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Rick Perry Armageddon

Rick Perry Armageddon

spear religious groups we go to rick
perry who’s got a couple of unique reasons why uh… he was staying with
israel ashen mister with clips seven here
because he just gets right to the point here as he’s talking to several right wing
had jewish leaders even though one of them is that democratic assemblyman in
new york uh… and also an israeli is in the group as well here’s a recap sar homeless and ho uh… from shed there go can you imagine i mean how much the
country’s change imagine if kennedy came up that during his presidential run said that that is my directive is part of
being a catholic that i will take my orders from the vatican uh… i’ll
listen to the pope it’s part of my faith esic reelect me he
would’ve gotten slaughter forty-five murata of the country he
would he would add zero percent jazz away merritt carey comes in his as well
it’s my director to support israel because that’s my interpretation the
bible or my religious leaders interpretation a
bible by the way he doesn’t say the second part you know what happens after they
supported israel in israel you know takes the temple mountain destroys the
mosses serra we have a armageddon world most everyone
dot were almost all of the jews that only a
hundred forty four thousand survived and they had to convert to christianity oregon tell you that part of his faith
right that it’s absolutely true he says my
faith is to make sure that i support is really short term and make sure that
they’re destroyed in the long term all he left that part of the speech highlight his faith now and secular what can you imagine if in
present day somebody came up like mit romney came out and said uh… it’s part of my faith that i have
to take orders from the mormon leader moron iro ever years and
ahead so that’s the directive i have orford you know this is funny ato muslim
leader political leader came up was running for presents a well obviously i
take my word from mecca that’s my faith what do these days of a success would be but they missed the whole point of the
country separation of trying to say isn’t the first amendment we all have a
religious freedom you can impose your religion on us this guy’s rougher
presence is now the commander in chief and will according to my interpretation
of the bible bets at and hands i will favor some nations over others i will be
unfair if it needs to be uh… palestinians what name so he finds them
totally irrelevant he thinks is a long and even-handed let me give you more
clips all let’s go to could be here n whose zero yeah help was on the way uh… don’t
worry all you right wingers in israel will do whatever uh… you’re crazy leaders want that
progressive israelis who cares moderate israelis you don’t get these i don’t give a damn i was going to do it because art camp
wait for armageddon that’s what my bible tells me and he says of course and uh…
imagines remember when they gave if like a nancy pelosi for going to syria townhome during talktalk floor leader
assume our policy is when we have the president the united states dial your
hat now rick perry’s like president ignore what he says he doesn’t speak for any of us just let me add potential candidate tell you guys what our real policy’s
going to be talk about a undermining the president
they then you’re damn oscar could not ships sp so you understand that you know that most of those i go to the
palestinian authority is for security so they can stop terrorism basil alag israelis including many hours
said to even republican politicians who you
know one i’m not sure we want to cut that funding that might be
counterproductive but here rick perry don’t give a damn he
says i only have comps let’s cut the fine details of the ovary that’ll be
awesome uh… other uh… suggestions he had was
for shutting down that possibility liberation organization
office in washington so basically cutting off diplomatic ties uh… should uh… they continue
building in the west bank uses absolutely but impediment to bc repair doesn’t want
peace he wants armageddon so of course he doesn’t mind if the israel keeps building in the
west bank and then by the way says of course we should also moved are embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem which is the and other thing that would
critic create more and more conflict perry doesn’t mind the conflict as long
as is those people over there dying and not him he’s the extremely happy about so and by
the way one of the palestinians get in return for any of us knock that is there so it he’s sort of outside go pound sand i don’t give a damn about you

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Armageddon”

  1. @UberNoodleX They are called the Ten Commandments , not the Ten Suggestions . Christians that fail to turn the other cheek are Hell-bound heretics . You , are an anti-christ , luring good people down your disgusting bloody path . Check in at the church of satan and leave god alone .Forever .

  2. It's like the story about the two Egyptians fighting over a camel. So they go in front of Pharoah and the Pharoah tells them to split it into two so each can have a piece. One of the Egyptians is happy with that decision but the other starts crying, and the Pharoah says he is the rightful owner of the camel because he is crying over it. The same is with the Palestinians I guess, the UN split it into two, the Israelis were happy but the Palestinians cried. But now Israel took the rest of it too.

  3. What does it mean to be "for Israel"? I am for the Israeli people, NOT the Israeli government. If you really cared about the success and safety of Israel, you would do everything in your power to ensure an independent state for Palestine and the removal of illegal settlements.

  4. The United States of America is sucking more and more. What a historic debacle of ignorance, corruption, brainwashing, and stupidity.

  5. Muslims don't take their orders from Mecca! Its the pilgrimage place. Its not the centre of power like the Vatican is to Catholics.

  6. @UberNoodleX You are trying real hard to change the subject ( OF course ) but I won't let you do it . Are you as a so-called nazarine in favor of murder ? Yes or no , there is no wiggle room here . Plus the idea of sinning and expecting forgiveness later on … repugnant to those of us with morals , sir or madman .

  7. @UberNoodleX Not that I care about Religion but there is a stark difference between the First Early form of Christianity which was non Violent and the Christianity of the crusades. Islam on the other hand was Violent once Muhammed came into Power. All of you Liberal Apologists for Islam cant change the history that Muhammed slaughtered Jews and Arabs who did not convert and that the Early Christians Were in fact persecuted for their faith.

  8. I find it funny how folks like Cenk love to Bash Christianity with out even knowing that the current form of Christianity is only one version of the Faith. There was a Christianity Known as the Gnostic School which was much more Logical and Spiritual and was similar to Bhuddism in its approach, stressing a personal relationship with God. Rick Perry is not a Christian he is a Child of the Harlot Mother. Gnostic Christianity is a very logical and spiritual faith.

  9. @FlatulenceFox Dude Rick Perry is worse than G.W Bush, Trust me. Bush has some form of Logic to himself, What little he had is not present in Rick Perry. Rick Perry is a Republican Corporate Whore. If Americans Elect this fool to Office prepare for a reign worse than Bush.

  10. @underbjorn Thank you for specifying "right-wing" Americans are dumb-fucks… too many ppl think that the rest of us are morons too T_T

  11. @jrpone Your argument is "they did it first" so they're obviously the bad guys? Your just jealous because Jesus was a big pussy who couldn't get the job done, allowing himself to be crucified as a political statement. He was the original Sarah Palin, a natural born quitter.

    Regardless, the question isn't who did what when, it's who is doing now as we sit on our fat American asses typing like idiots.

    You want to talk Violence & Terror?

    Let's talk about the United States and Israel.

  12. Rick Perry is living, breathing proof that people who deeply believe in religion are DANGEROUS if given power.

    This is why church and state should FOREVER BE SEPARATED. Just look at Canada and how little a part religion plays when it comes it electing politicians and running the country. THAT'S what the US should be doing.

  13. Has anyone checked out the closed captions on the video player. They're fucking crazy. Seriously I don't believe how bad they are.

  14. Don't blame Rick, blame the american people, he said all these only because he thinks that would help him win.

    Let's face it, a large proportion of the Americans (those voted for the republicans) are fucked in the head, as long as they are there, Rick will have to keep saying these, because if he doesn't someone else would.

    Cenk hardly ever address the real problem. When will the people look into the mirror and take the penis out of their head.

  15. @manilaenglish what history are you talking about? what do you mean learn my history? i just pointed to some historical facts….ahh i get it you know nothing about history, well you're stupidity doesn't amaze me…

  16. @EziekielNightwind Than we all lose in the US anyway. Do you not here how these religious flunkies refer to science as a religion? The special pleading game would just be justified and they would simply redefine religion to escape this law.
    However a place we can start is to removal of religious laws, privileges, and policies on our books contrary to the Constitution now, and begin impeachments of people who have (as opposed to might) broken our Constitutional prohibitions on religion in gov.

  17. @FlatulenceFox Rick Perry is a fucking moronic tool bag, I'd never want that religious nutcase fuck tard as a leader of anything.

    If Perry is elected, fuck America…. And I'm saying that as aa American military member.

  18. @vasp99 "They are called the Ten Commandments , not the Ten Suggestions ."
    Well technically are there 613 and a number of them actually DO command you to kill (Lev 20:9-16, 24:16-17, 24:21, etc.). So, either you have a very limited understanding what it means to be a "Christian" or you have not actually read your holy book.

  19. They support Israel, to bring the Armageddon, which will finally destroy every jew unsubmitted to Jesus.

    In the end, they want everyone on Earth to die in a great war for Jesus. They hope to wipe the entire humanity.

    Even if their imaginary friend does not exist, they nonetheless want You, your FAMILY and all YOUYR FRIENDS to die in a religious war. And they intend to PROVOQUE IT by RULING USA
    Perry, Palin, Bachmann, Santorum want it.

  20. And it goes crazier than that:
    The poors are not good christians. The proof? They are poor! That means that God doesn't like them.
    So for the evangelicals, poors shouldn't be helped and sould be left to die. So let the Almighty Economy do God's cleanup! Which evangelical wants Jesus's hated ones by his side when the Armageddon comes?

    Hey America, don't let the evangelical ayatollahs take the control of your country. They want you all to die in the decade it the last religious war.

  21. @jaroncreed Did….you just call me "dumb girl"….? That's your rebuttal? Come on…Give me something substantial to work with!

  22. John F. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic who had to address voters' concern about the Roman Catholic Church becoming the established religion.

  23. @hardforatard The Early Versions of Chritianity are very relevent to the present esp. for people who like to Bring up the Crusades etc. Also I do know who is and who is not Christian by simply reading what Jesus and the Early church did and said. In essence I judge a Tree by its Fruit-Jesus. The so called Bible is not even complete but a selection by the Catholic Church, what about the Gnostic Gospels?? and Where do you think "A" Gnostic came form, Bhuddists would be Agnostics.

  24. @UberNoodleX Excellent fuckin' post man. I applaud you. Rare to see such WORLDLY and free thinking posts about religion world wide, here on youtube. Great stuff!

  25. There is a connection between Religion & Bloody death soaked Insanity.
    There a reason Church & State are seperate.
    Anyone,,and I mean ANYONE ,Muslim,Christian…Jedi Knight.
    ANYONE that tells you GOD is telling them to do something(and swears blind that its not "the voices in their head") can be nowere near any seat of power.

    I don't wanna see Perry Or Romney anywere close to the nuclear "Button".

    Its a judgement call…AND I'm making it 🙂

  26. @SirGrowalott it's too bad that there are people who will always use religion to manipulate others for power, money, and influence

  27. @hardforatard You are still ignorant on the facts. It does'nt matter if the Christianity of the Crusades is the same as today, The Christianity of the Crusades is not the Christianity that Jesus began or the Christianity of the 1st century Church. To claim so is to ignore all the changes the Roman Empire forced onto Christians after Constantine adopted Christianity. So all your blabbering has no bearing on my original comment. Islam was violent from the Get go Xtianity was not

  28. @brandnutopian LOL, You calling the Moshiach a Pussy has no effect on me. He was no Pussy, He stood up to the Men opressing the poor, He was a real man and Christ spread his message by Peace, unlike Muhammed who needed the sword to spread his cult. In reality No on saw Islam as a legitimate religion until Muhammed came into power and put people to the sword. Yesus Cristos Moshiach whom you call "Jesus" Christ was a far more influential, intelligent, and amazing man than you ever will be.

  29. @UberNoodleX Im not an absolutist, Im a Realist. You keep talking about European Christianity when Christianity as a Religion was founded in Jerusalem by Jews and Converted Greeks of the East. Europe as a Nation and Entity did not exist and the European power in control did everything in its power to kill Christianians to no avail. As I said before the Original Christianity has nothing to do with the Christianity of today. You have YET to offer any form of Rebuttal to this claim, You lose!!

  30. @UberNoodleX I never said Islam was behind the problems in the Middle East, I said Islam was violent once Muhammed, Its founder, came into power, Jesus was not violent nor were the First and Early Christians who were persecuted. Islam at its core is violent Christianity is not (Unless you can provide Verses of Jesus Telling his apostles to Kill the Infidels and not to Befriend non Christians, or that God hates the Unbelievers) Fact remains Christ taught a very pacifist and non violent religion.

  31. @UberNoodleX How are Muslims being persecuted. In Mecca and Saudi Arabia there exists not one Church or Synagog, Yet there are millions of Mosques in Europe, Jerusalem etc. In Muslim dominated countries a Christian can be put to death for speaking out against Islam, yet here Muslims use western Freedoms to preach against the West and against Jews, Atheists, and Christians(Something Jews, Atheists and Christians CAN NOT DO in Muslim Dominant Countries).

  32. @CarnardP3
    Sorry, I don't get your point. Do you mean:
    i) they are middle class so they cannot be fucked in the head (so even their decision is wrong, it's not their fault), or
    ii) they are middle class and lower class so their decision must be right (that being the sole argument), or
    iii) voting republicans is the way to go.

  33. to be fair, that's not really necessarily a huge change because one of kennedy's biggest campaign problems was the fact that he was catholic. that's why he wouldn't be able to do that.
    kennedy's opponents all said how christian they were

  34. Finally, this is something I totally agree with Cenk on. The republithugs and Rick Perry only care what they think the bible is all about.

  35. I don't know what pisses me off more; Rick Perry's and the GOP's "interpretation" of the bible, or those that protect these shitkickers from the hard questions.

    Perry is a bumbling idiot. Why aren't people calling him out on it?

  36. @naym2011 The message of Jesus has been lost on Catholics and Protestants alike. Peace, love, and charity are alien concepts in modern day Christendom. It is more of a conservative, crypto- fascist theocratic movement.

  37. @jrpone I'm an atheist, so I couldn't care less about your religious pissing match, but it should be noted that Christianity would never have spread as it has without violence. You obviously don't know your history and aren't familiar with the Bible, otherwise you would realize the extreme contradictions within the Christian faith.

    Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

  38. @brandnutopian OHHH NOOOS you just selected a bible verse, LMAO, Ok so if you are not taking that verse out of context(Which you are) then you should be able to provide evidence of the Early Christians waging war on non believers prior to the Roman Empire Adopting the faith..BY the way if you read that verse in context Christ is saying he is going to cause division among Family and Friends, among people who belive in him and dont. Had nothing to do with spreading violence. Fail. LMAO.

  39. @jrpone Fuck you and your "fail' bullshit and suck on this:
    Exodus 2

    2:11 And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens: and he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew, one of his brethren.
    2:12 And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand.

  40. @jrpone Exodus

    11:7 God will kill the Egyptian children to show that he puts "a difference between the Egyptians and Israel."

    21:15 And he that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death.

    21:17 And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death.

    22:24 And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless.

  41. @jrpone The Bible encourages slavery:

    If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep. … If he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft. — Exodus 22:1-3

  42. @brandnutopian Umm..O.K but this has nothing to do with the discussion I was having, I was talking about The Early Xtian Church vs the Early Muslims. As to Slavery, Also is prison not a form of slavery?? Do you have a problem with criminals going to prison. Slavery was a common practice until recently, Hell some Muslim societiies banned slavery in the 80's. BTW, Just so you know I doubt that there are many people running around stealing Ox and Sheep so that laws is pretty useless..

  43. @brandnutopian LMAO, "Suck on this"…Yeah real mature. And BTW,…JUST SO YOU KNOW…You are talking about the Exodus not the Early Christian Church, I asked you to provide evidence that the Early Christian Church was violent prior to the Roman Empire adopting the faith. You quoting the Exodus shows how desperate you are. But please keep trying, son, keep trying..


  44. @jrpone Once again, J.C. was a pussy, so you'll find no evidence of early christians waging war, but that doesn't change a god damn thing.

    Guess what? We don't live in 30 A.D. and the christian faith would not be the perennial power it is today without a long list horrendous crimes against man including, but not limited to, torture, wholesale slaughter and war. The Nazis' record of murder and mayhem pales by comparison.

    Go on feeling superior and laugh that ass clean off.

  45. @brandnutopian – "Youll Find no evidence of Xtians waging War" , So I will take this as your admission of Defeat and as your agreement with me that the Original Christian faith was non violent. Thank you, I am glad you realize that you made yourself. I hope this ass whooping I gave you, this beating you got, will serve as a dire warning of what happens when a Fool tries to debate the Intelligent. I hope this Punishment I gave you to think twice about opening your filthy mouth. Good day..:)

  46. @jrpone Still neatly ignoring the fact that your "scripture" is full of hate and violence in service of your mythical god, and that the largest and most influential Christian sects have thrived and prospered by means of war and plunder?

    The meek shall inherit nothing and you are too meek to even acknowledge the facts.

  47. @brandnutopian After all these days and weeks you have yet to provide evidence that the Original Church was violent in any way. All you have done is rant and rave. You lost son, accept it.

  48. @jrpone What are you, 12 years old?

    There is no kingdom of heaven, no pearly gates, no absolution of your guilt. You've devoted your soul to a fiction. Not only are you the loser, you're are a clown, and no amount of praying or subservience will ever erase that fact. Saying the original Christian church was non-violent is as meaningless to me as saying Jeffrey Dahmer was a pleasant infant. One day the Christian church will be remembered much the same way as Mr. Dahmer is now.

  49. @brandnutopian More Red Herring Fallacy babble no attempt to post what I asked you, that the Original Church was Violent in any was.


  50. @jrpone What you know about identifying fallacy could fit on the head of a pin, you pinhead. I've already won, it's just that you're too infantile and delusional to realize it. You're tired ass reiteration of the same lame retort is evidence of your utter lack of imagination or intellect.

    Stick a fork in your ass and flip, you're done.

  51. @brandnutopian LMAO, you are a joke. Once again I asked you to provide evidence that the original Church was violent. Your dumb ass gave me all sorts of off topic ranting and attack Christ yet did not offer one iota of evidence, now your clown ass wants to claim you won..LMAO. The only one delusional is you, Im having fun watching you squirm. HAHAHAAHAHAH…


  52. @jrpone Watching me squirm? What kind of drugs are you on?

    Your broken record responses have now become sad and your inability to elaborate on topic is boring & tiresome. Cling to whatever faint memory of decency your church may have once been able to lay claim to, for those days fell away with Constantine.

    What have you to say for the blood shed in the name of your god on the battlefield since the 3rd century?

  53. @brandnutopian Brandnutopian the pink goat, LMAO at your constant Bleating. I asked you to provide evidence of violence in the Christian Church prior to the 3rd Century and the Roman Church taking over, Where is my Evidence Brandutopian the pink goat?? You asked me about Xtian bloodshed after the 3rd century, well unlike you I don't avoid questions asked of me, well let me ask you, If some entity tried to kill you for 300 yrs and then suddenly they claimed to represent you, are they legit??

  54. Look how the pope is running around in Jerusalem and Washington proclaiming: "Stop the madness of war preparation now!" (I wonder how many nuclear warheads Israel really has and how much they blackmail the world with it. Any nuclear power could wipe them off the map immediately, but they obviously don't do, because Israel would wipe out the western power centers then, including the Vatican.)

  55. @ 1:20 Cenk, actually the 144k are "spiritual Jews" who rule with Christ for the 1,000 years not all are literal Jews. Fleshly or literal Israel was rejected by Christ since they rejected him as the Messiah when he proclaimed, "Your house is abandoned to you". Israel then was left on their own and actually became a "synagogue of Satan" Rev. 2:9 & 3:9

  56. What gets me about this clip is the standards in the background; Eagles, Stars, all this ancient symbolism. You half expect these guys to come out dressed in togas and slapping their fists to their chests, sacrifice a bull and read the augurs, then finish the day off with a ceremonial gladiator battle praising Mars.

    It's the 21st Century guys. time to put the Bronze Ages away and grow the F# up!

  57. @PercyCTV Of course he does. He wants to be president. Easier to become one when you have only the Republic of Texas voters.

  58. How about you learn about the faiths before you make fun of them? I have a religious belief to back Israel also! I am not Catholic! I am a Christian – at least I try to be. But I will back Israel in my heart 100%. And that's what my Bible tells me to do.

  59. "Israel is our oldest and most stable ally", you got to be fucking kidding me. What about Canada you fucking moron? We stand by the US blindly in some instances and we are your strongest trading partner. What has Israel done for the US other than take US taxpayers money?

  60. I agree completely. It's been over 25 years since I started realizing I was an atheist. It's a matter of skepticism, in my view. People who congratulate themselves on how smart they are based on a rejection of the majority are no better than emos or goths. I do not disparage either of those groups, because they at least are trying to find a sense of individuality. New atheists are just another religion.

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