wake up and vote in someone else.

  10. republicans destroyed their careers by not speaking out against what is wrong. they were elected to represent the people not financial interest. should not be a coward.

  11. REALLY??? How many of them stood by D.D.T., Demagogue DEATH tRump, without having the BALLS to stand up for the TRUTH, HONESTY, THE CONSTITUTION, DEMOCRACY, RIGHT & WRONG…WE, THE PEOPLE.???

  12. Trade wars are easy to win? Since when was a twitter tirade bullying tactic ever going to work on the Chinese, they may be loosing money but there divesting from the US the backlash here is those trade relationships that were there aren't coming back and there not going to make a deal with Trump because you can't trust him. The price of all of this is the US will be marginalised as a global leader. Way to go orange idiot.

  13. Why is it that these chinless, gutless weak kneed Senators think that Trump has the power to do that, when all they have to do is join forces and remove him from office. It is their unashamed corrupt actions to keep Trump in power that will destroy their careers when all they had to do was show a sense of integrity and honor and not allow this criminally corrupt bag of shit to get away with what he is doing. Not once have these assholes stood firm and put America and Americans first, before Party, and before the president. They have proven again and again that they are just a bunch of self serving scum unworthy of public office. So if these poor excuses for Americans lose their seats at the next election, it could not happen to a more deserving pile of foul smelling excrement.

  14. Republicans are destroying their own career by their total and silent support of trump .instead of standing up for what they believe in

  15. Tariffs are taxes. Trump is a major tax increaser just like the rest of the Republican party who support trump totally and unquestionably besides protecting putin over America.

  16. The recession will actually help Trump because he will just blame the Democrats, their incompetent "leaders" won't be able to argue otherwise, and just enough people will fall for it to keep Trump from losing nearly as much ground as he should.

  17. The GOP needs to die. I will never forget that TRUMP COULDN'T HAVE DONE ANY OF HIS CRAZY shit without THE GOP. THE GOP Needs to die a death worthy of a horror movie, like something from a scene from SAW or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Really, any inbred cannibalistic horror death for the GOP would sit me right down to the freaking ground. And while I'm calling for the death of the most cowardly party ever, I'm certainly not suggesting violence of any kind for the actual cowardly members of the GOP, just the Denise of the party itself. Although, Moscow Mitch running scared from Jigsaw, Michael Meyers or Alien does give me a moment or two of peace.

  18. I want the whole Republican Party destroyed. They allowed Trump in with his stupidity they deserve to just go into permanent minority status.

  19. Its a sad thing Republicans relying on the recession holding off til 2022. It should be their main campaign promise, give us two terms and we will deliver a 6 year period before we destroy the economy.

  20. The only thing to save these senators now is make a deal with Dems to go ahead and impeach Trump. thus showing their constituents that they are finally on their side.

  21. That your electoral system allowed this lunatic in, is what worries me.
    The time has come to change it so we never see a 'Trump' again

  22. The only ones ending their political careers are the Republican Senators themselves. No one will vote for a spineless coward politician, just sitting on their hands while human lives are lost, destroyed and humiliated. While a lunatic is selling their country out to a foreign government. While human and all life on this planet is getting more and more threatened by the day. They know that the American people are smart and that they can counter check News and "News" with international News outlets, and haven't bought one single lie from them nor their "President". Good riddance all of you.

  23. a community that worships wealth is bound to be destroyed by itself. rich people are the most disgusting element of humanity, because they actually believe they deserve their wealth. the truth is, and i know this for a fact, that no one can earn millions on their own. they must take more than their fair share to do so, and they do it from behind closed doors, behind people’s backs. and everyone knows this, but the ones who are stolen from are powerless to stop it; they are made powerless by the wealth site but also by their neighbors who are fooled into thinking that they too can one day have their chance to steal money. or those who are fooled into believing in old economic standards that have since been subverted. some people, most notably the religious, incorrectly adhere to tradition over progress and as such reject things like democratic socialism and favor capitalism even though the latter is not what it once was, and the former is not what they think it is. all the while big business benefits from socialist policy doled out to them alone, like the bank and auto industry bail outs which didn’t work for anyone but themselves. without the voters waking up to this and changing their ideology, and starting to remember that we all work for each other and the government should be doing the same, we will not have prosperity again. just this cycle of boom and bust no matter which party runs the government.

  24. on 1.9.2019 the world commemorated the start of ww2. in 2019, the world's most influential democracy is led by someone who's very much a corrupt neo-fascist. since knowledge of history and readig culture are discouraged as "worthless" in general, nobody should be surprised, rally.

  25. I thinkkkkkkk euhm…. I think I have to mention something like : Democrooks and Rebloodlicans are pretty much the same, hahaha no the times are over when Republicans were actually human like, think of Abraham Lincoln who just like the Kennedy brothers and just like mister King who gave their lifes for their dreams ! ! ! Those times are over baldie……. and democrats ? Really ? So what you are suggesting is that you yanks have the choice between a big rat and a smaller rat ? Those are your choices ? Democrats and Republicans are the same deal man ! And you know it ! Democrats are often even WORSE !!!!! You actually think that Obama did NOT throw innocent people in jail do you actually think Obama gave a rat's ass when he bombed and targeted innocent life in the middle east ? I mean jezus fucking hell….. Democrats….. Republicans all they care is that they keep out third parties….. as long as THEY have the playing field everything is alright…… and THAT is your yank system……………… We dutch offered you a DIFFERENT system …. 4 centuries ago already !!!!! When we Dutch were already 4 centuries AHEAD of EVERYONE !!!!! and now 4 centuries later you are stuck with this criminal and shitty system when the military and the drugcompanies and Monsanto and all of the rest OWN YOUR ASS NOW ….. you know how we Dutch call that ? Fascism !!!! That is when business rules the game my friend and when business and CAPITALISM owns your ass !!!!!!!!! So what the fuck huh ? Democrats ? REALLY ? Democrats are republicans but with a different badge …. that is ALL …….. you need to revolt my friend !!!!! You need to show what it is to be a true American…. and you do baldie…. you do ….. unlike many yanks you are a true American patriot we can tell I mean hell…. we Dutch fucking created you so we can tell !!!!! And the world can be glad people like you are alive, people don't even have a fucking clue how important people like you are going to be soon baldie…. they have no idea thay have their head so far up their ass …. they'll never going to pull it out again but please…. don't sell the fake shit democrats offer you …. don't do that ! Tell them how it is ! Don't vote for democrats do NOT vote for Republicans….. all you get is another 4 years of bullshit and worse perhaps….. you will vote for the end of the world if you do NOT choose Bernie or Tulsi or Warren ……. any other choices and we will be FUCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo you or honor your constitution and you honor what Jefferson wrote about in 1776 and you get your guns and you REVOLT …… and you REINSTALL freedom and democracy again in the devided states of nutjobs orrrrrrr baldie……. we all face world war 3 …. and the end of humanity as we speak….. now wich one will it be ? !!!!! You HAVE to make a choice baldie !!!!! And you …… and other patriots need to lead the way !!!!!!!! You do !!!! This is the moment my friend !!!! you take it or you leave it ! but if you leave it ….. you will take us with you ….. you do need to fucking realise that ! now it is good thing you are going to shut down DC the 22nd or 23rd of this month ….. good inititative good thing ! But still not enough !!!!! Ya think the governments gives a rat'' ass you yanks blocking DC and shutting it down ? pffffffffffffffff Remember what happened during the Vietnam war protests ? 40 students got SHOT and KILLED by your OWN NATIONAL GUARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember that one ? oh ooooooooooooooooops we forgot ….. did we ? Oooooopsie !!!!!!! So please do not get your hopes up with silly shut downs of cities …. they don't CARE !!!! They just bring in the guns and they WILL fucking shoot you !!!!! You think Trump has an isue of shooting his own people ? REMEMBER 2001 ? you thought that BUSH cared for the inside job you pulled on your OWN FUCKING PEOPLE !!!!! ? Or let me say … you think Cheney gave a fuck ? the REAL President who was ruling ? You think he gave a flying FUCK about the 3000 people he killed together with the Mossad ? and THEN blaiming a 58 year old arab in a cave with only one kidney working ? REALLY Baldie ? wake the fuck up please !!!!! Waaaaaaake the fuck up this is NOT the time to fall asleep behind the wheel AGAIN aight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please baldie we beg you now…. we are ON OUR FUCKING KNEES !!!!!!! We are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do something !!!!!! Do something or we are all FUCKED !!!!!!! you ….. me….. the lady on the corner of the street with her kids …… John the hardwarestore guy… Felipe in Mexico…. everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So DO SOMETHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please ? ? ?

  26. Much as I hate myself for saying this, the Democrats need to have a male presidential candidate. Further down the line, against a "normal" Republican candidate, a woman would stand a chance. But the USA has predominantly and consistently shown itself to be against the idea of a female president. This next election, Trump and his trumpettes will be going all out to get him re-elected. Any, um, "old-fashioned" Democrats or unaligned voters will not vote for him, but neither will they vote for a female Democrat. The only way to get rid of Trump is to pander to those "extra" voters, because I can pretty much guarantee that he's going to pull a major stunt in the lead-up to the election. If he pulls it off, he stands a major chance of winning. Just because the poles etc aren't going his way atm, doesn't mean a thing. Sadly 🙁

  27. He did destroy their party at least for me. Before trump i never cared about political party. But after seeing the Republicans remaining silent and defending the obvious that has changed forever .I will never in my remaining lifetime vote for any Republican.

  28. Trump inherited a strong recovery, good economy. He ignorantly took credit for before 1 single policy or program passed or enacted. Sick of his claim he's responsible for it & the low unemployment which btw only moved 0.9% since he took office. Market has been volatile & in reality no gains at same levels as a year ago. His uninformed & idiotic trade wars is speeding us towards recession. We the consumers pay the tariffs to state otherwise is idiotic. He has no "new deals" not one. To still believe anything he says one must be braindead.

  29. Racists democrats want a recession on the worst way! This guy is lying, trump economy I'd going along! I can assure you a depression! Democrats can't wait to raise taxes and regulate,throwing the country into recession. When you have high tax and regulation,that takes money out of the economy kills jobs,makes things more expensive Democrats are globalists,and don't care about Americans!

  30. So they should worry, they have sat back and done nothing ever since trump has come into office. Moscow Mitch, G Lindsay, and the rest of the repub. party. Do they think they would still have a job if they worked in any other place than the WH. They are paid to do a job, which they havent. Oh well.

  31. It's very sad because his bullying and intimidation tactics have them so scared.
    The thing is, if a bunch of Republicans in either chamber stood up and faced him, they could as a group ruin him!
    The GOP if they stick together could put the hurt on him bad but their scared and ball-less.

  32. I agree with everything he says except that the Republicans are telling Trump he’s hurting their party. They’re not saying boo to him. And I hope they’re all voted out, especially Mitch McConnell.

  33. The former republican party now the trump party enablers careers, are already ruined because they are not fit to hold office. Vote them out and into oblivion.

  34. They should be toast even if there is no recession. They have done nothing to help this country. The only thing they have done is look the other way as this president destroys this country. The hell with all of them.

  35. Ring dings on fire🔥🔥🔥
    That "politicians" view it as a "career" is why were fuked. As soon as they tap into pac money and political contributions they forget about serving their constituents and start think about that 14 million dollar vineyard home or that "foundation".

  36. So the repugnicans in congress let trump do what he wants, and do nothing on gun control or global warming, have no plan for healthcare but they get to keep their own healthcare when they retire along with other benefits? Is there something wrong with this picture or is it just me? Lets just vote them all out. Useless idiots

  37. I am sorry their concern should be our country. Careers?? Really?? It wont matter if u tear our country apart. They are a bunch of bubble heads! Heads up n down, but nothing comes out but nonsense. Oh gee, worried about their careers, what about the people of the nation!! Many unemployed, many under paid. So sorry if i dont feel sorry for the very people enabling the mad man in the white house!!! Smh!!!!

  38. These spineless old men will be meeting their Maker soon enough, not sure how they'll be able to avoid Eternal Hell and Damnation..maybe they're hoping Trump will pardon them😄

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