Resident Enis 2: Monster Gulch (Feat. Markiplier and Dodger) | Disney XD by Maker

This video was funded by Disney XD by Maker What are you doing? I’m reading the title card! Oh, okay. *howl* There are three kinds of people who survive in Monster Gulch. People who become scavengers, People who become bandits, and people who become- FRIENDS WITH SPARKLY VAMPIRES! GET OUT OF MY NARRATION, ENIS! Sorry… *Yodeling* Stop Yodeling! You’re attracting monsters! Woah woah woah woah woah, ok. Alright, this is where we cross, who’s got the supply bag? Right here! Oh cool. *clink* …why is it empty? I thought I would use the supplies to make a trail so we could find our way back! WE’RE NOT GOING BACK! Uh, Mark your breath is a littly stinky today. Oookay. How about you go first? Why? ‘Cause first smells worst! Now go! Uuumm… Dodger? We may have a problem… Yeah! He’s sparkly and likes to yodel. C’mon! ENIS! What’s the holdup? Funny thing about vampires.. we’re uh.. we’re afraid of w-… wa-… wa-… Warts? Wallabies? Wax museums?! Oh yeah, wax museums. Everyone’s afraid of wax museums. Terrifying! NO! WATER! Ok. Can’t you like, turn into a sparkle bat or something? And like fly over here? That’s a great idea! If I just concentrate for the next tweeeenty minutes… *growl* Uuh Why couldn’t it have been wax museums?! Mark? Mark?! MARK! Aah! How did you survive this long? Aaaaaah! *Screams* *Screams* Stop! I ship it. Aah! YES! WE MADE IT! This calls for a victory fanfare! *plunk* …what did you do that for? *whisper* It’s what the book said to do. Where?! Let’s keep moving! Unlike you… …some of these monsters can actually swim. …garlic cloves, garlic bread, garlic wings, wooden stakes, silver stakes, T-bone steaks, and occasionally perpendicular intersecting line segments. So what about sunlight? Does that kill you too? Nah, that I’m just allergic to. Hello! What are you? Looks like an abandoned bandit shack. It smells like an abandoned bandit shack. It’s not the ritziest place we’ve stayed, but it’s not bad! Which part’s the part that’s not bad? Look, it’s got a roof, it’s got walls, and it’s got a solid door! Well… …it’s got a roof and walls. Which might keep us alive until daybreak. Can’t we just camp out beneath the stars..? Monster Gulch isn’t the most friendly place after dark. If you’re not indoors when the sun goes down, you won’t live to see it come back up. Guys! AAH!! Good news, there’s food in the kitchen. Bad news is, it tastes like rotten zucchini. That’s my favorite! Sun’s going down… We should get inside. We can loot this dump and then leave in the morning. And miss this gorgeous sunset? Don’t worry, Enis. Think of it like a sleepover. I LOVE SLEEPOVERS! *howling* This is not like a sleepover.. Would you like to play Charades? I would! Let me see your underwear for a second. We’re not gonna play Charades? No, we’re not gonna play Charades. This looks like a bedroom! Maybe I could curl up with a blanket… …make a snack in the kitchen instead! Is there anything interesting going on outside? Nope. Really? Hey buddy! You’ve been a little quiet… which I honestly didn’t think was possible for you. Guess I’m just a little bit homesick… …never been away from the mansion for so long. We’ve been gone for one day! I don’t get out much. Look… I know that this place feels a little creepy, huh? And weird? But Mark’s creepy and weird. Hey! We still like him, huh? Wow! That was really good! Who was singing the bass? I did. Oh. That makes sense! Hi! You must be the homeowner! …I love what you’ve done with the place. That, uh… hi. That torture chamber, that’s just for show, right? Not for show, definitely not for show! Not for show, not for show, not for show! So, he DOES host tea parties! TIME TO GO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t run away! Haven’t you heard? This place isn’t so awful AT ALL! You know what IS gonna be awful? That headache in the morning! Sun’s up! So, we should grab our things and get the heck out of here? And leave this guy’s awesome stuff? There are three kinds of people who survive in Monster Gulch. People who become scavengers, People who become bandits, and people who become friends with sparkly vampires. Apparently we’re all three. Let’s be a bit choosier about where we stay tonight? Ooh, I know a guy! Well, technically a werewolf, who has a summer home near here. Don’t worry, he’s out most nights. Hey guys, thanks so much for watching this video! Please, subscribe to both of these incredibly talented people! Subscribe to me! He just ate a can of beans. Go subscribe to Markiplier. They’re not even tasty! Thanks for watching the video! You should get the song on iTunes because it’s super dope! And maybe we will do another Resident Enis in the future Mark’s like (Too much chatter D: ) I’m done with these beans! I keep getting kicked around in the videos! I’m not okay with this! @AceProsecutor over at twitter did most of the subtitles. Some other guy that doesn’t have Twitter worked over and rearranged them.

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