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Rick Perry on OWS: Money Is Overrated

Rick Perry on OWS: Money Is Overrated

with harry has been thinking about
occupy wall street if they think and darryl and this really refreshing
the amount of intellectual focus that is giving because deep his
deep you know we we have the article mood today are occupying wall street fit you know that there’s some people out there that are making too
much money and if somebody were asked me what’s the
best advice that i could give them season it would be that money spotted a much
highly overrated playing in the world uh… from the standpoint of a of really
being happy with your life did have some bailout and that at some instead have some all right you know he’s right actually
did grow up without much money but you know reminds me there was uh… you know a
french uh… writer about a hundred and twenty years ago or so who said that
some people’s concept of freedom is that the poor man has as much right to sleep
under bridges a rich man does to ride over to his carriage enough don’t worry
about money well yeah but i guess america’s looking
at these big banks the same yet unspecified lining for the government money so no i don’t
have any money and that that’s why we’re thinking about money if
we were starving run quarter struggling we wouldn’t be thinking about like
thinking about money like you know on one offense your car we
think about money like heating my kids education in in that kind of thinking about money
transportation corporate air housing the things that used to be the american
dream but now if you have just one of them you’re lucky but uh… the thing is i like how we said way from or we had is
unnecessary forty we have these kids these people who are occupied wall
street he says that like he just heard about it but i think that
he he he sat five of her this and then he goes into his if so what we want to ask me what my
advice would be well first of all no-one in the movement is asking ilm rick perry hate what’s your advice on on
what we should be doing dot bigger because mop-up expenses decedents money isn’t really a great to be honest i mean the act it’s kinda cool if you got some it’s not so great if you don’t have any but we really ought to transcend the
idea of money not only is this early age is eighteen then mimosa liberal guy running over the g_o_p_
pieces of what he’s doing undergo a barter system repair is sickening if
you’ve got a lot of it’s all the madhe when he’s really trying so he’s making a
wall street is a recognition he’s making a occupy wall street i sound like
they’re greedy issues and so you guys decide only think about money know if
you are blocking jamie diamond at jpmorgan chase and white black pride
you’re blocking their limousines because you care about is money you guys she would be so materialistic
you guys should think about login heart and follow sorry but i just get
hit my microphone in a hard time finding the passion instead hear all about that
benjamin this is the situation as it is going to go to the second half go high
and that passion your honor you know if it’s teaching uh… seventh-grade uh… children about science and delphi
made up by that place in the teaching or or where you
can be passionate uh… you know i’m i’m not saying that
uh… they state his can actually cares enough but what i am saying is that the vast majority of people don’t go do
but they do in life the thought of i’m gonna go back to the
money it’s about typically uh… if they do that they
don’t love a very fulfilling life for me was that if that’s what first of all the
same about being passionate code i would still be passionate while you’re
teaching them and what we promised we’re going to cover their intentions are not
going to there but yeah you know again he’s a he’s kind of dan the nervous and local beauty true when
we’re cutting defense spending and any others as we have a piece here
saying that there’s a think-tank now a conservative think tank i use the word
loosely uh… saying the teachers are overpaid
which is in the senate inherited her judgment had to take this it’ll be too
right now but he’s basing repair is basically saying what color shirt parachute hahahahahaha when you find out what it is by william
bliss and in this article it is the biggest hippie in american popular culture at the moment and
political culture but if we take this on the jury is basically saying like
teachers they make crappy money and they know it
and they do the job because they’d and they love kids and so he’s saying don’t go out and get
a job just for money and yet we do we know we under pay our teachers well the heritage foundation and the
american enterprise institute argue not only are cheap that teachers are are not underpaid but that when
factoring in things like job security and benefits they’re actually overpaid earning fifty-two percent more than fair
market levels these teenagers are the one percent according to people this is an
inherently foundation johanna and i’m gonna look at this time i have another
chance to look at it but that’s all you need to look after he says no i well i
want to know how they’d this is an absolute insanity they want
to say for example the teachers you know they work short days but here are all my
grading papers and and you know that if they are the craft fair market value for
somebody who teaches all day if you don’t teach well and that’s what
they’re trying to do well let me ask pretty low sitting on my fair market
value at risk if i was doing this it’s like zero buck if you take me out of my who’s
saying what if we took teachers out of their jobs and their professions what value are today well besides you know his thinking of
these kinds of prophecies whitley are a list of study on that them okay and and
i went to they could not build a bridge my graduate teacher would be terrible at
uh… massage i’d i mean wire we even focusing on
their fare for market value when we already know the thing they’re
good at the value is teaching well i’ll tell you we’re doing it
because we don’t want to pay teachers and so first we say they’re following a
passionate sex but they are happy i’m not continue to
follow your passion that i A if you’re so passionate about it just go
do it but don’t expect me to give you money for it

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry on OWS: Money Is Overrated”

  1. Perrick is out of touch with the American people.

    That's the thing with these Elephants. They don't know what's REALLY going on; and yet there are people out there who are uninformed enough to vote for them.

  2. @Shonenut213 Oh my god change, I must attack and demean it because I am scared of new things. That is what you sound like. If you don't like these guys don't watch them, plain and simple.

  3. @UberNoodleX

    Actually, the problem is simple: Governments are spending too much money. Governments are in bed with corporations and financial terrorists. And governments are destroying our Constitutional rights and writing laws frivolously.

    It's funny because liberals are usually right about government being too big. But they go wrong by advocating more regulation and more government spending. It's the goof of all time. Clearly, you're just ignorant because you want a welfare state.

  4. @itcanbecheezcaketime
    Liberals advocate the government protecting the people, not just through war but through regulations. This is not contradictory. And you are being ignorant for saying liberals want a "welfare state". I will laugh when you need some help and someone turns around and tells you they won't give you "welfare". You remind me of my friend who is all against government handouts but then went on to have to take food stamps because she lost her job.

  5. @yzman123

    Wrong. Identifying separate sects with similar qualities is pointless. The point of labels is to differentiate. So saying that liberals advocate gov protecting the people is ridiculous because every group does. Moving on… Liberals want bigger government. It is true that liberals advocate for more free hand-outs. And I don't know about your friend, but I would not accept a federal government hand-out. I'm moral and wouldn't enslave my people for my benefit.

  6. @bluefootedpig and how did the bailouts get authorized? How did that even come close to happening? And where is our money from said bailout? Can we get it back? Where is our say in the matter? I would argue that we are not protesting the bailouts themselves, but rather the method in which the bailouts were tossed up to congress and easily swept by beneath everyone's noses while you and me were on our way home from work eyeballing every gas station waiting to find one that wouldnt break our balls

  7. I HATE this asshole. Every word out of Perry's mouth makes me wish someone would body slam him onto a bed of nails.

  8. hahahahahahaha he really needed to put his foot in his mouth, go teach SCIENCE!!!!! omg im surprised he wasnt dubbed the liberal candiate for 2016 lol

  9. Money is overrated – when you make enough for it not to be a problem.

    May we all have enough that we don't need to worry so much about it.

  10. Rick Perry says people should become science teachers? The guy laid off teachers and thinks creationism should be taught in the classroom.

  11. @UberNoodleX

    A welfare state would exist when the vast majority of the federal budget goes toward socialized services. 53% of the federal budget goes to entitlement spending! That's what it is. Now you know.

    And your made-up scenario forcing me to choose which one I want is absurd. I would choose neither one. I have no problem with safety nets, as long as ALL participants enter voluntarily. You're advocating violence, coercion and force to get safety nets. Your collectivist ilk is disgusting.

  12. @itcanbecheezcaketime You forgot to mention that included in the 53% are social security and medicare which are paid for by the workers who collect those entitlements.

  13. @JDBlessin

    The word "entitlement" includes social security, medicaid, and medicare. So, no, I didn't forget anything.

    It doesn't matter if those who pay for it receive the benefit because most people under 40 won't receive those benefits when they retire. Secondly, it doesn't negate the fact that it's still a forced welfare program that you don't have the freedom to opt out. Third, they're already talking about cutting those benefits. The welfare state proves it doesn't work time after time.

  14. Rick Perry's secret, internalized ideals are overshadowed by the crap he pushes for his masters. I think that's why he's been cracking up so much. Come on, education for illegal immigrants, extending rights… I mean, it's that or he is nuts

  15. Rick Perry is a guy standing in the middle of an armed robbery telling people who are being robbed that it's not big deal, money is overrated anyway. Why does he do that? Because robbers pay HIM money.

  16. @ThePyrokin Look it up in the Texas legislature website, I'm not going to post it here and let him get trolled which would effectively make the email useless.

  17. well at least perry is right that money is overrated, the problem is, the system doesn't think money is overrated. the system requires you have money to pay for the basics in life, or be poor and not only live a third world existence and learn everything the hard way the system never provides an education for, but also have no respect from everyone else so invested in the system. perry is still insane and recognizing a truth doesn't make it into practicality.

  18. In NY I know of at least 5 major hospitals that closed down. Professors are blessed to make 10 yr because its harder for them to lose there job. But regular public school teachers are losing there job by the thousands. They cut education and medicine. The police are hiring by the thousands tho. I wonder why they need more cops =D

  19. @troyhung333 Exactly. I can't believe this asshole has the nerve to even mention education after gutting the education budget and telling us to deal with it.

  20. What a disingenuous douche bag.

    Perry endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich's legislation, Senate Bill 5, which obliterated collective bargaining rights for state workers. It's on the ballot by public referendum in a few short days.

  21. Perry is totally deflecting the issue. It is about social justice not people wanting money. It is about an elite using money as a weapon to suppress the rest of humanity.

  22. Perry says that teachers aren't being paid enough. So why doesn't he take some action to make sure Texas teachers get paid what they should be making? All talk, no walk.

  23. Money doesn't matter to Rick Perry and his cronies because they have LOTS of it. Money is only important when you don't have any and are trying to feed your kids.

  24. @umbrellaBuddha Well, that is what we call a Representative democracy. You vote people to make decisions on your behalf. Not much different than say, hiring a doctor to tell you why you are sick, or hiring a construction person to build your house. By voting for a politician, you are voting for someone who in theory knows more about the subject than you, and votes in your best interest, just as a doctor in theory gives you prescriptions that are in your best interest.

  25. When I reflect on the incredible wealth that I've accumulated over my life, I think that I'd trade it all for just a little bit more. – Mr. Burns

  26. @DkTankCudds that's a very stupid statement I'm a black man do you think that because of that robbers give me a free pass? no it's because I'm 6'3 and 225 and don't take shit from anyone.EVERYBODY has to be concern of thieves not worried if poor people was going to one day bust in your home and rob you blind they would have done it by now.

  27. @bluefootedpig yea and where are lobbists in your theory? See you not being realistic.Lobbists legally bribe policians in both parties to pass laws that are only in the interests of the 1 percent.You left that detail out.

  28. @mdsaxc02 ah, but I didn't leave them out, as there are people who promote their drug for your doctor to prescribe. They give them free samples, send them on vacations, then you go and visit your doctor and get prescribed their drug. Or if you hire someone to build a house, they can easily be influenced by the price of various commodities and might use a cheaper wood to save money on their end.

    Point being, the idea of competing interest is always there, government or everday life.

    I know you guys love money, I know you love it love it love it, and you're very aware you're making it, but we're not protesting that.

  30. @bluefootedpig yes lobbists will be a force in government that's why liberals want to have strict lobbying and contribution laws to keep them in cheek and unions included i'm and a dem who doesn't only see hypocritcy on the right it exists on the left but at lest i humble enough to admit it.

  31. @mdsaxc02 I see it on both sides as well. So while you support more control, and thus more government, which is the same government that you wish to control more (you see the feedback loop?), my position is remove the power of government to give out bailouts. A bailout shouldn't have even been in the power of congress. What lobby money would you spend if congress could do very little except for protecting from foreign and domestic invasion?

  32. @bluefootedpig I don't believe in big government just an effective one.You believe that just because i'm a liberal you assume wrongly that support a big government I believe that the people must be protected from the greed of rich people whose interest go against the public interests.Greed is a byproduct of captialism.Bailouts most of the bailout when to wall street the people who caused the meltdown in the first place.Most lobbists are on YOUR SIDE.

  33. @mdsaxc02 Let's be real what nation is even close to invading us? we have 30,000 troops in germany what we scared hilter will come from the grave and get us? no the military industral complex want us spend trillions on unneeded wars while our people suffer and go hungry. The iraq war was totally unjustified.Killing innocent muslims puts us in MORE danger not less.When we were attacked we got revenge on those attacked us right?Muslims think and react the same way.

  34. @mdsaxc02 lobbyists are far from my side, as the lobby to get regulations and subsidies for their companies, while my view would remove them.

    The issue with my view vs yours is that while you want to protect people, what you just create is a structure by which the wealthy take control over and use that power. Its like producing a gun. You can sell it to a good person, and that gun does good. But when that person dies, and the gun is sold to a bad person, the gun does evil. Same with government

  35. @bluefootedpig since you are conservative most lobbists are conservative that what I mean by your side but anyway if liberals had it our way the rich would have just as much of power as the common man therefore how can he take over? remember we stand for everything rich people hate like equality so i don't see your point.

  36. @bluefootedpig Using your gun theory i believe that gun sells should be regulated so they don't end up in the hands of criminals or cartel members while allowing you to keep your 2nd amendment alive. A balance of liberal and conservatism with a touch of common sense is the way to go.

  37. @mdsaxc02 Well, I am libertarian, no conservative. And it isn't difficult, you see here is the cycle, and maybe that is what many liberals don't realize is this cycle. The first generation will create an organization, and it will work well. The next generation will maintain it, but won't make any big strides, and the 3rd generation will abuse the power. This is the cycle of any concentration of power, from business owners to gov. So setting it up will be fine, for about 12-20 years.

  38. @mdsaxc02 so what is the point of my gun to protect my life and liberty if I cannot buy bullets? In this time when police brutality is at an all time high, and we have videos weekly of police beating humans. What would you do to protect against it? the point of the second amendment is to make government fear the people. If the police / army tried to force the american people, we are armed to defend our rights.

  39. @bluefootedpig what organization are talking about? Dude the police been that way since FOREVER!!! Where you been? see black people BEEN DEALING WITH IT FOR DECADES!! NOW YOU CARE!!!! America is a superpower do you think you can topple the goverment with a M16? Dude few right wing miltias can't stop an army
    you have outlast it. In the revolution england won most of the battles but we outlasted them to the point that fighting us was just too expensive so they cut their losses.

  40. @mdsaxc02 Well, I have always cared about the abuse of police, so nuff said there. As far as outlasting? tell that to the jews in germany, which many of them figured they would just wait it out. They are a perfect example of an unarmed populace, that attempted peaceful resistance while they got massacred. Or any genocide for that matter. You are saying that if the people being wiped out didn't have guns, they would one day have won?

  41. @bluefootedpig I guess that where libertarians from dem we be in non-volence that civil rights in the 60's, white racist own the state and local government and the the poilice they hanged people for for litle cause so if the protestor had faught back they would have been crushed and public opinion would have turn against them.You believe in the abuse of the show of force that every soultion must must solved by force if you can't get your way.

  42. @mdsaxc02 They did fight back some, called the black panthers. There was both peaceful and non-peaceful protests. If peaceful protest works, then why did NATO back the revolutionaries? Why did the revolutionaries in the middle east all use violence and not just peacefully protest for the president to step down?

    Peaceful protesting works well in certain cases, but not all. Peaceful requires that the current government to be a democracy. If it isn't, then peaceful protesting won't work.

  43. @bluefootedpig Guess you never heard of occupy wall street movement.THAT MOVEMENT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!! The black panthers was forced into gun battles because the government wasn't going tolerate black people armed in the street.Many of the leaders were falsely imprisioned.Gandhi,ceaser chavez,nelson mandela all happen within 40 years and suceeded with non volience.BELIEVE IT!!! you believe in volence they you wonder why we are in two wars, then bitch when obama make us pay for it.

  44. @mdsaxc02 Did i say I like wars? I am completely against them. I dunno what you think I am, but so far everything you have claimed I believe has been wrong. Are you sure you are typing to the correct person? All the people you just mentioned were part of non-dictator countries, thus proving my point even more. That peaceful resistance only works in a democracy.

  45. @bluefootedpig Hey didn't you assume i don't pay my taxes in your last comment?Don't WE live in a democracy? so we can use non volence instead of taking on the governmen through show of force. guess that went over your head.Conservatives believe in the using of force to get their way.Look at the extreme abortion movement they killed, maimed and terrorized any one who stand in their way. I not blaming you diectly but YOUR side supports and condones their actions.No one on fox does.

  46. @mdsaxc02 again saying "your side" but I am not on that side. Libertarian, vastly different than conservative. I also went over my last 5 posts, and I didn't see me mention you not paying your taxes. I assume you do. As for abortion, that is a much more debated subject. Depends on how you see life starting. If you see it at conception, then it is in our nature to protect life. Protected under the constitution.

    BTW, we live in a republic, not a democracy.

  47. Who needs food and shelter to be happy in life? I'm just fine with starvation, nakedness and celibacy in the wild. Rick Perry must fancy the naked fetal position in random wilderness locals as well. I never knew Rick Perry was wordly enough to understand the joy of social isolation and death.

  48. Rick Perry is such an idiot. He is deliberately aloof and ignorant in his comments, like George W. Bush, because to really get into debating facts is so outrageous that he and the Republicans would be booed off the set. That is the problem we face is that in the media reality cannot be discussed because that alone is enough to stimulate democracy … which the corporations do not want to see, so you get jokes … same as Marie Antionette, let them eat cake … another joke.

  49. @thesolutionandpuzzle
    I fail to see what's so idiotic about getting rid of debt and raising the standard of social living for everyone.
    Do explain.

  50. Yean, OK there, Rick.
    The 99%ers problem w/the Bernie Madoffs of the world…
    is ONLY that they "made" TOO MUCH money! Xb Right.
    And rapid, en-masse executions of Texas death-row inmates…
    is just his way of trying to give them free rides to Heaven or Hell!

  51. Good work guys. I like reading comments on good vids like this. People who dont support what your saying are basically admitting their own stupidity.

  52. Dementia Star ,OOOOLd Rick Perry,will accept Campaign Donors/Lobbyists' whores, corrupting Campaigns & Washington millions.
    (America: Proof Obama, whom many GOP members sent into Office with dirty money.)
    Donald Trump, in American tradition worked hard many
    years,willing to spend $1billion own money on making AMERICA great again.His American platform.
    His opponenets:America make ME great.

  53. Because only demented OOOOLd Rick Perry must be able to collect,from allowing America's borders open,avalanche of millions of illegal criminal alien INVADERS ,NOT immigrants,stealing jobs,America's Economy,which is O.K. for dementia Star, Rick perry, as long as they contribute

    (Drugdealers in his area in OVERDRIVE.

     GOP members previously with dirty money,collaborated in forcing Liar Muslim ally, OBAMA with

    proven incompetence, but globally known and 
    proven, criminal  dishonesty!

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