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Rick Perry In A Cheerleader Outfit (Pics)

Rick Perry In A Cheerleader Outfit (Pics)

here precarious ag getting into the race even
cleared on saturday and so we’ve looked into his background so the policies and
uh… also just flat out fun southern rick perry’s
lifeless or the funds that they were given the policies uh… it turns out
rick perry of course governor of texas longest-serving governor of texas along
this card serving governor in the country binary knows this sounds a lot like the former governor of
texas george w_ bush also of course became president arbitrarily his history
uh… is also symbol did you know the rick perry also as your leader in college he was apart of the what they call that and and baggy ya’ll leader at texas billionaire so now when you see the pictures of his
outfit marion call maybe alike but bad news that your lead ok so now
you have all my friend rick perry uh… being a yellow leader in that lovely
little best that he’s got approached the f_a_a_ now apparently he was also uh… admitted to go for uh… meaning that he
liked to do pranks and i got nothing wrong with price in fact at this first
one i think is really funny the values that a lot of time thinking
about how he can get one of the toilets at texas a and m to
blow up perfect self he finally devise a tactic in which you
can flush and and eighty down a second floor toilet and actually comes out the first floor
toilet and was about a guy that sitting on the
floor okay an even realize because then
eighties had waterproof detonators ok and that the way that the plumbing was
it an amp it would actually flushed down the first floor and they did it and him in his buddies say that it
basically blew the guy office e that sounds kinda funny not letting it didn’t get hurt but you know me and they were fine and
if they were impressing so it seems like you might put a little too
much time until they had fun and uh… as and his friend of organize all of
them said louis qual who’d that’s all i can do here might be an issue hits general doing pranks like that that
apparently did not have much time for greats effort schoolwork because here are some
of his grades butter just leaked for slides on academic probation uh… in u_s_ history he received antsy interesting for a guy running for
president shakespeare was a d that is not
surprising griswold economics fairly important for someone running for
president but my favorite he had a c in june how do you see in german closure and a flyer bald men according to some may delay our c visa
more diversity he got a deemed that mary anatomy uh… which is uh… prom
because he was in animals science major uh… that then furthermore you got on
the path inorganic chemistry tennessee entitled
re uh… that unfortunate is what led him
to be gum governor because he wanted the about marriage with his creative work juices that strips so they like the link below you got an f game before
camp in step with three let alone the met mary and everywhere you got to be that’s supposed to be your major suno leaving your good for is bs in
people important people up walk off and do it with the and cheerleading hey you
know what you be a great politician it turned out they were kinda right

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry In A Cheerleader Outfit (Pics)”

  1. @TheMia168 umm ya….gates dropped out of college to start Microsoft. There was a limited opportunity and he jumped on it. sorry failed example to back up Perry or any other college failure. Try again.

  2. @bobbytiger he's not exactly brain dead, just blinded by his ideology (which is do everything Republicans/conservatives tell him to do in an attempt to gain their favor). irrational beliefs can override the intelligence of anyone, hence so many dumb politicians.

  3. so Cenk whines when other media makes fun of of liberal politicians but he can pull red herrings whenever he likes against republicans. It is fine Cenk if you make fun of liberal politicians for Red Herrings, but then don't repeatably say that Fox news is so terrible for promoting their own bias as well.

  4. Okay so it's proven he is dumb enough to be an American President for the Republicans, likely he will get MORE votes from them, seeing as 90% of Republicans have 2 teeth and can not read or write!

  5. He just couldn't bring himself to parrot all those "theories" about anatomy, organic chemistry, and animal husbandry, which are code words for EVIL-lution.
    BTW, the M-80 deal was well known and utilized pretty extensively for a while. I'm sure he just heard about it like everybody else. The problem with it as a prank is that aside from blowing geysers out of toilets, it tended to blow holes in the plumbing, flood the building and cause a lot of damage.
    Any word on payments by Daddy?

  6. @MobeenAftab : he doesn't need the dark skin, the endorsed religion and the beard… he is a "secret" terrorist ! which should make people even more scared because they can't see it coming.

  7. @ILikeTheThingsIDo

    Obama graduated magna cum laude. So I doubt he has anything to hide. But I wouldn't give away my private info either.

  8. So Perry was both a cheerleader and was still flushing firecrackers down the toilet in college? Grow the fuck up jackass. Classes like o-chem are actually challenging, but US History econ and gym? How did this clown get into a university in the first place?

  9. @lord69z That was in reference to a paultard, hun. Sorry if it looked like Perry was. All you need to know to hate Perry, is that when Texans compare Bush and Perry, they call Bush the smart one.

  10. @Albyiscool Except they've already bashed his policies, why would they keep repeating it? The fact that the guy got shitty grades in mostly no-brainer classes, and his extracurricular activities consisted of blowing up toilets and "yelling", say a great deal about his intellectual abilities and maturity. If the clown can't scrounge up at least a B in US history or economics why should he be running anything?

  11. @TheNavyGuys It works cause my best friend from texas just told me he'd vote for him. He is uneducated too hehe just for the sake of mentioning it.

  12. Great example of spin and propaganda on an irrelevant issue. But if it succeeds in character assassination; then mission accomplished. For the record: A&M 'cheerleaders' are a different group from the 'yell leaders'.

  13. How to make good politicians: Require physics, advanced calculus, chemistry, and programming with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and you will see nothing but intelligent people with poli sci degrees. However you get stuck with a mostly atheist liberal group but that what happens when you get smarter.

  14. The toilet prank is hilarious, as much as I hate to admit. Today, and without having friends in high places, he would probably serve several years of detention due to all that terror hysteria.

  15. this thread title was obviously created to draw attention.
    I hate rick perry but they know damn well people thought rick perry would be in a cheer leader[female] outfit.

  16. @Ericthebearjew1 you are dumb. almost half are corporate jobs, middle to higher income. that's because businesses are moving out of states like Michigan and Illinois. the tax burdens are too high. you probably don't understand this because you only believe what the idiots like this guy tell you.

  17. @gtrdude777 Nah, I just thought you were refering to those thankless jobs where you have to surrender your own dignity.

  18. Who cares about grades? Most of the times grades don't show how much your knowledge is. Cenk, leave this guy alone. I don't know who he is but his grades and his highschool days shouldn't matter in politics. All that should matter is leadership and moral values.

  19. "Rick Perry, you are too fucking stupid to be a veterinarian… so you should be the leader of the entire state you are in instead!" – Stupid populace

  20. @gary031183
    For starters, you do have problems with your constitution, it's not the revealed word of God, it was designed as a stopgap document to keep the union together for its vulnerable first few decades, it was never intended to become a religious document.

    I agree that Ron Paul is probably honest and worthy of respect (which makes him almost unique amongst republicans) but he's still someone who advocates a darwinian society where the strong prosper and the weak are left to die.

  21. @tangent272 Finally…someone with something to add. Yes, to a degree you are right. There are major problems with our constitution. However, we will never address them if we don't get someone that actually wants to abide by the document we need to change.

    If we need to amend it (and obviously we do), then lets amend it and do it in the right way. Not executive orders and other nonsense meant to navigate around the constitution. Free Market Capitalism has problems…lets address them honestly

  22. @gary031183
    "Free Market Capitalism has problems". As Cenk would put it, "now we're having a conversation". We need more reasonable and reason*ing* people on both "sides".

  23. Last time I checked, male cheerleaders get to put their hands all over tight, young snatch every damn day so it can't be too bad.

  24. @Comsofficer I just hate all the dumbasses we have to share it with. Do they still print those Aggie joke books?

  25. @argonaaut I dunno–if he flunked gym, maybe he was just a "yell leader," whatever the hell that is. Crap, I aced roller skating and archery.

  26. I'm a lifelong Texan. I went to Texas A&M. I hate Rick Perry. I hate Rick Perry for a lot of legitimate reasons (as do most other teachers in my state). The Yell Leader thing is just kind of nonsense fluff, though.

  27. Texas lead the nation with the highest number of minimum wage workers
    People are insane if they elect another right wing asshole from texas

  28. @Arperture2008 What do you mean "people like me should be hung for treason"? Because I endorse Bachmann and Perry? Who are people like me? Sounds racist and un-American to me!

  29. @justfactsallowed From 2007 to 2010 the number of min wage workers surged from 221,000 to 550,000, an increase of nearly 150 %.
    The median hourly wage for all texas workers was $11.20 in 2010,compared to the national median of $12.50.

  30. @HRRyan2 I'm an Electrical engineering student at Texas A&M University, we don't have gym, however it is required for all students to take two semesters of kinesiology, which is more of a combination of an advanced health class and physical education class. For example this semester im taking aerobic run. The whole purpose behind it, is that A&M wants their students to be well rounded individuals. In addition me and most aggies that i know think rick perry is an idiot.

  31. @ThomasJeffersonMan I was kind of aiming that at my country in general. I can see how you could think it was solely texas though.

  32. @ThomasJeffersonMan Alex Jones is like Ron Paul. Half the shit he says makes sense, and the other half is fucking retarded and scares the shit out of rational people.

  33. @AssRapingHorseCock Or rather, 100% of what he says is true, and only 50% of people are smart enough to understand his concepts and think outside to box to reach the same conclusion which the intelligent have reached upon carefully studying those viewpoints.

  34. Holy crap! Where do Repuglicans find these gaywads? Isn't there any left in the Gay Old Party who actually played a sport, instead of just waving pom poms at the players?

  35. It's not enough to say "Vote Ron Paul"





    WE NEED EVERY LAST VOTE ! Copy and paste this everywhere!

  36. Oh, come on! M-80 in the toilet has been a well-known prank, before Perry's buddy thought of it. My brother did the same thing, at about the same time as Perry– but my brother was a child of about 12, when he did it/
    it did not take intelligence, for sure- just doing what you've heard someone ELSE did.
    Perry is a ridiculous IDIOT. And, he's on something, for SURE, these days.

  37. @liveecarbme I know, I live in Austin, and I would LOVE to get rid of that sot, Perry. But, I don't want him gone badly enough to send him to WASHINGTON! (The state? Maybe, but not to D.C…)

  38. @zacharykelway And, he worked in "animal husbandry" before being selected governor, for the first time (by Dubya). That should have been reason enough to NOT allow him to remain there, but I guess Karl Rove likes running Texas?

  39. @dudesonman4200 I thought Obie kept his own grades under wraps? How can you compare his grades with anyone if you cannot see them?
    I'd LOVE to compare Obie to Ron Paul…, but, again…

  40. Yell leaders aren't cheerleaders. You have to be elected one by the student body. A&M, being a yell leader is a bigger thing than being a cheerleader at other schools.I'm not even sure they yell. What they do is "conduct" the student section during football games. They'll do a hand signal, then the students know what to say and they yell leader essentially conducts them. Look up videos of A&M home games, you'll see the crowd(at least the student section) is in sync. Yell Leader =/= Cheerleader.

  41. I can also let Perry slide a little on some aspects of his grades. Yell Leaders have to be at EVERY home and away game. Not much time for studying. This is from A&M's website:
    Student body elections to choose the Aggie Yell Leaders are held annually, and it is not uncommon for more than twice as many students to vote for yell leader candidates than vote in the Student Body President elections.

  42. Cont.

    The Yell Leaders attend all home and away football games, all home basketball games, all home volleyball games, all home soccer matches, and post-season football, basketball, and volleyball. They can always be found on the sidelines of the playing field in front of the student section.

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