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Rick Perry Heading to South Carolina

Rick Perry Heading to South Carolina

repair also world trouble uh… it came
in this which is disastrous happens but all
that money uh… as we told you over four hundred
dollars a boat is what uh… the six million dollars in spending that’s comes out to yoghurt last night they are flats was
what the with the voters decision tonight and uh… and i’ll i decided to return to texas assesses also determine whether there is a path
forward myself in this race and little right below prayer and reflection homicide the best that for no greater joy in my life than to be able to share with the people
of our one of this country that there is to take this country for and it is it the great state of texas at da has never more etc top uh… k every act on it that out the have dot compact car bhai uh… baghdad tonight at the rate uh… violated no repair yet back into
the same debut david app uh… did do it are a listen repair egos in praise of
texas this morning with some guys that list and i’ll see you sucked on artist
that insulating lady hits a alarm reassessing my campaign and and he looked the here and he uh… is not as far as the end of
this state i mean the like henry at least hurt but he says let’s leave
the game inside of ted was way or it hurts when i wanna go home and so on
the couch but some ice on it so now you come back to south carolina
after you did your reassessment that idea genes can you win jab decide your out man your alcohol cleanup
of all don’t come back think about that i was i will figure something beautiful nieces faceless be he’s been on whatever
back medication all the studies and talk about we will be it along whatever he wants to know the of course
is not in the fall you know campaign after being beat up last night we will
have been willing to say that you know that tired it’s hard to permit you know what you
finally don’t give it to a friends in high school football this law does
indeed can doing imagine finally being done with the second practice okay to go home india mein releases people involved perhaps we can come back
i’d i’ve told you this last night in the coverage that we had a current
television i’ve been telling him before heat his course not into it he says he presumed self-centered ceremonies others like are and they need
to there’s a lot of article about how he’s
on pain medication on the pain medications remark he doesn’t understand the furthest thing he’s got the money he had the record in fact sense that he
could have been a wage that agood battle on for conservatives at least uh… and but it beaches was about to it apparently he gets up every morning
intel’s himself yet cheer acted so he might say is that the team back man
it’s only a matter of time before lower the elbow on him too

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Heading to South Carolina”

  1. I don't know why you guys are even bothering looking at the guy behind him. The chick behind him is pretty hot. I would.

  2. Perry just decided to stay in the race yet Cenk says he wants to quit. I don't understand that logic. It's easier to judge  a person by their actions than whatever Cenk's basing his idea on. If the guy wanted to quit he would.

  3. @Sahluful I'm UK based and reading the runes from afar. I probably need to look at the numbers more but it seems Perry is sinking a lot into SC and I'd be surprised if Santorum's numbers aren't falling by then. I really don't expect him to gain momentum, as his crazier comments are going to get properly scrutinised now. I really don't see Perry being able to take take the nomination but I can see the sense in his hanging around to see how Santorum's surge pans out.

  4. @jimhigham Romney has New Hampshire in the bag so far, so if Gingrich and Santorum fail to clinch South Carolina and Florida, I think Perry can take over the Evangelical vote.

  5. @Sahluful Definitely still possible. I've only really started watching US politics seriously over the last year or so and I'm finding the primary season fascinating.

  6. No primaries here. Each party elects their leader as and when the need arises. As a rule of thumb, this is shortly after a general election when the loser stands down. The election is normally over within a couple of months and then the party leader very much sets the direction for that party in the four/five years leading up to the next general election.

    As for the US primaries, I really can't see it being anybody other than Romney in the end. He's the only candidate that may beat Obama.

  7. Bachmann drops out and Huntsman won't be far behind her, maybe one more state. When Santorum gets raped by the frontrunner spotlight Rick might get a few more votes. I hope not but he might. He would be in 3rd or 4th before this is over.

  8. I guess part of the selection process for a president is selecting somebody who is up to the pressure and grueling schedule.

  9. Perry didn't go to Texas to pray, he went to count how much money he could round up.

    My favorite headline:
    Santorum Spurts from Behind

  10. Funny, good ol Rick wanted Texas to secede from the United States. Well, that didn't work out so the numb skull decides to run for President of the nation he wanted his state to get away from. Ha. These guys are funny!

  11. i think a young mel brooks (playing the governor in blazing saddles) would be PERFECT to play rick perry in a movie about rick perry. too lazy to find a blazing saddles clip link here to show the resemblance.

  12. I think his wife is pushing him to stay in, but he desperately wants to get out. She seems to wear the pants in their family. He's been crying for help ever since he started, but she wasn't hearing it.

  13. I couldn't pay attention to Rick Perry since I was transfixed on his dark haired daughter! How beautiful is can a woman get?

  14. @abcdrcill1 Watching YouTube vids- Ana. Talking – Jayar. Head peeping out over monitor – Jesus.

    Does that make sense?

  15. Perry lost to Gingrich–fucking Gingrich.

    Prayer? Yeah, that worked so well when you tried to get Texas out of a drought…and then a massive bushfire occured.

  16. @wtfjaftw I like Paul and I'm voting for him. But Americans are waaaay to stupid to elect him as president any time in the near future. And besides, the other Republicans hate the guy; no way they'd support him.

  17. @wtfjaftw It violates the property rights…of bigots to discriminate. Sounds racist to me, just as you do defending such a flimsy premise.

  18. Does anyone believe these douches actually pray like they say at every opportunity? Seriously, like bowing their heads, joining their hands and quietly going "Dear Lord, etc etc." for a few minutes while they "reflect"? What a joke. Look at these guys! Really??? Grow up middle-America…

  19. @wtfjaftw Nothing I said goes against any person's Free Speech, whether they be a bigot or not. Free speech has nothing to do with a property owners "right" to discrimination. Two separate topics.

    re: "none of your neo-liberal argument holds any water" Oh really?! They are just the letter of the law for the past 48 yrs.

  20. @STABxYOUxRAWR Do a Google search on his last name. It got a new meaning because of his opposition to that sorta behavior.

  21. Why do you even need a campaign, Governor Perry? Don't you have God on your side? I'm sure you'd win whatever you want to win if you pray hard enough. LOL!!!

  22. rick perry reminds me of those kids on toddlers and tiaras where their crazy stage moms are forcing them to do shit they don't wanna do they just want to go home and play video games and eat candy.

  23. I hope he stays as long as possible.Waste as much Republican money as possible, and give me more fodder for videos.

  24. With Perry, it's all about the money. He has managed to become very rich (from nothing) o a politiicans salary. You can't do that unless you are corrupt.He will stay in the running just so long as he thinks there is a pay day at the end of it.

  25. @randalusa Here is a hint: They have had BILLIONS of views, thousands of videos each with at least ten thousand views. It's all ad revenue.

  26. I love it when Texans act like their state should be the model of success for the rest of us. I guess that's true if you consider being in the bottom 10 as far as education, to be a success. If success is being no. 1 in teen pregnancy, no. 1 in violent crime, then YEA HAW, we should make like texas. No thanks.

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