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Rick Perry Corruption Exposed

Rick Perry Corruption Exposed

how about the favors that that rick
perry does for the people that died in the money now does he do does favor
stone tools and that’s a good question right i have collected this from a number of
different articles the new york times political and i am giving you only articles basically that these examples are coming from in
fact i read six or seven different articles with a holy book other examples for the sake of gravity otherwise it
would take all day to tell you about repairs corruption i’ve just boil it down to five different
donors what they did rick perry and what are they get in return was sort
of the new york times they talk about this guy named john mchale and he was um… democratic bag i for
most of this time until a metric tearing in fifty thousand bucks no longer hold his company machine khana which is i think a fairly appropriate name there but i think that three million dollars but they conned out of the good folks of
texas i like that for the free market and of course when asked about things
like this is that it was so while the coincidence that if they did make a lot to be a
fifty thousand dollars and his company having to get three
thousand three million dollars i should say for the people of texas because of a
decision made by repairs government just awhile quiz other people who have investments and
you can also give that tens of thousand dollars a rick perry as well delhi one example number two and that is uh… gaming shanahan he also has a significant best-featured
in chicago but he also has a kid you’re bigger stake is the founder
president of great doubts he gives fifty thousand dollars into
different donations and will you look at that he has a one point seven five million
dollars for good balance three million dollars fridge econ do you why they buy our politicians it’s
the best investment you can make you give a nickel and i do these crops and they take state money endeavor right
back to you okay and to give it to you in many many fold hui kya continue the these are just some
oaks mall examples there it’s only systemic this is what rick perry does we go to
bob parrot his biggest donor two million dollars given to buy a repair they’re
not related bussell lighting in the money well it turns out that there were these
massive lawsuits for home from homeowners who want us to contractors for faulty
construction and uh… throws out but there is a huge home
construction business he does not like those lawsuits who
would cost them millions upon millions of dollars was rick perry do form he appoints a
commission too slow bellows lawsuits and then the commission just happens that they could later uh… those lawsuits they’re not very meritorious we should really put the brakes on them bob perry saves millions upon millions
of dollars and other good investment ok so what he
got was a slowdown of those lawsuits against him personally
any guesses company great investment so there it is already lawsuits for faulty construction
all right now we’ll fill adams phil adams the and i’ll give rick perry two hundred and
ninety thousand dollars on top of all that uh… bonuses he throws in like uh…
uh… going to be twelve basketball tournament in two thousand seven uh…
now what perry dusre adams as he puts them on the texas a and m board of
regents which also has a lot of money but that’s not good enough so he thinks a you know what your
company terrebonne incorporated why don’t i just give you two point
seven five million dollars from the texas emerging technology font anybody misery parry this hughes gobs of cash uh… later including james james line anger who was also one of his top donors and i
was also given him a great number of thinking including
hunting trips that’s first tickets and that famous
trip to the bahamas i waded scuba diving and golf and want
to get in return he uh… he has appointed to texas board
of health but again more importantly that the emerging technology font of
texas run by rick perry gives his company one point two seven five million dollars as you can see here if you buy rick perry rick perry will
deliver for you sect man this is a perversion of our democracy and this is how these politicians get
them live it up go the bahamas kubota vegas gota retread and they do it on their donors times
within that the donors get a great return on
investment so who actually pays the bills the people of texas

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Corruption Exposed”

  1. @Hughganaught Wow are you a grammarian now? Did you ever notice that the 5th amendent covers several different things and that the clauses are separated by semicolons?

  2. @genie0390 ummm no 700 billion gone before bush left office. Indisputable fact, and everyone said during that time that the republicans would try to rebrand it as obama's spending. That play was called before obama was even elected. Blame it on the next guy because we had 8 straight years of completely screwing up. Green energy is being pursued by every developed nation and will make or break nations. If you don't realize that, then please stfu and keep sniffing your own bullshit.

  3. So what else is new. This is just another example that shows how broken the system really is.

    What gets me is that people will yell and scream about public healthcare, where people actually receive some benefit, but when their tax dollars are given away by the boatload to corporations or single corrupt individuals, we hear nothing about it.

  4. @Hughganaught If we are gonna look at that, there is Socialism (+all their branches), Communism, Marxist Communism, Lenin Communism, Trotsky, Stalin etc… anyway, Marx and Jebus are not the same people, and Marx talked about the power structure that religion have. and how they fool the common man to accept his "low" position, cause he will get it better in heaven.

  5. Funny, this is news to me….and I watch the news. Somethings wrong where you have to turn to youtube where the news isn't censored….as much.

  6. @Turtlebomb11 Cain is a wolf in sheep's clothing – please do better research.

    Ron Paul is the only one that can beat Obama and that is good for our country. The rest are all puppets and more of the same…

  7. @gator051 You should watch TYT more often: Cenk never pulled the punches when it came to Obama and never called him a 'Savior'

  8. @10thAngel

    If you go through the bible you will find Jesus wasn't actually that great a guy. There are a whole lot of nasty quotes from him they don't teach you in scripture. X_x
    But the bible was written by multiple different anonymous authors who were not eye wittinesses of the events long after the events actually happened so of course there will be lots of contradictions.

  9. @Bigbird5553

    ummmmm, duh!!,..700 billion TARP monies were a LOAN, you dumbass liberal,..just like the monies Obowma gave GM to save union asses

    Bush inherited a recession from Clinton, the housing bubble and ultimate burst, and 9/11 disaster and the economic consequences. The attack on WTC was planned when Cllntoon was still in office

    what makes you think China can't produce solar panels much cheaper than unionized America????

  10. I think Thomas Ferguson calls this "the investment theory of politics". Can you imagine investing $15,000 in something and getting back nearly $2,000,000? Jesus Christ.

  11. @kingrexrex666 I don't know where you got your facts from. He's against the national laws regulating morality. For now, he thinks it should be left to the States (or even better) the individuals. How is that combining church and state?

  12. @genie0390 unionization ads at tops 8%-%10 more tyhen being non unionized. 50 cents an hour in labor in china compared to $5.75 here at the CHEAPEST. unions don't account for the decision making process by companies to move their business over there. It is the fact they can get 5 workers for the price of one in America. The union line is just to fool stupid people into believing the corps aren't greedy, unpatriotic, and uncaring of the American people in favor of profits to communism.

  13. @10thAngel Last I check, Jesus wasn't about force. He was about free will and charity. Government force is not charity. A voluntary welfare society is far better than the force, fraud, and waste of a welfare state. It has bred corruption, a political patronage system, dependency, entitlement mindset, and enmity. Everyone knows how much fraud there is with the various socialist programs.

    Corporatism is a type of central planning as well. Let's end the progressive-corporatist state.

  14. @knowgovt some federal laws should stay in place such as seperation of church and state. should not be up to states….especially with all the whacko fundementalists in the usa..

  15. @tnoyy34rt

    You can't possibly have the intelligence to use the internet or type if a really obvious and well known phrase "makes no sense"

  16. @joepeeler34 Whenever did I mention force? Aaand… I kinda agree with the rest of you. Though "Everyone knows how much fraud there is with the various socialist programs." is a complex subject, Cause some help will come to those who are in need of it, but in the same time (atleast here in sweden) the sallery people in charge gets in those programs makes you wonder =/, just like that republican politican who said he couldn't make it with 400.000 dollars left over at the end of each month.

  17. @10thAngel Socialism is force. Welfare programs are force. A law has the threat of force behind it. If you don't pay the taxes for a welfare program or a subsidy for someone, what happens? They then send you notices. You still don't respond. They then summon you to court. You still don't respond. They then come to your home with guns. That's force. The threat of force is implicit with any law.

    The product of one's labor isn't community property. The state should never initiate force.

  18. @Hughganaught Socialism would not give tax breaks to the rich, nor does it give money to lazy people who sits on the chouch all day. But since conservatives are usually extremely uneducated on Socialism, talking with you is pretty boring on this subject.
    Now I would say that you should take the best elements of each of the major ideologies (Conservative, Social, Liberal and Green)…

    There is only One God, and his name is Death, and there is only one thing we say to him "Not today"

  19. @joepeeler34 Though ALL government ideologies are force.The welfare for such programs comes with taxes, it might not even be a 0.5% of your total tax for each month/week. And you are generally talking if someone breaks the law.
    "The state should never initiate force." wow, k, let me just fire all these cops that keeps us safe, and while we're at it, all the military.

    You prolly don't realize that the biggest "welfare" taker is actually the US army, that so many of you are so high and proud of

  20. corportate donations are definitely the biggest problem in our political system. everything else follows from where the money comes from.

  21. @10thAngel Part of what you say is true, which is why I oftentimes don't use the term 'government.' I prefer the term Protectorate to describe what I advocate.

    There would still be cops in the system that minarchists advocate. Government officers would only RESPOND to the initiation of force by citizens. It would be based on natural rights and common law. The Constitution was rooted in natural law, though I concede that the allowance for slavery was a glaring contradiction.

  22. @10thAngel Do you understand what I mean by "the initiation of force."

    If a person violated the natural rights, then it is the proper role of a Protectorate (some prefer government, but I don't think I should be governed.)

    That is a response to the initiation of force. It is then that the state should respond with force. That is not the initiation of force.

    "So many of you…" I am not to be lumped in with others, nor do I have to answer for them.

  23. @10thAngel I don't view a matrix of individual transactions engaged in by consenting individuals for mutual benefit with each giving voluntary consent as force. It's the opposite.

    A free market isn't a product of central planning by government or academics, it is an emergent order. Language, evolution, money, and common law are examples of other emergent orders.

    It is the various collectivisms–fascism, democratic socialist, Bolshevism, national socialism, etc.–that are unnatural.

  24. @10thAngel Further, I do like national defense. It's one of the very few justifications for the creation of THESE United States, not THE United States.

    I have learned to distinguish between militarism and national defense.

    I think it is possible that the collection for funds to finance a defense could be done voluntarily.

    I think all taxation could be voluntary. There might be a free rider problem, but I think that could be handled with social ostricism. It works with tipping.

  25. @joepeeler34 ""So many of you…" I am not to be lumped in with others" Utterly true, it's very delightful to meet another person of such calibre such as yourself on the net, just makes me happy 🙂

    No taxation can be voluntary though, how goes that old quote? "The only things you can't avoid in life is death.. and taxes" =/

    I am utterly for taxes, as it keeps nations going, and to quote an old Anti-Nazi Disney cartoon "Taxes to Smash the Axis"

  26. @Hughganaught Oh? And ye say that Death is not part of Life. "Baka wa shinanakya naoranai." ~Unless a fool dies, he won't be cured. Hah, no one knows what will happen after death, and those who claim such knowledge are but fools indeed.

    Life is suffering, the origing of such is atatchment, the cessation of suffering is attainable, and we are to find the that path. Buddhas just proclaim the Path, but you’re the ones to strive. Contemplatives who tread the Path are freed from Death’s bonds.

  27. @Hughganaught Christians must apologise for all the screwy things that is said in the old testament, make exuses for the wrong doings in many of their stories and the illogic and unnatural claims.

    Such the intention of a fool,
    swollen his greed and conceit.

    Dhammapada, a book of mere 146 pages, outshines that illogical thing you call "holy" book.

  28. @Hughganaught Then you cannot claim any moral high ground. You unwise foolish people behave in a manner that is harmful to themselves. Your actions yield bitter fruit. Those are their own enemy.

  29. @Hughganaught It was the rediscovery of almost a thousand years after the fall of Rome that those ideas came forth, information and knowledge that was kept in the Arabic world when Rome fell. And from the Enlightment we see an advancement of science, human and equal rights and the freedom of religion, liberty and so on!
    The Church suppressed those areas for hundreds of years, and still want to suppress areas where they disagree.

    Im sorry, it is hard to face facts.

  30. You always hear about politician crooks…

    Why aren't people asking Perry about these shady dealings?

    TYT needs to do some guerilla reporting. Kinda like what happened to what's her face from Arizona.

    Someone just needs to bypass Perry's staffers and throw him a hardball question; this man is an idiot. It pisses me off so much that he's an actual candidate.

    At least Bachman was amusing; no one took her serious for a minute. But this fuck, he's the best the GOP has?

    Obama 2012. Sadly.

  31. @Hughganaught Still doesn't remove the fact that they developed it from it's greek, roman and other ancient civilisation, while Europe plunged into a dark age. And it still doesn't remove that the Catholic Church was the major player untill Luther.

    And a little fact: Islam = Abrahametic, aka worshiping the same God as Jews and Christians.
    Congrats, you just insulted your own God.

  32. @Hughganaught Still doesn't remove that the Islamic countries were before their decline in the 1600th-1700th were world leading in science, free thought and thinking, freedom of religion, equality and in many other liberal and future Enlightenment ideas before the suppression by the "Christian" European military and economical powers.

    And yet again, doesn't remove that Christianity suppressed those areas, basically since Rome's fall.

  33. @Hughganaught History IS multicultural, and I am sorry that history books I have that are written by some of the finest professors in history, actually know what they are talking about. Compared to your "Christianity and Christians did all". The enlightenment was sparked by people like Spinoza, Lock, Bayle and Newton who all promoted intellectual interchange and opposed intolerance and abuses in Church and state.

    Even if they were Christians, they would never argue ignorant way you do.

  34. @Hughganaught WELL maybe you should read Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond, or just watch the 18 part documentary that exists here on youtube. He highlights that we had the best farmlands, and due to that, we had more free time and didn't need to struggle as much to get food.

    The chinese invented paper, printing, the compass and gunpowder before anyone else, India was first with iron and steel, still effecting us today.

  35. @10thAngel These invention were the "easy" ones to pick out, then if we are gonna go into detail it becomes more obvious, such as Abu Al-Wafa' was the first to build a wall quadrant to observe the sky,for the accurate measurement of the declination of stars, still being used today. And the chapter of "Medicine in the medieval Islamic world" is so huge I don't know were to start.

  36. @tnoyy34rt Yep, and yet Christians happily use smartphones and computers and say they like science. Atheists see science as a way to find out what the truth is. Theists see it as a way to make sure the Bible is correct. Obviously the latter perspective goes against everything the scientific methods stands for. If you've walked into the scientific method with an agenda, you've missed the point entirely.

  37. So I always hear from my conservative buddies that democrats are just as bad as republicans when it comes to campaign contributions in exchange for favors. So then why did the 5 conservative justices of the SC vote to allow unlimited soft money donations and all 4 more liberal justices vote against it? And at least Union donations represent the majority opinion of union members, can't say that about donations out of corporate treasuries to the GOP where the shareholders have absolutely no say.

  38. @tnoyy34rt Dude, you're warped. You don't know what you're saying, except that it fits your HuffPost, Salon, Ed Shultz talking points. And "hate-filled"? Listen yourself, Dipshit. What a fucking hypocrite. What an ignorant moron you are. Grow up and mature your mind.

  39. @tnoyy34rt And dude, have a look at our current president. Uneducated? Bill and Hillary Clinton. Uneducated, or are they just great great at faking their Christianity? Go down the list of Nobel prize winners in literature and sciences. Christians and Jews flood that list, bt they're stupid and uneducated. Our greatest engineers? Uneducated Christians for the most part, right?. The politicians you vote for, most of whom were high-powered lawyers and businessmen – uneducated Christians.

  40. tnoy34rt here talks about "hate-filled" Christians, but is obviously a hater himself. Guys like this are stunted both mentally and psychologically. These are they the kind of idiots who always have to let people know they are athiests – as if we care – because in their minds they think it proves they're intelligent. They may as well just say, "hey, look at me. I'm smart!."Just complete douchebags, these guys. Sad people, really. Haters themselves. Self-loathing hypocrite dipshits.

  41. @MMaeidlilniAW Take a look at the demographics, Genius. Easy to find. You're falling for the Huff Post, Salon, alphabet media line. Typical though; makes you feel better about yourself and your positions, right? But demographics prove you wrong.

  42. @MMaeidlilniAW And by the way, Kid, at seventeen or eighteen, probably still a HS student, you're already one of our "educated" liberals. Congratulations. In most liberal/Democratic districts you're already toward the top 10%. Stay there, don't advance, and you may be a Dem for life. "If you're under thirty and not a liberal, you don't have a heart. If you're over thirty and not a conservative, you don't have a brain." – Winston Churchill

  43. sorry i dont know how us politics works but the governor can give money to a private company with out any reasons???

  44. @DeepSouth16 You're from the deep south? Worst, least democratic, least democrat area. Those two are generally linked. As well as general stupidity, etc. Either the republicans have tricked you into thinking they help you, or you're in the top 1% that they do help, and I doubt that.

  45. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp Im not a Reagan worshiper and i get annoyed how every GOP candidate constantly brings him up like he is Jesus.

  46. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp Paul DID back Reagan. But after he saw how corrupt Reagan was, he left the party.

    Good job on sucking.

  47. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp So, you agree that it's foolish to say that "Paul backed Reagan", because it would be MUCH MUCH MUCH more accurate to say that "Paul backed the ideals that Reagan ran on"?

    Glad we agree.

  48. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp Actually, he's the only candidate who's proposed a balanced budget!

    1 trillion in cuts!

    Suck it!

  49. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp god you're a troll

    Don't call me ignorant because you're lazy.

    He's cutting 5 major departments.

    You must be a real fat ass if you can't bother to move your fingers to type 6 words into a google search engine

  50. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp

    Reading skills are not something to be expected on youtube

    I hope that the Federal loan you received for college was worth my efforts!

  51. @DidYouJustMakeThatUp

    God it pisses me off that I had to pay for idiots like you to get educated. you don't even read wtf I write.

  52. @PatriotTexas Selective memory is when tea baggers take to the streets calling for the same policies that just lead to the slowest decade of growth in 50 years and nearly collapsed our financial backbone (I.E. deregulation and tax cuts for the rich).

  53. the conservatards who love their no brain cell state you know where the oil companies can poison the kids in school with gases from fracking and the water supply ain't so good because of chemical dumping, should take a look at this website and compare what obama's actually done to what their no sentence finishing religious nutjob has done. whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar dot com then come back and tell me perry's a better choice

  54. @PatriotTexas LOL the only retards are the racists who believe Fox news, i guess you didn't go to the website huh, don't like the truth?

  55. @MichaelPAUSA it so absolutely amazing that their are people so incredibly stupid that they continue to support these freakin politiicans – hey why not – its not enough that the perry's and the bushes of the world screw us over but these douchebags yell "come on we love it screw us over more" …..dickwads!!!!!!!!! would be funny if they weren't so damn dangerous..

  56. LOL! "Obamacare" was a plan developed by the conservative Heritage Foundation and is almost exactly like "Romneycare" from Massachusetts. It was developed to benefit health insurance companies since they get millions of new, healthy customers. The only reason Obama went for it was because he thought there was no way that Republicans would vote against their own plan but he underestimated how much they wanted to play partisan politics.

  57. Whatever he's doing, he's doing it right. The Texas economy has been on the rise for the past 15 years, even surpassing Australia's and it has only sped up since Rick Perry took over. You can find a thousand and one videos exposing Obama's corruption, war crimes and stupidity but you'd be lucky to find a legitimate one about Rick Perry (Not saying there isn't). He is still a great man.

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