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Rick Perry Loves Bank Of America, Hates Social Security

Rick Perry Loves Bank Of America, Hates Social Security

somebody from the bank of america comes up to rick perry and i’ll tell you
who is in the second after we watch the tape and says something very interesting was
seated in the period see for yourself what the that if you can hear it he said bank of america as his arm from bank of
america we will help you out it’s really interesting because he comes in and that he does
have a long conversation that there at uh… some sort of new hampshire
politics and eggs breakfast just firmly comes and says but america will help you out they don’t want him and we got your back
well but they certainly do at bank of america has already given uh… one hundred twenty five thousand
nine hundred dollars to rick perry’s pack uh… and at the fence you can see there they’re learning a lot more if they
can’t it’s a way that they go into all
republicans say you play ball and everything’s going to be alright by the
way they know the right guy to go to rick perry is slower right of mit romney
in supporting the banks he says they should be no regulation checking the banks at all now that sounds is saying he could not
possibly read that the said that right well here or in a book his book they came out nine months ago called that up he says i think they’ve got a world of
insane ideas they should be but no social security or medicare those are
unconstitutional are all of the e_p_a_’s actions including the clean air act is
unconstitutional uh… i’ve got more medical for you in a
second by and uh… on top of that all the banking regulations are
unconstitutional what the bank state any wrist a like let
him go crazy he can use a bridesmaid of americans up
tillman says uh… were on your side don’t worry we
got your back but that there was a boston now was libertarian uh… what
housekeeping sarcastic call i don’t think they’re hazard scs sc and stations all of them he would remove all federal funding from education that means pell grants you want to help in the to college you’ve heard that you’ve
gotten good grades you ready to go tube and then if you are already rich if you’re not going to have that help
from rick perry if you’re in east thinking ranch you
can’t really directorial nearly all the how do you need by the government of america was james
mahoney director of public policy for the bank and then bank of america once they got
caught came back and said what although no one oh no no we would
use we were saying we’re gonna give the money or anything like that we were just
saying that if he needed non-partisan policy help that we were here for effect up rhino so sprite so mel he said all these things in the book
andy seem extreme his estate by migratory stuff maybe not so much here is a spokesperson communications
director ray solvent for repair he says quote setup is not meant to reflect the
governor’s current views on how to fix the program problem known for his social security medicare here comes that not all black metal
backpedal then we send in their personal there a weekend of the campaign indeed
just found out the social security is massively popular we didn’t see that coming but i’ll come on this book it doesn’t
really count doesn’t well let’s go to more calls for mister sullivan he says the book is quote a lot of black not path forward hero written nine months ago ansacrox throughout this this is the
exact are possitive or bomb a stream of state we don’t look back we’ll look for military is i don’t look for it and we look back but that up because i’m a for others the
probe uma third quarter of a spokesperson the book does not quote in anyway as a toro was not written in in any way is a twenty twelve campion
blueprint or manifesto so please ignore what we’re saying in the book it’s was not written thirty forty years
ago has signed out and you just saw the
clamp worries cortisone block in fact he’s been calling the book and doing book signings in satara and
say hey you know what to do auto my positing of the book until last sunday and then come to find out but so she responded education funding spy thriller even republicans and they were not who somebody told that before at about
nine months it when i was trying to run for president yes you may not go ahead people actually
like these programs and they know what you’re crazy radical programs to cut all
of this they don’t want your anarchy

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Loves Bank Of America, Hates Social Security”

  1. We're all fucked if we allow these anti-intellectual lap-dogs to the rich to gain any more power. Fuck the rich, fuck the ignorant, fuck the racists, fuck the bigots, fuck religion, and fuck conservatives.

  2. @bluegsp You're the one thats stupid think the banks have any good intentions. The people who run them just want to line their pockets at the expense of everyone else.

  3. Something not in the constitution does not make it unconstitutional, something going AGAINST the constitution, THAT is unconstitutional.

  4. @TheNeoamor with "social-security" I ment mostly the concept not the program. That there should be a "negative-tax" for the case that you have neither income nor savings and a progressive tax if you do. (as is the case in Europe)

  5. Most politicians do this. Rick Perry isn't any different from the others. They're all whores that will do almost anything for campaign financing.

  6. We need to have 100% voter turn out. If 100% of America took the time to study the issues and candidates a little and vote, the Tea Party would be out the door in five minutes. They are a minority group that happens to be good at PR and filling the polls.

  7. Perry was missing in action during RIta , I was stuck on I 10 for 52 hours, Gubbament officials are self serving aholes and dont give a damn about us, check out Carlin videos, he calls it correctly,

  8. Perry was missing in action during RIta , I was stuck on I 10 for 52 hours, Gubbament officials are self serving aholes and dont give a damn about us, check out Carlin videos, he calls it correctly, I have paid into Social Security, you want to see another alamo resolve just try messing with Social Security dick weed!

  9. Hey Mr. Perry, do you want to see less lazy poor slobs, harder workers, and a very traditionalist state that is reluctant to accept foreign customs?
    Move to Japan.

  10. Kinda like Unions lamenting to Obama,
    "We are the goons from big Unions, and we will help you out, again and again, and again and again".
    "If it takes breakinjg peoples faces, you can count on us Mr. President".

  11. @Stevie68000 You again? Read Hosea 13:16 and tell me christians are any better. And before you call me a jew I was a christian turned athiest because I formed my own thoughts and opinions.

  12. @underbjorn oh I understand 100%. But it just sounds like every liberal (I hate the word) media only wants to show whe it has happened by the GOP. One of the worst deregulation came under Reagan with rucking IMO. That has led us to today.the more that gets deregulated the worse we become. We are closer to a 2nd world country than a 3rd

  13. I wrote TYT an email about their misuse of the word anarchy and now I think Cenk is just throwing it in there all the time to piss me off.

  14. dear america,

    please don't let this clown of a man anywhere near the white house


    the rest of the world

  15. @bluegsp Funny how you dont address actual arguments and just say "hurr liberals stupid". You must love propaganda spewed by the corporate media.

  16. I love how some stupid moron hillbilly hicks are so brainwashed by the (you wanna talk liberal elites let's talk about sellout "liberals" like gov perry) traitors in the right wing. That all they have to say is I don't think the government has a roll in and they clap like brainwashed fucking trained seals. So who DOES have a role in education you dumb fuck hicks. PRIVATE companies that will put their GOD DAMN BOTTOM LINE (profits for you morons) over your FUCKING KIDS!?

  17. I especially like when one of these guys says something too outrageous or unpopular and when they get confronted about it, they (well, actually it's usually their spokesperson) say "That statement wasn't meant to be taken literally;I was just trying to open a dialogue about the subject."

    The greatest, however, will always be John Kyl's "That was not intended to be a factual statement."

  18. Wow, another ridiculous candidate. Look at an old film of Ron Paul from years ago, same Ron Paul. Ron Paul doesn't flip flop just to please an audience.

  19. I hope this clon gets in so that Americans can tru;y see how dumb we all have been in letting idiots like perry come close to the oval office…Between Obama and all the GOP Candidate clowns I say america on course to being the laughing stock of the world..Ron Paul is the only decent one but he will not win it!

  20. TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007 , who else attended these meetings hmmmmm lets see Bill Clinton 1991, OBAMA june 5, 2008, Bernanke 2008, Robert Gates , so on and so on THE ONE WORLD ORGANization group, go ahead and google it yourself! OH and RON PAUL for 2012 he has not gone to the Bilderberg meetings

  21. @bluegsp Sure they provide a valuable service, but that doesnt mean they cant be misused. The banks want to take huge risks and possibly destroy the economy and regardless of the outcome the people at the top get off scott free and arent held accountable and this is done at the expense of the economy and the taxpayers, this happened before and they want to do it again! This is the point you're missing, you would rather just vilify Cenk without looking at the substance of the matter.

  22. Rick Perry, born again fiscal conservative.
    From 2001 to 2010, state debt alone grew, according to the Texas Bond Review Board, by 281 percent.
    Since 2003 Texas received more in Federal grants than it paid in tax in five out of seven years.
    RICK PERRY tried to force all young girls to get a controversial HPV vaccine, but was forced to back down after reported links between the drug manufacturer and himself were brought to light.
    What a fraud.

  23. yah funny how when RON PAUL started to get big numbers this idiot and that chick suddenly start saying they hate the fed(but still love the wars) yah no dont pick ron paul its not like hes been saying the same shit for years no everyone pic the guy who suddenly copies ronpaul yah are you all morons? vote ron paul stop pinking what the media tells you to you sheeple

  24. @MrHav1k don't take that for granted make sure to vote for whatever you consider to be the lesser evil I know I'm voting for Obama and hoping he wins the election

  25. Obama blocks investigations into Bank of America and Perry takes money from them. How much more evidence do you partisans need to see that both parties work for the banks?
    When you borrow money from a bank, you become an indentured servant to the bank.
    When "your" govt. borrows money from banks, "your" govt. becomes an indentured servant to the banks.
    End the "fed" reserve fraud factory, vote Ron Paul!

  26. If Obama was smart, he would run this ad continuously until election day. This clip shows who really runs America.

  27. You know, the whole "all this regulation's unconstitutional" bull-shit doesn't seem AS bad, when you take into consideration the power of social networking today. People are a lot more connected, and if anything, people are far more effective at rallying against corruption than the government is regulating against it (guess why…)
    All ya gotta do is point out facts of shit they do, start a boycott campaign, suggest better alternatives, tell people what to watch out for.

  28. you know the young turks are the people responsible for the genocide of the armenians why would the name the show that

  29. What people don't realize is that corporate donors hedge their bets by donating to more than one candidate and more than one party.

  30. If you're anti-banks, you're anti-everyone who uses banks, because if you want the government to nail banks, you're nailing everyone who uses banks. The liberal is too dumb to realize this. Banks and business suffer under the socialist policies of the Democrats and by extension the consumers who use them suffer too.

  31. @bigvirgotube 100% agreed! LOL. I've got some friends up in Canada who'll have me 😛 Also I hear they have bagged milk up there! I'm not sure why you'd bag milk, but it's awesome anyway.

  32. @DisturbedHavok you might be right but I think they are not really stupid, I think they pretend that to get votes, I think they are evil

  33. Each presidential candidate should run with a vice presidential candidate, and a named special prosecutor to expedite the impeachment process so that all may proceed from inauguration, and before these morons can do even more harm.

  34. All hell no. I don' think I want to see Rick Perry as President a.k.a. Bush Part 2. Even Karl Rove hate Perry & wants Romney to win the GOP nominee. Now that says a lot. Can you imagine, If Perry wins the GOP nominee & Rove secretly gives pointers to Obama re-election campaign just to destroy Perry's political career for good? Don't be surprise, you know the old saying 'politics make strange bed fellows'.

  35. I live in texas, Rick Perry is a cheer leading moron. He is a lousy governor, and should be impeached for his improper handling of Texas education, he is a wall street insider, and totally a hillbilly.

  36. Our kids today are stupid and yet dumb fucking liberals like Cenk defend the funding for our inefficient, ineffective school system? Why?

    Federal subsidizing, and testing mandates make our kids stupid.

  37. Apparently, taking the federal government out of schools (which by the way, does NOT cut state funding at all) is "radical" and "anarchy". This should illustrate how poorly informed Cenk is and how he's a delusional, collectivist, liberal. Unfortunately, he can't argue for his wealth distribution ideas that require taking money from unwilling participants to support his agenda. And if you don't support it, you go to fucking jail. So much for freedom. But liberals only care about free hand-outs.

  38. @itcanbecheezcaketime You can thank a Republican for a start. It was the Repugs that started that mess. Liberals, have a tendency to be better educated than those knuckle dragging tea party members.

  39. @lunargoddess2002

    Seriously, I hear a lot of stupid shit on YouTube, but that, by far, takes the cake. It's no surprise you're a female, though. You're an idiot. Plain and simple. Debating with you would be a waste of my time. Your comment shows your bias and your level of intelligence as well as the corporate media influence. It's sad.

  40. My friends and I were discussing about social security, and they agree that they should get rid of it. They argued that they weren't paying for their own social security but for the people that is already having the benefit. They want to save up the money themselves instead of having money removed from their checks and having the next generation who aren't born yet to pay for our social security. Also they said that they won't live for that long anyway.

  41. We must do everything in our power as progressives and liberals to keep this man as far away as possble from the White House in 2012! No President Obama isn't perfect but please remember the huge mess he inherited and how much more needs to be done. Please vote with your conscience not your ideologies this November and give him the benifit of the doubt. I've currently live in TX and have seen first hand what kind of society Rick Perry invisions for US, trust me it isn't pretty!!

  42. Basically, Rick Perry is calling for deregulation of banks, no more involvement in education, and the removal of Social Security and Medicare.

  43. @lunargoddess2002 There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. There are weaknesses on both sides concerning funding because of scarcity. You can't have an unlimited amount of anything. Choices have to be made, which is why we have parties battling it out.

  44. @itcanbecheezcaketime Wouldn't you take a free hand-out if it was offered to you?
    This isn't about always taking the hand-out. It's about getting at least one more major choice.
    Collectivism is superior to separatism is it not? I'd rather see us as being all Americans instead of different "groups".

  45. @ccricers

    No, I would not take a free hand-out if it was offered to me because I recognize where that hand-out comes from. I'm not naive enough to believe it is free. There is no such thing as free. Someone has to pay for it. I do not leach off my fellow citizens.

    It's ALWAYS been about what you can get for free; What you can get without having to work for it.

    And who the fuck is talking about separatism? Do you even know what that word means? And what context are you using it in and why?

  46. @jonnablu88 I live in Texas myself,and what I wonder about is Rick Perry a real christian ? because I have
    never heard him say anything about prayer before. have you or any one else ?

  47. everyone wants to go to private schools right? the banks are private companies right? why is it the government is the fix all for libs? the government would screw up a cheese sandwich

  48. GOD == Bible! Bible == Christian! Christian country == USA! USA == Bank of America!
    GOD== Bank Of America!!!!!

  49. What the hell planet is Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) from?! Can he be replaced by just anybody? He makes more Freudian slips than anybody in America! I'm glad my family cancelled our reunion in Houston (only because of the governor of the American state it's in–not because of the City of Houston, specifically).

  50. When the U.S. created Social Security in 1935, we were really only doing what other major industrialized countries had done decades before.  Britain started old age pensions in 1910.  Germany had it since the 1870s.
    Republicans and the wealthy have hated Social Security since Day One when FDR signed it into law.  Hated hated hated it!  And forget all the guff about "fiscal responsibility" and crocodile tears about budgets and deficits and all.  The truth is, they hate the VERY IDEA of Social Security!

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