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Rick Perry Global Warming, Oil $ & Corporate Tax Holiday

Rick Perry Global Warming, Oil $ & Corporate Tax Holiday

we know rick perry is uh… over friendly to say the least uh… we uh… disoriented aon all of the
donations that he’s taken in texas and how it is influences decisions and
how communism a tremendous money by backing rick barry well i repair what’s
continue that on national level when i ask you about uh… repatriating
uh… money that corporations have abroad now
the masses great amount of money that they don’t want a bring them back in the
country because if they do they gotta pay thirty
five percent tax on it which by the way the regular taxes all business owners small business
owners their local police shop around the
corner pass the paint on money that they make through hero for corporate taxes right
but there’s a big business or small business but the corporations that our
multinational made a lot of date so they said we will bring the money back in
alleging opted out of five point two five percent from thirty five percent
repair easy to do the one better let’s watch cad holidays haha on repatriate those thoughts uh… dollars photos are properly huh comeback and as c_e_o_ with laura grandma refined status online this crew forms are upgrading decide you here he said how about zero about what’s great of course corporation
bank axis as long as they keep giving out money to rick barry by the way of corporations on pay taxes
who’s gonna pay more taxes you and i the middle-class percentage of payroll taxes
paid by you and i has skyrocketed over the last thirty years this corporations won’t pay their bill by the way the last time we their tax
holiday to repatriate the money in two thousand four you know i mean jobs are
created not very many at all we showed a chart on a preview show of the guys who got the top amount of
money brought back in the country cut jobs afterwards one company got ten
thousand jobs another one three thousand another one two thousand and even the bush administration later
admitted well in terms of creating jobs it just
didn’t work and now the ideas let’s let them do it
again but this time is there a percent now gee i wonder why rick i want to do
that wasn’t as donation c we can figure it out since nineteen ninety eight when he was
running for lieutenant governor under george w bush in texas he has collected over one hundred
n_c_-seventeen million dollars in campaign contributions a lot of favor cios now when you look at uh… who has been
his time prisoner well you’re not gonna be surprised to
find out the oil and gas companies invective
given empty eleven million one hundred eighty nine thousand one hundred and three dollars according the national institute on
money in state politics and then comes
realestate lawyer zong lobbyist of course securities and
investment as the financial industry analyst goes on and on the people fed and rick perry straw and who have profited greatly from it and rick perry what city do in their
bangsar you was there because i think these are upset you want is a global warming doesn’t
exist or you know around that two let’s go to adequate number two okay but okay voting thousands the family fire science discovery process five issue after years of america’s the preeminence you have a lot of their uh… usual has firsthand hilarious uh… bad half-hour here he wasn’t saying hey at eight are the scientist rahi saying
by saying global warming is a real are you saying then ninety seven percent
of scientists are lying and repair base this is a lot of he actually uh… i don’t believe any of the scientists
who know why because some of my car computers as i just showed you or exxon
mobil unko conditions by the way two of the top three within that top
bracket of oil and gas funny enough rick perry comes and says well go conditions an exxon mobil oil
there are poorly like global warming no faxed the signed a big movie hitting
continues here prior card hangers-on hands face fasten had and paul grief these are are entire for him program billions uh… trillions of dollars perhaps dot on there uh… c engages saying that off still here there are a group perhaps forum yes from your perspective because you
get paid for that perspective is not being put into question by
legitimate scientist even if three percent of scientists who disagree like
a large majority on work for a while and gas industry this is a fake debate created by exxon
mobil coke industries etcetera megan people like rick perry to put that out there that time i become
president of the united states of america you know how the supreme court says
corporations are people prefers all artisan that’s not true but
i even think they’ve taken over people like rick perry met rodney they’re not people anymore either this
corporal lots ukrainian money i will say what you want
you to dude he just took eleven million dollars from
oil companies using his lack of a turnaround shamalia
global warming don’t worry about that madden who cares lego accompanies pollute as
much as they like i’m paul that carbon out there and exit who cares i’d get paid you get
sick or the planet dies i don’t dividend i’m getting paid right now that’s what repairs all about corporal bach

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Global Warming, Oil $ & Corporate Tax Holiday”

  1. If you close your eyes during the Rick Perry clips, It's easy to remember Dubya talking. Yay, 8 more years of presidential industrial sabotage… I think when I go to Europe this fall I'm going to pretend I'm Canadian…

  2. @PerryRubio2012 Okay where did you get this info from? Give me your source. I've read about these. Many of these people have had their names written without their permission. They've even got the names of several people who are dead. Basicly, these IDIOTS like yourself provide most of the names of credible scientists without their permission. So, STUPID, why don't you go proving that Elvis is still alive because you'll find as many credible people proving that as you do to proving this.

  3. @PerryRubio2012 Which books have you read on the topic of global warming? Give me one book that you've read to prove that you actually know something about the topic. Bet you haven't. Which shows why you're so easily duped by these nobs who provide all these names of people who supposedly question global warming. You've been duped, Nob. Do me a favour: read some books on the topic and then come back to me and discuss it because you're showing how truly ignorant you are on the topic.

  4. @PerryRubio2012 What does Richard O'Leary know about global warming? You've just proven to me that you know nothing about the topic. SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

  5. Rick Perry was chairman for Al Gore's campaign. That's worth repeating.

    Rick Perry required vaccinations on SIXTH GRADE girls for sexually transmitted diseases! That's right – look it up.

    Ron Paul:

    "The Champion of the Constitution"
    "The taxpayers' best friend"
    "The most honest man in Congress"

    Ron Paul has NEVER voted to raise taxes, or for an unbalanced budget.

    Ron Paul 2012

  6. @PerryRubio2012 Obviously you haven't read my comments regarding these thousands of bogus people who question global warming.Read "Global Warming Coverup" by James Hoggan. He (unlike O'Leary) actually knows something on the topic. In fact, I went online to checkup on this book by Richard O'Leary, and from what I've read it got a very poor review as compared to the book that I recommended. I wonder why? Could it be that the book that you recommended is a load of crap (just like your argument)

  7. @PerryRubio2012 Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. In the United States, it's legal to profit from people's death. A lot of large corporations have begun putting out life insurance policies on their employees (betting on their lives). Should their employee die due to some rare incident, their employers reap large sums of money and it's legal.

  8. @PerryRubio2012 i doubt the employee would agree to a contract like that…i dont think they are aware of it.

  9. @PerryRubio2012 Actually, employees don't even know about it. It's called "dead peasant" insurance. It's been reported back in 2009, that Walmart owned over 350,000 of these policies on its employees without their consent. I don't think profits are necessarily bad but in this case, it is unethical.

  10. @PerryRubio2012 The world knows that republican supporters willingly vote against their own interests. These republican candidates are mostly wealthy business owners who have nothing in common with the American working class. Yet, they do a great job in deceiving hard working Americans into thinking they are. These wealthy republicans (& democrats) created the financial crisis, and forced the American people pay for it. How did they get away with it? With years of indoctrination and propaganda.

  11. @PerryRubio2012 Here are a few banks and companies that hold these types of policies.

    * B. F. Goodrich Company
    * Ball Corporation
    * Bank Boston
    * Bank Of America
    * Bank One Corp.
    * Barnett Banks Inc.

    Bank of America is one of Perry's endorsers.

  12. @PerryRubio2012 I agree. Democrats are no better than republicans, because the game is rig. It's socialism for the rich and capitalism for everybody else.

  13. @PerryRubio2012 Global warming has not been debunked. No data has been proven falsified however the usual myths and lies to that effect continue to circulate. It always seems the biggest denialists are so afraid of a carbon tax that they stick their head in the sand and can't wrap their heads around basic physics.

  14. @skypilot805 "Climategate" was really "Nothinghappenedgate." It was a propaganda exercise that created issues in the minds of the ill informed. People who understand what was in the e-mails and the science of the matter know it was a big deal over a nonevent. But then being someone who says things like AGW proponents believe CO2 is a poison gas shows you are no stranger to just making shit up. And by the way, global warming and climate change have been used interchangeably all along. IPCC?

  15. @PerryRubio2012 Argue with the 97% of publishing climate scientists, 32 National science councils (including Poland's), and dozens of disciplinary and inter-disciplinary scientific bodies, etc. that support the IPCC, vs. the fact that no organization refutes its findings.
    Plimer's book is filled with numerous ridiculous arguments such as volcanoes emitting more CO2 yearly than man (off by factor of 100, it has cooled since 1998 (last decade warmest on record), etc. You need better sources.

  16. @PerryRubio2012 Will happer apparently doesn't understand the carbon cycle very well. Nor does he appear to understand the evolution of the sun. Strange for a guy from Princeton. But hey that fool Lintzen teaches at MIT. Too bad their work isn't backed up by evidence.

  17. @skypilot805 Yes there are lots of reasons climate can change over time. We know lots about them. The only issue for you…they aren't in play. No Milankovitch cycles. Sun flat since 1979 and can't explain the amount of heating before that. No natural sources of carbon dioxide can account for the rise we've seen.
    The greenhouse effect is basic physics. Increase the most important (note I didn't say most powerful) GHgas by 40% and you are going to alter climate.

  18. @skypilot805 I support a carbon tax because I believe in personal responsibility. I and everybody else should pay for the damage they do. I don't believe in living high off the hog on the backs of future generations. How about you?

  19. @skypilot805 You're ill informed. The carbon I breath out comes from the carbon I eat and drink. People's breathing has nothing to do with a carbon tax. And people make Al Gore rich by paying his companies to plant trees or build windmills to offset their carbon emissions. That has nothing to do with a carbon tax. A carbon tax would increase the price of goods and services that use carbon based energy and thus use market forces to move us towards other sources. You should get your facts straight

  20. @skypilot805 I wish I did get paid for spending my time correcting ill-informed blatherers like yourself but sadly I'm just someone who studies the issue and has done for two decades now.
    The planet will happily continue on but we and a lot of other species might be suffering a great deal in the not to distant future. But further to how a carbon tax could save us, if it cost more to use coal or oil than wind which would you use? We eliminate the use of fossil fuels and we end AGW.

  21. @negotiator84 You see….people say this, and other say that. So who the F are you to believe and not believe?? Personally, I don't believe any of this global warming crap!!! People say, "look at the records broken for heat in the mid-west, it's Global Warming!!" Well what was it called the last time the record was broken?? It was called hot weather!!!! Then they say, "the excess rain is because of global warming!!" Sorry, can't have it both ways in my book!! It's called WEATHER ppl!!!!

  22. @underbjorn So you resort to calling me names now?? Oh that's nice! Look pal, you think whatever it is you have to in order to feel better about yourself. If you want to get all in a huff over one stinkin' degree, that's your right. But me, I choose not to worry about the small stuff. Hell, it may be a whopping 2 degrees warmers 400 years from now!! OH NO!!!
    BTW, carbon dioxide is what we exhale and what plants inhale!!! So yeah, it is harmless!! Should we stop breathing?? LMAO!!!

  23. @secretmole Sorry there MOLE…but I'm looooong out of high school. But you keep believing what you want. Sooner or later, you will figure out just how much of an idiot you are for actually believing this global warming crap!!

  24. @PerryRubio2012
    "Man-made global warming is being debunked by scientific experts across the globe. Data supporting AGW has been proven to be falsified." Do you have any sources for your statement? Just saying it doesn't make it a FACT. You can actually find a great deal of REAL scientific opinion supporting this climate change "fallacy". Unless you are a FOX Zombie?

  25. Read the fact-checker article on this from Glenn Kessler, Washington Post. Why would a rational person immediately dismiss the notion that we may be perturbing our environment in serious ways that we don't even realize yet? Folks isn't it JUST POSSIBLE that having 7 Billion humans burning through the world's fossil fuel stores might do some slight damage?

  26. These arguments are academic. The people of this planet, especially Americans, don't have the wherewithal to change their precious lifestyles, even to ultimately spare the ecosystem. Too many humans generating too much waste and using too much resources. The Fox Zombies will continue to deny there are looming environmental disasters until one day they turn on the water and there isn't any. Welcome to Haiti my Zombie friends. You don't even realize your brains were eaten long ago.

  27. @imax1971 – It's not hard but most people have already decided he's failing. I don't think he has done much to hurt or help the economic disaster yet. He works hard. You may think he's slacking because he took 9 days off for vacation. Reagan took 25 days off when unemployment was 9.5%. My opinion is that he has energy and he works hard. A LOT less vacation than Bush or Reagan (not saying much). He is intelligent. Maybe no Bill Clinton but he has a good command of the role of the President.

  28. @nextdrink45 – If the planet is 2 degrees warmer ocean levels would be several hundred feet higher, dumbass. That means most of the coastal cities would be underwater. And it won't take 400 years. We're cranking out CO2 at 29 Gigatons/year.

    "carbon dioxide is what we exhale"

    There's a reason you exhale it – YOUR BODY DOESN'T REALLY NEED IT. Say it with me now: Humans are not Plants. Animals breath O2. Also, 50% of the world's plants are gone while CO2 increases, and it's not from breathing.

  29. He has done a lot of things which help us as consumers and the middle class. I recommend the website, WTFhasObamadonesofar. If you are a millionaire and don't want to pay taxes on your capital gains then you may think that's most important. A vote for the Republicans may mean a vote AGAINST the environment, consumer protection, worker's rights, civil rights, etc.

  30. There's no way to outline such an argument on a comments page. But assuming you have an open mind and haven't had your brain eaten by watching FOX for years – there are a lot of good reasons to vote for Obama. From my perspective he's had a tough time and the economy continues to be really rough. He has gotten nothing but resistance from the Republicans, and it seems more important to destroy his Presidency than help the country get back on its feet. Same strategy used against Clinton.

  31. @A86 That's the main problem with so many of these people who don't believe in global warming (as most Republicans don't): they're so ignorant. I'd be embarrassed to sound as stupid as many of these dumbasses are. I'd hide my head in shame.

  32. @secretmole I asked if you could outline why Obama deserves four more years without bringing up Bush. Guess what? You brought up Bush! Your explanation why he deserves four more years is because 'he's intelligent" and "works hard".. Sad..

    "He has gotten nothing but resistance from the Republicans"…. Democrats controlled the House and Senate during his first two years!!!! He got everything that he wanted passed including that disastrous health care bill! What are you talking about??

  33. @PerryRubio2012 – "Democrats created the financial collapse"

    Actually most of the collapse came from Bush and Hank Paulson's "American Dream Initiative" and "Zero Down Payment Act" which allowed banks to give out no-questions-asked mortgage loans with no down payment and sky-high interest rates to people who could not truly afford the interest or the house. The CRA loans had relatively little to do with the housing market collapse. The Dems do share blame for going along with the Republicans.

  34. @lougalou04 – The sad thing is most of them have no idea how idiotic they sound and some of them probably think they sound smart calling themselves one-upping or "correcting" scientists. They probably think, "I just shows those damn scientists. See, all that librul higher learnin' stuff ain't nothin' but fancy wurds cuz I just figured out somethin' them damn scientists couldn't even, HA!"

    Fucking troglodytes.

  35. @A86 Yes, these trogs are so ignorant because they don't take time to read up on the topic. In essence, they are having other agencies do the thinking for them i.e. the Republican Reich who are the lackeys for corporate America. It's sad to see how intellectually lazy so many people have become and as a result they are so easily duped. This always reminds me of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol": "These are poverty and ignorance of which ignorance is the most dangerous." (Ghost of Christmas Past)

  36. @wsoxman ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? You want one fucking study – go google IPCC report and get fucking thousands! You guys are beyond bigoted and stupid – there needs to be a new word for of the fucking world stupid and bigoted…

  37. @PerryRubio2012 – I love how you completely avoided what I said about the Zero Down Payment Act. The American Dream Initiative lured a lot of people buy homes they couldn't truly afford since there was zero interest and a deferred-payment 5-year loan. The Zero Down Payment Act was even worse because it allowed people who couldn't afford certain homes and who could never hope to pay back the interest rates to buy homes and then end up having to default.

  38. You''re clueless, how much taxes to you think the money sitting over in other countries is bringing in? If you bring it over here at a 0% it then trickles down and eventually finds it's way into the coffers of the government.

  39. @PerryRubio2012 – Like I said you have no clue what you're talking about:

    (.) traigerlaw (.) com/ publications / traiger _ hinckley _ llp _ cra _ foreclosure _ study _ 1 – 7 – 08 (.) pdf

    Most of the disastrous loans were big bank loans that were part of that disastrous sub-prime ARM chaos allowed by the "Zero Down Payment Act". Most of these were no-questions-asked loans. Not these nebulous "other" loans you keep BS-ing about.

  40. @PerryRubio2012 – ARM loans are not 30-year fixed loans.

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a lot of problems and did contribute to this mess but fortunately for them, their charter restrictions keep them from acquiring too many toxic loans directly. The GSEs were not the main problem as this graph illustrates:

    (.) delawareliberal (.) net / wp – content / uploads / 2008 / 09 / whowritesmortgages (.) jpg

    Freddie and Fannie bought both parties but the Republicans pushed the ARMs especially.

  41. @PerryRubio2012 – ARMs were unregulated loans that increased under the Bush Administration when he passed the Zero Down Payment Act. No one claimed the American Dream Initiative was selling ARM loans. Are you trolling or just stupid?

    Thank you for arguing that deregulation was the problem. It was indeed largely the problem but most of the ARM loans being pushed weren't GSEs as the Federal Reserve just showed in the link I provide.

  42. @PerryRubio2012 – The Zero Down-Payment Act H.R. 3755 is NOT the American Dream Initiative H.R. 1276. Two separate laws.

    You're a fucking moron. Like almost all Republicans these days.

  43. @PerryRubio2012 – There were 2 versions of the bill, dumbass. One passed. Ron Paul talked about it here:

    (.) lewrockwell (.) com / paul / paul186 (.) html

    The version that did pass was signed by Bush in February 2004.

  44. @PerryRubio2012 – The ADDI passed in 2003, the American Dream Initiative/Act passed in Feb 2004. They even have separate H.R. numbers. They're separate laws with separate rules:

    archives (.) hud (.) gov / news / 2004 / pr04-006 (.) cfm

    The Zero Down Payment initiative of 2004 create HUD ARMs, not 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. That's the former.

    Are you illiterate are just retarded?

  45. @PerryRubio2012 – It passed in Feb 2004:

    (.) homeloanlearningcenter (.) com / ConsumerHelpDesk / SpecialProgramsforHomebuyers (.) htm

    The law is explicitly about ARMs. Trying to rewrite history won't help you when it's written in black and white. Even Glenn Beck complained about it passing. Lawl

    Get the Teabag cum out of your eyes so you can read.

  46. @PerryRubio2012 – The Dream Act is not the Zero Down Act. The latter was passed after the ADDI:

    (.) heritage (.) org / research / reports / 2004 / 07 / congresss – risky – zero – down – payment – plan – will – undermine – fhas – soundness – and – discourage – self – reliance

    Dumbass. They were passed in two different years. Two different laws.

    Thank you for proving that Republicans are retarded or just horrible at lying. Fucktard.

  47. @PerryRubio2012 – ARMs are part of the Zero Down Act, dumbass. Not the Dream Initiative.

    "Now ~ suddenly ~ you revert back to "bad housing loans were sub-prime loans"

    Most of those bad sub-prime loans were….wait for it…….ARM loans with below market-value (i.e. "sub-prime") down payment rates. Usually ZERO down payment.

    You're a fucking idiot.

  48. @PerryRubio2012 – Subprime ARM loans are ones with little verification of income or assets and usually have lower dp rates or initial interest.

    "FHA zero-down was a FHA fixed-rate loan"

    The FHA issues several types of loans, dumbass. Including ARMs.

    portal (.) hud (.) gov / hudportal / HUD ? src = / program _ offices / housing / sfh / ins/ 203armt

    Keep it up. It's hilarious pwning you this hard. I'm sure my buddies are getting a kick out of how I'm clowning on you and doing so with facts.

  49. @PerryRubio2012 – The FHA website I linked hours earlier said the Zero Down Act (NOT the same as the Dream Initiative) offered subprime ARM loans. Now you're correcting the FHA on what they offer? LMAO

    Teabaggers are so fucking stupid it almost hurts.

  50. @PerryRubio2012 – Subprimes don't require heavy documentation, dumbass:

    (.) investopedia (.) com / terms/ s / subprime (.) asp# axzz1VidAQDwT

    Why do you think the act was called "ZERO DOWN PAYMENT"? So people can get loans with no down payment. What a mo-ron. No wonder you like Rick Perry. You're even dumber than him.

  51. @PerryRubio2012 – @PerryRubio2012 – [begin pwn] From the FHA website:

    (.) fha-home-loans (.) com / adjustable – rate – mortgages (.) htm

    And that's a wrap. [end pwn]

  52. @PerryRubio2012 – Lol You get slammed again:

    articles (.) chicagotribune (.) com / 2004 – 03 – 26 / features / 0403260302 _ 1 _ home – buyers – mortgage – delinquencies – american – dream – downpayment – act

    "The Bush administration has proposed a zero down payment plan to help more people buy homes. Buyers would pay higher mortgage interest rates to cover the costs of the plan, which would be administered by the Federal Housing Administration"

    Your argument is already dead.

  53. @PerryRubio2012 – Can you read? "Buyers would pay higher mortgage interest rates to cover the costs of the plan, which would be administered by the Federal Housing Administration"

    The interest rates are adjustable and administered by the FHA.

    *tch-tch-tch* lliteracy. It's killing this nation.

  54. @PerryRubio2012 – Of course it doesn't, the "to cover the costs of the planet, which would be administered by the FHA" is what identifies it as an ARM.

    Do you have Down's Syndrome? That's a serious question.

  55. @PerryRubio2012 – Lol *ahem*

    homeguide (.) sfgate (.) com / definition – variable – rate – mortgage – 8870 (.) html

    "an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, are usually implying an American mortgage that falls under the oversight of the U.S. government"

    I know you're a masochist and all but you're done. You're so done I could stick a fork in you and the son of a bitch would come out clean. You're dismissed.

  56. @ronster064 – That a fact? Then why is virtually every site and source known to man backing me up? Why is it government websites detail the Zero Down Act and when it was passed?

    Never mind, I checked your page and apparently you try to do damage control for the likes of 2010GOP.

  57. @PerryRubio2012 – And to spell it out one last time for the exceedingly simple such as PerryRubio:

    (.) ehow (.) com / info _ 8385389 _ there – 100 – fha – mortgages (.) html

    "The Bush administration led passage of the Zero Downpayment Act of 2004, which gave FHA-approved mortgage lenders the option of offering ZERO PERCENT DOWN PAYMENT LOANS to first-time homebuyers."

    No wonder the market is in such shitty shape with people in the industry like your new friend who has no clue what's going on.

  58. @ronster064 – Read the post I just made. You sure were in the industry that you've never heard of zero-down FHA loans? Lol

  59. @PerryRubio2012 – So not only are you a dumb shit you're a lying little shit on top of it. YOU were the one debating the Down Payment Act, "ARMs were ineligible for the Dream Act / Zero Down — standard 30 year FHA-fixed loans w/strict underwriting guidelines only" –PerryRubio2012

    What a lying little cumstain you are. Always lying when you get pwned. I had a feeling you were up to something when there was a long pause between responses. Probably trying to think of a way out of this mess.

  60. @PerryRubio2012 – "The 2 programs above had VERY STRICT qualifying standards with credit"

    Uh, dumbass, here's the qualifications here:

    thomas (.) loc (.) gov / cgi – bin / query / z ? c108 : H . R. 3755 . RH :

    Nothing in there about strict qualifying standards. The standards literally just say you have to be a first-time homebuyer and receiving counseling from a third party. Nothing about having to provide a credit report or asset report or mortgage history.

  61. @PerryRubio2012 – Nothing in there about a 30 year mortgage. And this is for, "INSURANCE FOR ZERO-DOWNPAYMENT MORTGAGES."

    It also specifically says, "In conjunction with the credit subsidy estimation calculated each year pursuant to the Federal Credit Reform Act of 1990…the Secretary shall review the program performance for mortgages insured under this subsection and make any necessary adjustments, which may include ALTERING mortgage insurance premiums subject to subsection"

  62. @PerryRubio2012 – Nothing in there says a fixed rate or 30 years. Even your buddy admitted this is correct. Lol!

    You're done.

  63. @PerryRubio2012 – "those are the guidelines ON TOP OF the standard guidelines"

    So these loans are both fixed 30 year loans yet can be altered by the Secretary at the same time to rates up to 100%? How the fuck does that work? Do you even know what you're talking about anyone? Hahahahaha

  64. @ronster064 – "If you think the FHA 100% programs were the only ones or the ones who had the crazy easy-to-qualify standards"

    Where did I say that? Also, I quoted government websites on the definition of what a "subprime loan". I just linked to the House of Representatives site talking about zero down FHA loans with adjustable rates up to 100%. The eHow site echoed the same thing.

  65. @PerryRubio2012 – "that's referring to PMI"

    Which "that" are you referring to?

    The article specifies which verifications are needed. Nothing in there about credit history or asset history. If you're going to spout bullshit link a federal site which specifically states those are needed for these types of loans.

  66. @PerryRubio2012 – "WTF?"

    You've confused your own dumbassed self. You said, "those are the guidelines ON TOP OF the standard guidelines" –PerryRubio2012

    How can these be guidelines on top of standard guidelines when they contradict what you claim the "standard guidelines" supposedly are? Go to sleep. You're tired.

  67. @PerryRubio2012 – The FHA doesn't seem to agree with you about what they offer:

    (.) fha (.) com / adjustable _ rate (.) cfm

    "The FHA ARM is a HUD mortgage specifically designed for low and moderate-income families who are trying to make the transition into home ownership"

    Jackass. Are you quite done? I think you are.

  68. @PerryRubio2012 – "receiving homebuyer counseling"

    Homebuyer counseling and education is not a credit check or asset check. I remember a BusinessWeek article talking about FHA-backed subprime loans:

    (.) businessweek (.) com / magazine / content / 08 _ 48 / b4110036448352 (.) htm

  69. @PerryRubio2012 – One problem sport: I asked for guidelines about the specific 2004 Zero Down Payment Act loans. These are the HUD guidelines for conventional loans. Nothing about either Bush's Zero Downpayment Act of 2004 or the ADDI of 2003 even shows up in the document.

    I appreciate the effort but FAIL. Lol

  70. @PerryRubio2012 – Found the ADDI of 2003 but nothing about the Zero DP Act of 2004. It doesn't include HUD rules for TY 2005 as it's only updated through Dec of 2004.

    Like I said, nice effort but FAIL.

  71. @wsoxman Check your facts. No vehicles are emissions tested for CO2. They're tested for toxic chemicals in their exhaust. Ones that have been wisely regulated against by Dems and Reps. It has nothing to do with global warming.
    If the money didn't go for testing it would likely go for pizza and beer. Is everyone going to donate the extra to government to build schools or feed the poor? Are you one of those people who think poisoning America's children is a good idea if it saves a few dollars?

  72. @ronaldconaway
    FOX ZOMBIE – why don't you look at one graph – jobs lost / gained between 2008 and 2011. Even direct evidence for Obama having a positive effect wouldn't matter to you anyway. Because "Obama is un-American". I can't argue with completely stupid comments by uneducated, close-minded morons who get their "talking points" from FOX. Here's my challenge to you – give me one idea/thought that is your own. Can't do it? That's right, all I hear is silence. What a buffoon.

  73. @fabes0011 The idea is to get companies to repatriate money that's currently offshore, of course the last time we did this it had virtually no effect & the bastards went & hid more money expecting it to happen again.

  74. @underbjorn You know what I find so amusing about clowns like nextdrink45 is that they don't realize how ignorant they really are. In fact, the less they know the more they seem to think that they are experts in a field they know absolutely nothing about. All they depend on is the information provided by the oil/gas/coal industries to the Republican party which is only used to minimize or completely contradict the real danger we'll be facing. In fact, I can see how Galileo and Copernicus felt.

  75. Re: Perry's: "I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling in to their projects." & "… a group of scientists, who have in some cases been found to be manipulating misinformation… "
    Were there any reporters in the audience? They just let that slide? How about this for a follow up question:
    "Name one."

  76. Perry accuses scientists of deliberate fraud and collusion which is at best unfair and at worst an ad hominem attack on people who have scientific integrity. Further, the National Academy of Sciences has recently reviewed research on climate change and supports the conclusion of the majority of climate scientists. To say that Perry seems reasonably accurate to me ignores the facts. The evidence is very strong that human activity is a major contributor to climate change

  77. @coloradojoey
    well yea they use laws to prove theories but the laws themself have more importance and accuracy than theories

  78. this young jerk dude is full of crap. research the relationship between G.E. ( corporate welfare ) and barack hussein. why don't you mention that, young jerk ??

  79. oh really…? yea i have you know… JOBS- well Texas has a lot of jobs and businesses coming here as he was governor… more than any other state and has a great economy… GLOBAL WARMING- 97% of scientists are idiots, and Texas does the most in production of renewable energy in the first place so shut it! Just because global warming is not true does mean we have to pollute like crazy! INFLUENCE???- well you're just reading a script by a Obama- loving democrat…

  80. Typical of these people to ignore the facts and just bigot-ing on corporate cash. Do you really think your prayer rally was working Perry? It didn't do a damn thing, just another way to get attention from people as stupid as you are.

  81. TYT are nothing but frauds just like those who set themselves up as opposition on the other side. These rats support people, political office candidates et al who do the exact same thing as those they vilify. They're establishment media plain and simple. Just like Alex Jones and a host of others. Nothing but deceivers and far too many of you fall for these dubious clowns and their charade.

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