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Rick Perry New Hampshire Video Fail

Rick Perry New Hampshire Video Fail

repairing is again in the news because of this he’s seen appears that he had in new
hampshire over the weekend that everybody’s talking about some
commentators arena saying that it was but how do you scream but for twenty
five minutes yeah janet reno has shifted the longest video it’s the strangest
beach and i determined the production means
for it howard dean gave that screen one here already lol are with pastor works for me it did not
bring down his campaign he was going to lose new hampshire john
kerry and he’d already lost iowa and he gave his where israel was in the end of
our jeanne there conditions which it was a wonderful moment in time i thought the
screen was worth a lot of liberals and president serrano’s perfectly fine and
it will buy the moment but i love your dad and you know me i
love our denied them these days the federal in the country but that moment was slightly weird it was a moment in time not twenty five
minutes of incredibly strange we should celebrate yesterday narratives
of famous people services we’re gonna actually give you a lot of
here right at nine o’clock so lasting and first of all governor
perry you can’t leave new hampshire without getting a couple of the fence essentials from new hampshire first thing is we call this in new hampshire we call it liquid gold you’ll put it on your pancakes in
waffles or whatever other southern city down in texas but this is pure maple syrup for the
student insert unless there’s something a little
controversial hires a car now we should have logic was yesterday
and the guy was seriously strained trade but definitely thinking you know it is
again in helena below here like you know in that kind of a yeah i mean it’s
keeler like usage held in a weird weird child related the kind that makes you
uncomfortable or he’s on something and it was too
strange nuances will also lead to lower level the right thing uh… before that went with the theses the reveal of that of the with the maple syrup underneath the
podium anything right no because i i i think it’s very clear
in the meantime isaac reichman he’s on the term limit of say well you guys got
a little bit scared there are less than seven women and that
is awful every of and uh… dot and they hold it up like that
you know that i am accom all come all now and i’m noah and then that’s their
so there’s something wrong with repairing mir and i think in terms of history computer
so you might be done after watching a video piano back but i think that it
really don’t it and we talked about this the military
into the race we said look the guy has got a real
solid chases the governor of texas who had a decent job creation in that state
he’s got a storyteller right a wrong talks about bells by the senior writer
all he’s got a story that further deliberations right and it’s a
legitimate governor of texas for ten years generate but there’s something
about the guy the if he goes under is gonna implode
he’s gonna self-employed ’cause there’s something wrong with nation and here is
that we said we don’t know what’s gonna happen when i wake up there’s something wrong with the guy
antes up he’s on balance

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry New Hampshire Video Fail”

  1. Maybe it's sleep deprivation, cause after I had my 2nd son I was gone for about a month man. Two small kids no sleep lol

  2. Rofl i hate the guy.. but i dont see anything over the norm really? some ppl are just overly goofy at home lol and he let some of that goofy out it looks like.

    maybe i have to watch the whole vid theres probably that for 25mins then it will be something i guess.

  3. This is possibly the weakest argument ever, you have to be a little more mature Cenk. Its sad i have to say this, but you have to convince me again that you are not bias.

  4. Anyone remembers the movie What's Eeating Gilbert Grape? Leonardo Dicaprio played a boy with retardation.. I swear, Perry acted just like the character with the hands and smile…

  5. Was there more to it? Yeah, sure he acted a little weird, but I wouldn't call him unbalanced because of that. When you're in the spotlight in front of a lot of people, it's easy for these kinds of things to happen, if you're unfocused, or have something unrelated on your mind. Or simply, put too much thought into what you're gonna do on stage. But… I don't know.

  6. WTF is up with a poll before the video.

    I like what TYT does but I agree that this is much to do about little. I also do not like Perry but this is not why. He's just acting over enthusiastically and that possibly part of his strategy for public appearances. It's similar to a fundamentalist or TV preacher.

  7. No media showed this except you guys. Everyone else are obsessed over Herman Cunt's 12 years old sexual harrassment.

    Thanks TYT.

  8. He looked either high or he was being really sarcastic about receiving the gift. I'd get high too in someone like Herman Cain might actually upset my run for presidency.

  9. I have to disagree with bcbowar50,

    He had a 0% chance of me voting for him, but if he smokes weed, he has a 3% chance of me voting for him now.

    Of course, that's IF, and only IF, Ron Paul DOESNT win the Nomination.

  10. @sinbysin666 Youre thinking of this in terms of an amateur being on stage. He has been Governor of Texas for TEN years. Im sure he doesnt get nervous in public settings anymore. Besides, if this was true, why was he completely normal during the debates? I think Cenk was right with his original speculation that he is high.

  11. @gsanchezojeda He's running for president. He's trying to put on a likeable face. Plus there are people who smile and gape when they get nervous, or when they're trying to fake emotion. You don't have to like him to point out the fact that this is not something new or weird.

    Is there really any reason to get insulting? Apparently you feel that there is. Please die in a coma.

  12. Its fun to watch these guys implode. Cain and Perry in the same week. This makes room for Ron Paul to go against Romney.

  13. Honestly, I'd argue that he could have simply had a -lot- of cough syrup. Maybe he had a cold and was all 'I'ma nip this in the bud' and now he's hallucinating on stage.

  14. Am i the only one who DIDN'T think what he did with the maple syrup was weird??? The clip yesterday they showed of him giving his speech OK that was weird but come he didn't do anything weird with the maple syrup he just held it up and smiled

  15. Dude, he's totally freaking high. The way he laughed and covered his mouth… I'm in severe doubt that he wasn't having a great, great time, if you catch my drift.

  16. My goodness, Cenk has become really Partisan!!! It is disgusting. What is wrong with what Perry did? Is that a story? End of this!

  17. Umm, non-issue? I live in the Adirondacks, where a ton of syrup is made, and everyone does that with syrup… That's how you see how thick it is…

  18. Just kind of seems to me that Perry was trying to have fun with the situation. He was laughing, joking, having a good time, but he probably doesn't know the correct way to do so. I think he might be a bit socially awkward or something, but I doubt he was high on anything. Still, I do hope this cuts him out of the running. I'd much rather see someone completely fucking nuts win the primaries (i.e. Bachmann) so that the Reps have no chance at winning the generals. This is still too much, though.

  19. He's not high, Cenk. He's gay. He's just slipped into his natural skin there, instead of wearing his death-penalizing, gun-loving, Texas cowboy persona. When you listen to the entire speech, he's not not slurring or stumbling or spacey. If you'd never seen him at the debates (where he plays tough guy, badly), you'd think he's just some gay comedian hired to warm up this audience.

  20. this was my hope all along for the republican candidates – that they would eventually weed themselves out of the race with their own stupidity.

  21. This is a win win americans see what a moron perry is andkick him off the campaine trail and TEXANS see his dumb ass and dont vote for him again. As a Texan I see this as a win win.

  22. u know when u "click in" for a moment and start think out of the box, about how u are, how u are seen by others? I think Perry did that while he was watching a jim carrey movie and are try to act like him there. 🙂 those republican candidates are fuckt up, i can not belevie that half of u.s keep on voting fore those…..

  23. I don't like Perry, but I don't understand this. It was goofy, weird, and I like to laugh at it, but a problem? Can someone explain to me why I should care about this? I don't understand why this should sink him. I understand why it might sink him, because we blow stupid things out of proportion, but what is the actual problem here?

  24. I think his behavior was appropriate for a public maple syrup presenting ceremony. How would YOU react when being presented, in grand ceremony, with a bottle of maple syrup? Of course he's gonna act a little sappy (lol)

  25. @AbonZel3
    Possible president of the county being high as fuck. High or drugged up people can do some wicked man shit "as a goof". Next thing you know, he wakes up with a head ache and there are troops rolling to Iran.

  26. @AbonZel3 i think it was because up until this point, perry has presented himself as an astute, composed, gentlemen-like candidate. it was very strange to see him act so unhinged in front of potential voters. i don't think there is an actual problem, it's not like he said anything bad or offended anybody so as to derail his campaign.

  27. @DillonDee1 And there are 100 other candidates running for President that you don't know about because you are a sheep who watches these networks. But one you might have heard of is amongst the best – Ron Paul.

  28. @AbonZel3 I completely agree with your sentiment. They are blowing this out of proportion and overanalyzing it. So he's being a bit goofy–big deal. People claim that they don't want "robotic" candidates, but when a candidate behaves somewhat spontaneously, they get mocked. Howard Dean's "Dean Scream" is another example. No one would've given a damn about it if the news media hadn't sensationalized it.

  29. More likely Xanax…I've seen people take that and act really goofy, especially the first time…maybe he got a prescription.

  30. @gotitans999 you Ron Paul bots don' t really have room to call others sheep now, considering how you all blindly and unquestioningly support every single thing he does or says. the fact that all of you love to call others "sheep" and regurgitate his rhetoric proves that you're all stuck in a hive mentality, just like the rest of us.

  31. @Cuddlebunzzzz You're right – obviously you know me, watch me 24/7 and know that I blindly accept his ideology without critically thinking about it. Obviously, I agree with him 100% and have zero discrepancies.

  32. @gotitans999 so you like to make assumptions about others but can't handle it when someone does the same to you eh?

  33. @zappp111 No way. He looks like hapiness is the least used ability in him. He seems almost out of controll of feelings in the moment like a girl or a demented person with no ability to control. Its ll weird though.

  34. Ok … by this video alone I can't see how this guy is "unbalanced". I haven't watched other videos of him yet. I've only viewed written material, news, etc. It's worth checking out a few other videos for, but on this along you're stringing him up for nothing. Be real.

  35. I am not a republican, will probably never vote for a republican, but don't see what Rick did wrong. I still don't understand what was the big deal with Dean's scream? Maybe because I am not an American and don't care how many wives/girlfriends/boyfriends a candidate has or if he finds a bottle of syrup amusing.

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