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Rice Cookers Left at NYC Subway Station Cause Panic

Rice Cookers Left at NYC Subway Station Cause Panic

it’s the image of a young man who police say brought chaos to New York City today he allegedly planted two electric rice cookers in a lower Manhattan subway station at the peak of morning rush hour a third cooker was found on the sidewalk at the corner of 16th Street and 7th Avenue yeah that’s it there it is it’s a pressure cooker similar cookers have been used to make bombs like those set off by the Boston Marathon terrorists in 2013 the person of interest is wearing a navy blue Amazon Prime day t-shirt and pushing a Bed Bath & Beyond shopping cart he has a large tattoo on his right arm a published report identified him as 26 years old from Bruno West Virginia with an arrest record we found the same rice cookers on sale at a Bed Bath & Beyond store nearby and tried back up we need to identify the individual and talk to him the hoax brought Manhattan’s financial district to a standstill the panic and chaos spread here to this spectacular terminal known as the oculus at one World Trade Center the entire transportation hub was evacuated as rush hour delays cascaded through the entire subway system this video was shot from a train you can see the entire platform is empty at rush hour as it speeds through once the devices were found to be harmless they were taken away by the NYPD bomb squad but the damage to the morning commute was gone [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Rice Cookers Left at NYC Subway Station Cause Panic”

  1. imagine a kid walking to his asian moms house, and brought her rice cooker over and the people seeing him be like 911 HE HAS A RICE COOKER

  2. 911 dispatcher: hi, what is your emergency
    Caller: Yes, there is a rice cooker just here and Its got no reason to be here

  3. Steven Fabian from Channel one news!!! 0:57 I remember watching that in middle school! 😀 Thought i recognized you! xD

  4. I wounder how long it will take before we start hearing about people getting arrested simply for owning a rise cooker because of these stupidities?

  5. Everyone’s making jokes Becuase they don’t get it. This is exactly what the bombs in the Boston marathon looked like and people don’t just leave pressure cookers in random public spaces. He did this intentionally to cause panic and chaos

  6. O know the rice cooker…Must be the Asian 🇰🇭🇨🇳🇯🇵🇳🇪🇰🇷🇹🇭🇻🇳🇵🇭😂✌️❤️💯….

  7. I can't wait till someone decides to leave good video game consoles in random streets or outside people's houses.

  8. People…
    Don't just leave your old Television on other people's doorstep or any pressure cooker on the street, or else you'll make it on the news.

  9. People panic and don’t try to assess and realize the situation they have to calm down and fix it rather than ran and panic and yell that doesn’t do anything

  10. Lmaooo you guys need to chill, it’s a rice cooker 😂 If it was a bomb it wouldn’t just be thrown there, it would at least be in a bin 🤷‍♀️

  11. Dang whenever I see my mum whips out the pressure cooker I’ll never look at it the same

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