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Review Tất Tần Tật Các Booster, Pre-Essence, Essence Đình Đám Nhất | Hit or Miss #4 | Happy Skin

Review Tất Tần Tật Các Booster, Pre-Essence, Essence Đình Đám Nhất | Hit or Miss #4 | Happy Skin

Hi! It’s Emmi. I said in my last videos that I’m a big fan of booster, serum, essence… From Japan, Korea, Western countries, the US,… Maybe I have to use all my fingers and toes to count how many of them. Before, boosters are rare and unfamiliar. But now, there are alots! In general, there are products that are compatible with you while some aren’t. Some are just acceptable and some are excellent! After experiencing a lots, I decides to shoot this video for all of you to know it! Let’s start First, I have to say it is a newbie in boosters’ world. It has just come out to this world. However, Clarin’s Boosters have amazed me. Usually, all brands just come out with 1 booster. But Clarin launched 3 products at the same time which are different in formula and use. Those are Energy, Detox and Repair My most favourite is Clarin Detox Because its texture is not too fluid like Energy and not too thick like Repair. It is easy to absorb within 2-3m and not too thick on the face. It makes my skin stay moisturised and smoother. The ingredient contains glycerin – a very well-known one helping hydrating and softening our skins. Also, oat extract helps keep skin calm, moisturised and oxidized. Finally, green coffee extract with high coffein portion will up lift your skintone. I have been using this for 2 months After only 2 weeks of using this, my skin is healthier, brighter The best is that it looks more glowy. I highly recommend this product for those staying up late at night like me stressed, like me, having bad eating habit, unlike me. And especially for those who want to refresh the skin speedily. This used to be my cup of tea *Only big size can satisfy me* until there are many more good products. If you can afford it, it is my recommendation for you. Talking about the ingredient *it is well-known tho* It is 90% PITERA, a fermented extract from Sake. That is a mixture include acid amins, minerals, vitamin and natural acids. Tey help improve 5 skin problems. Using this with SK II Serumination Deep Surge cream, my skin is obviously improved after a month. Brighter, smaller pores, smoother, softer. My colleagues praised my skin as well. However, this one is not for sensitive skin. If your budget cannot afford it, I have another recommendation for you here. It is cheaper with same result. It is an underground from Korea that I have just discovered. It’s NOTS White Luminaire Revital Fluid. It can moisturise better than the SK II with less irritation. Still, the result of both are alike. Who have watched my video of 2016 favourite products may know this product so well. It’s a pre-essence from Korea. It’s Su:m 37 Secret Essence. It is made with 81 fermented herbs with complicated processes. What I like best about this product is its formula which is neither too fluid nor too dense. Large portion of nourishments with thin texture. Adequate moisturiser leave our skin smooth and soft not too hard to glide like SK II, suitable for sensitive skin. After using this, my skin is obviously firmer, smoother and it contributes to brightening and erasing darkness. In speaking of that, another product Clarin Treatment Essence Extra Firming has similar formula. It is more watery nah good still. Brightening is not its strength, but it works best at recovering tough and sagging skin while moisturising. The morning after using it the previous night, I satisfy with the youthfulness so much. It is moisturised, glowy and less wrinkles. It is worth the money for U30 Another advantage is its 200ml capacity with more affordable price compared to SU:M and SK II. Among beauties in Korea, I admire a woman. She is non-aging woman Lee Young Ae. She and I have one thing in common. We both use Whoo Richop Soon Hwan Essence. With hope we would stay young forever. Whoo is know is a Royal’s skincare secret key Using luxurious essence to enrich our skin. There are 3 royal medicinal herbal formulas in this Whoo Soon Hwan Essence. They are Gyeongoakbidan, Cheongsimbidan and Haeulhwan help boosting blood and Qi circulation, absorbing underskin nutrients empowering and brightening skin. It is also known for soothing skin and redness. It is rather watery It penetrates right after applying but is still smooth and leaves a thin layer on the skin. I can see a positive change on my face. It is healthier, less irritations, less redness and less sensitive to outsider impacts. It is firmer and softer. One more obvious change is that my skin look warmer just like a rosy skin from the inside as it is claimed to be. It is hard see the result in a short time But to someone who love healthy skin I think this one should be considered. Do you feel bored with those high-ends? This one is a much more affordable with good quality. It’s L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Rejuvenating Boosting Essence. It is well-known to be the perfect dupe of Lancôme Advanced Genifique Yooth Activating Serum. They have some ingredients in common But talking about that, I have to say Although there are some similarities in ingredients, you should consider the origin, quality and the level of each ingredient So I’m not sure that they are the same in result. However, with a very economic price for that benefit I still love this product and want to tell you. It is watery, thin and easy to absorb leaving a soft skin. I can feel that my skin is more permeable to next step skincares. After a month using this, you can see a positive change like softer, smoother and brighter. Also facial wounds like pimples, fleabites, or scratches will be healed quickly. Its ability to recover skin must be excellent. Its only weakness is its strong smell. One ingredient which is not suitable for sensitive skin, that is dry alcohol. If L’Oreal Youth Code is considered a Lancôme dupe Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence is consider a SK II’s dupe as well. I already adore SK II, so when I know there is a dupe for it with a much cheaper price only 300,000VND for 150ml But after I experienced myself, for me it is just like an ordinary moisturising toner. It is completely not comparable to those benefits the SK II’s leaves on my skin. Of course we cannot expect a 300,000 product to works well as a 2,000,000 product right? But I think you can buy this to use as a toner. I have used another ‘so-called’ SK II’s dupe. Maybe because SK II’s product has made a incredible change on my skin Neither of its dupe impress me. So I don’t expect a cheap product like this Secret Key’s essence much. But to Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence I did expect at it so much for its price at 1,500,000 product with 150ml. My skin did improve, it is hydrated and smoother. But it is still not worth the price. Buy other product instead. Korea is truly a home of drugstore and high-end serums. Therefore, not every product can satisfy your need. Another product that disappointed me is Skinfood Black Sugar First Serum. I am not having it here with me. It is claimed to be 5-in-1. However, besides gentle exfoliating, hydrating but those effects like brightening or anti-aging are not remarkable. I am having sore throat for talking so much!!!! I use much more serum and booster than I can tell. I just introduce some good products. They are all high-end, nahh you get what you pay for. Cheap products are not too bad but you shouldn’t expect too much. I hope that this video will help you in choosing products that enrich your skin in the shortest time. It’s bedtime! My kid is urging me! Please like and subscribe our channel! Bye for now!

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  1. chị ơi!!! cho em hỏi sữa rửa mặt nào thì hợp vào da dầu mụn ạ? giá bình bình nữa ạ ???? Mà nay chị có áo rực rỡ quá ??????????

  2. Mấy hôm trước em nghe đài radio thấy chị lên đài trong Đống hồ báo thức phải không ạ

  3. Chị ơi cho e hỏi là chị đã sử dụng những sản phẩm của Muji chưa ạ?? Nếu có chị có thể cho e 1 số review k ạ

  4. Nghe chị nói 1 hồi thì ko biết nên mua loại nào luôn? :-))) c nên kể khuyết điểm của bọn nó nữa ạ cho mọi ng lựa chọn dc. Với chị có dùng booster của Paula's Choice chưa ạ?

  5. Mình đang xài whoo dòng bichup. Công nhận xài sau 2 tháng là thấy da đẹp lắm luôn. Người khác nhìn vô mà cứ hỏi "đánh highlight hả?.".

  6. Emmi dùng thử Suisse program cellular Boosting solution của Thuỵ Sĩ đi . Siêu thích luôn . Có BCC ( biodynamic Cellular Complex) trong đó mua của hệ thống mỹ phẩm Sasa , siêu thích luôn . Mình dùng thử 2 tháng thấy da cải thiện rõ rệt ưng lắm

  7. hình ảnh Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil ở link sao lại khác với hình ảnh trong video vậy Emmi?

  8. Emmi ơi, em dùng lọ secretkey essence được vài ngày thì không hiểu sao lại bị nổi mẩn, mặt em bị nổi mấy nốt hồng hồng, ngứa ngứa, có chút rát trên má ạ. Ngày đầu dùng thì e thấy bthg, da có cải thiện nhưng bây giờ lại bị như thế này nên có phải là em bị dị ứng với sản phẩm này ko ạ??? Nếu bị dị ứng thì phải dưỡng da như thế nào cho hết nhanh ạ??? Vì khi mua lọ này thì em phải dành dụm khá nhiều nên thật sự không muốn bỏ lọ này đâu T_T

  9. chị ơi chị trả lời hộ e 2 câu này dc k ạ
    – e bị mụn ẩn thì có nên sd booster vitamin c k ạ?
    – e đang sd srm có BHA thì e có nên sd booster vitamin c k ạ?
    e cảm ơn!

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  11. Khi xem video chỉ tưởng tượng đến những cây hoa hướng dương , và suy đoán k biết khi nào có hướng dương để vừa ăn vừa dưỡng da !

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