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Rick Perry Retreats From Immigrant Tuition

Rick Perry Retreats From Immigrant Tuition

that repair is made some mistakes asso
far partly because he was stammer ring and they’re getting into a reassertion
debates but the much larger problem was that invades at times you made the
mistake of show some compassion which is about the worst thing you do a
republican debate they’re this way and he is literally being vilified for the
two moments and then when i think reasonable americans really well in rome
rumor yet but i think everything seems harsh
everything else but there was some you know so one of those on immigration when
he said look you know if these guys if the kids who
had nothing new evidence in the come here have earned their way into the
school and we just thought i was told by doing well in high school running a high
school doing well and enabling the murder or a lot of this error and then
that we’re gonna he helped them get an education b_-two
be productive members of society solo heartless we’re not because they might not given
any extra benefit there has been in the exact same benefit
that everybody else in texas gets so if you don’t do that he said it’s a little
hard to absorb of course were probably jumped already telecom where you so what
happens he’s got a backup so here is some good news max of the
phone dude with a funny mustache and listening and of alexis effects though
those lights is funny thats you say this about those who oppose
giving in-state tuition to the children of
illegal aliens i don’t think you have a heart explain
why you believed so strongly must but probably shows that poor or too explain that for people who don’t want
their state to be giving uh… tuition to illegal uh… aliens the illegal
immigrants in this country that’s their call and i respect that and i was uh…
you know i i was probably a bit uh… over passionate by using that word in it
was inappropriate yes good thinking because what he’s
doing now isn’t a need metromedia act laugh sort of running from queen or robert
ending your somebody else uh… and none of these guys just think it may look a
bit who you are you might not win is hard to win but can be who you are so a couple of
things that opportunity to lead and he won’t do now because steve their the primary
voters are vicious another way of thinking i i’m you’re right of course
i’ll i don’t believe that if you handle it answered differently yet you say no mailing your leader with
israel’s invasion these people in the state a long time and in the same better
that i understand is roomy perspective it is really a i think by the end of the report my name
is nowhere near as bad a decision is your moustache so right then we move up to the use of uses
this to the people who disagree with you lou himself up but i don’t know if they
were brought in projects in the presidency the but i
thought that would cover their lives and that is it’s not the nineteen seventies anymore
he doesn’t get it

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Retreats From Immigrant Tuition”

  1. the minute these republicans actual make a reasonable statement. The bad shit insane republicans smack them over the head. Then like a bunch of baby ducks, they line up to say how wrong they were.

  2. Wait there are illiegal aliens in America now? Where does this universe come to?
    If we let more aliens from Mars come to our planet soon there will be nothing left.

  3. I love seeing crakers who complain about Mexicans taking they're jobs but never dare taking a job in the fields. All they want to do is keep us suppressed in a poverty state with no room for economial progress and higher learning… Viva la raza!!!

  4. I was listening to an interview with Anthony Bordain (he's a famous chef & world traveler) and he was talking about how in more than 20 years of owning various restaurants every time a white kid came in for an interview he/she just assumed he was getting interviewed for a higher ranking position and when he/she found out the advertised position was for a dishwasher or junior prep cook they'd turn their noses up and act as if they were somehow more deserving or the job was beneath them

  5. @Hughganaught

    To bad that the only "real full blooded americans" are the Native Americans (Indians) and everyone else is a mutt of mixed blood.

    I'll bet that in your own family tree ther is someone who would hate you for some reason.

  6. @Hughganaught Even if they were overall generally violent, which they are not (the criminality comes from the socio-economic issues) that doesn't mean the kids are the ones to blame. They were brought to the country by their parents and had no choice in that. And they still accomplised something and did better in school than most dumbass americans, and those are the ones that should be helped because they are a positive contribute to society. You're a racist piece of shit. You're the criminal.

  7. "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  8. I don't think he is running away from who he is. He's just putting it easy on the public and republicans by saying he misused a word, which I doubt. I believe he is standing by what he previously said

  9. You think "reasonable Americans" should give breaks to those that have continued to be in this country ILLEGALLY??!! Well sorry guys, but your "reasonable Americans" are in the MINORITY!!! Due to the FACT that over 70% of Americans want ENFORCEMENT FIRST and no breaks to ILLEGALS at all!!!!! Those in-state tuition breaks should go to AMERICANS FIRST and NOT those that have chosen to remain in this country ILLEGALLY!!!!

    Nice try though!! LOL

  10. @noprofitmaximierung It was never built on openness, but immigration yes. America has always had a history of going against all people coming in from different lands.

  11. @noprofitmaximierung Yeah, but that was when the immigrants were white. If they are latino, middle eastern, that shit dont count any more.

  12. @GFMarshallx1 Thats interesting you do know TX is the only state to actually study the impact if they evicted every illegal? The state would loose 17 billion/year so spare me the whining, it's a joke you blame it on immigrants, we are in this position because of wallstreet

  13. What Perry is really trying to do is back away from his "heartless" comment, because he knows that did incredible damage among the GOP base. GOP hate nothing more than to have their heartlessness pointed out, especially by one of their own. It feeds into all of the criticism of the left & the MSM, reinforcing that the GOP only cares about their own well being.

  14. I actually do not think that people who are not citizens should get better treatment than citizens. It kind of reminds me of the scottish uni's being free to EU citizens excluding English, Welsh and Irish.

  15. @Hughganaught Once again, they are not all the same!! Get that into your tiny brain! I don't know you but i BET MY LEFT NUT that you're not a native american. And because you're not a native american, one of your ancestors went to america and was an illegal immigrant, according to your racist view, therefore you're a fucking immigrant discrimination on other immigrants that happened to go to america a few generations later. If you can't understand this, I have nothing else to say to you.

  16. @LtShock let's be frank here, morally i dont disagree with you but history and migration by force of arms, is done by force of arms. It's called invasion and conquest. I'd like to think such a thing is dead and buried, but i'm sure it will come about again. And it still exists in more subtle forms – rather than a total takeover, a domination.

  17. @cmethuggin But they are not citizens, its obscene for them to get better treatment than citizens. If they dont like it they can leave the country.

  18. I totally agree with Rick Perry! It's a states rights issue! U fake Conservatives that claim u love states rights and then criticize Perry for running TX the way Texans want him to run it r HYPOCRITS!

    If Massachusetts wants a govt run healthcare program then there is NOTHING wrong with that! Its a states rights issue so Mass can do what it wants!

    If NY wants to legalize gay marriage, there is nothing wrong with that! Its a states rights issue!

    U fake ass Conservatives can shut up!

  19. I'm a legal resident trhough my visa, therefore I'm not a US citizen. I graduated from High School a couple months back with a fairly good gpa of 3.8. But since I'm not a citizen, nor a permanent resident, I can't qualify for in-state-tuition, fafsa, financial aid, scholarships (with an exception of private scholarships, etc). I always thought things would fall on it's place around this time of my life, but I guess not. I could only imagine the hardship for "illegal" immigrants.

  20. @cmethuggin Yes then they are getting better treatment than out of state citizens, its obscene they are not their legally, they should be thankful they are allowed to stay, and they got an education in the first place.

  21. He was doing well until he back tracted. He really should have said "Anyone born in this counrty, regardless of what nationality their parents are, is American. And as such, they deserve the same rights and priveleges as those who have parents from America."

  22. He was doing well until he back tracted. He really should have said "Anyone born in this counrty, regardless of what nationality their parents are, is American. And as such, they deserve the same rights and priveleges as those who have parents from America."

  23. people should stop being ignorant. obviously everyone in america are immigrants but back ther wasnt so many laws against immigration and people were forced to come here. Back then it was justified. now there are actually laws therfore illegal immigrants sholud respect it.

  24. @BVargas78 I understand what you're trying to say, but I doubt that immigrants atm are trying some sort of domination. What they want is a better life in the land supposedly of the free with oportunities for all. Plus, the guy I was replying to seems to forget immigrants don't mean mexicans. He's implying all immigrants are mexicans and all mexicans are criminals, parents and children, all the same criminals trying to take over america. I'm sorry but that's being disingenuous.

  25. In response to some of those below (& the future ones): Yes, I agree with you. If you're an "illegal", get out, leave. If you're not Native-American (like me), please take your "illegal" ass back to Europe. I don't care if your White ancestors have been here "illegally" for 100 years or 400 years…get out.

    All other cool White people who are not Right-Wing/ Conservative, you are welcome to stay forever. =D

  26. Even if you support the immigration laws, this idea that the children of 'illegals' are illegals themselves is unsupportable.
    That would mean that the children of rapists were rapists, the children of murderers were murderers, the children of thieves were thieves, etc., etc.; that is to say that the children of any criminal is a criminal themselves.
    It is nonsense.

  27. I wouldn't say he's retreating so much as falling all over himself to try and get over with the most ignorant xenophobic elements of the tea party.

    It's actually kind of funny to watch someone as stupid as Rick Perry self destruct in slow motion.

  28. I have mixed feelings on this. 1: I like the idea of lower-privileged people getting support for their education. 2: on the other hand, I'm middle class and I can't afford to pay my tuition.

  29. @oanunkor Alien just means foreign. Aliens from Mexico are immigrants. Aliens from space are extraterrestrials. Big difference.

  30. He didn't really retreat on his position, at least not on this clip. He did back down on the "heartless" comment, but I suppose he realized that he needs the votes of the Tea Party so he can't really go around calling them heartless.

    I hope he's not retreating on the tuition issue though, since that was very decent of him.

  31. Cenk, remember when you asked from the last video "Is Rick Perry Stupid?"
    I'm sticking by my question which leads to your answer. "Is the sky blue?"

  32. its simple. deport the parents and put the child in foster care or deport them both. As long as the illegal get deported thats good enough for me

  33. @Hughganaught Hahaha, so it's okay to literally invade america and kill every indian in the way because it suits your racist purposes, but it's not okay to immigrate to try and get a better life for their children because you just don't like mexicans? You're a fucking ignorant piece of shit and you don't deserve the air you breathe. I bet you're okay with Canadian immigrants, or any other immigrant. Just not mexicans. Fucking despicable, you stupid redneck.

  34. @oanunkor …interesting take on it. However, alien has been used to describe "others" and "not us" tracing its roots back to Latin. It's the ET/UFO community that popularized alien in association with non-earth beings. You can't make up your own reason for why we use words and posit it as true. Additionally, I'm tired of people, especially self-hating whites, so quick to jump on the hate-whitey band wagon, it's ignorance of reality.

  35. What the fuck is an illegal alien. last time i checked everybody was a human being same species.i fucking hate the republicans and their backwards ideology.

  36. That's what I'm looking for in a president. Someone who really believes in something until he thinks he can't get elected until he doesn't really believe. Just what else will he totally believe in until his handlers tell him not too? He has a backbone made of Jello. We have that in The White House now.

  37. @oanunkor Privilege does have a role to play in society but has nothing to do with why we've used 'alien' to describe foreigners since before the english language existed. You don't have teach me, but it would be nice if you thought about what you were talking about before you make broad and erroneous generalizations about a group of people based off the use of a word.

  38. @pierceys234 The difference, which people seem to forget, is that ALL land owned by a country was conquered by war. This country was no different. This is OUR country because we conquered it. It's not our fault you feel guilty for something you had no part in. If you feel that way maybe you should set the example by being the first to leave.

  39. @oanunkor 1-If the whites in power were so heartless, no civil rights would have been granted over the years. The larger a group is the slower it is to change. Progress still needs to move forward, but do you expect everyone to conform to YOUR opinion overnight? 2- SB1070 is a poor attempt to protect our borders, but my question to you would be: what do you think we should do about border security and illegal immigrants?

  40. @oanunkor Negative, slavery used to be the norm, sanctioned by "God", not an extreme exception. Who ended slavery? Women suffrage, equal opportunity, etc., all voted on by people making forward progress. We say who can be in the US because we own this country. We own this country because we conquered it, same as every other country has done since the dawn of civilization.

  41. @oanunkor Wow. I'm really amazed. You just don't get it. Morals and ethics started in place "a" and over time we've moved forward to place "b". Things we find deplorable NOW were the norm and acceptable THEN. Not everyone is the past was evil but it took time to change minds. I don't give a shit about your thank-you's but you need to take your blinders off.

  42. @oanunkor And btw, name me a country that wasn't conquered? What so special about this one that we should loose sovereignty? Telling me that bad things happened in the process doesn't make me feel bad…I didn't do any of those things, and neither did you. And what exactly are you accusing me of blaming Mexicans for?

  43. Compassion? Is that what screwing Americans is called now a days? So, let me get this strait subsidizing ILLEGAL immigrants to go to college while screwing AMERICANS in the 49 other states who may want to go to college at a TX university is compassion? To a liberal a synomym for the word compassion is freebie! Liberals spend every waking hour trying to get freebies at the expense of screwing others! Feel proud you morons?!

  44. He is consistent because although i find it abhorrent that Perry would be for subsidizing the education of illegal immigrants to the detriment of citizens and legal permanent residents, the real issue is a tenet of what he refers to as state's rights.

    Texas chose to nurture the illegal contingent because they didn't have the funding to deport everyone ( funding withheld by the Fed ). An " educated " youth contingent was more beneficial than an out of work layabout one

  45. Now i'm going to backpedal, the guy is at first glance extremely flawed and he appears to be bereft of any and all intellectual consistency but to me he makes more sense than Romney, or Obama.

    He rode in on a wave of OB contrast and now he's languishing in defending his policies mode.

    Make your case, don't apologize and let's see what you got.

    It's either that or Christie Kreme may get a sugar rush and run

  46. @oanunkor It's being used the way it was made to be used your the one trying to turn it into something else. Anyone who is considered a foreign=alien. SB1070 did nothing wrong and essentially allows police to ask for the equivalent of a license.

  47. That guy should be jailed for that mustache what a disgraceful interview. If I didn't know any better i'd say Perry staged this interview

  48. @oanunkor Actually the bill doesn't allow them to pull them over for just being mexican it just asks them to check for id/papers for anyone they happen to run into.

  49. @EPGAH You missed the point of the discussion I was having. It was about the students getting help in school because they did really well. It's not the kids' fault that the parents decided to cross the border. I don't support illegal immigration, but I understand their reasons. Still, saying ALL immigrants are criminals is being ignorant/disingenuous.

  50. @oanunkor "Senate Bill 1070: A law enforcement official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may not consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution."

  51. Texas population grows much MUCH faster than in any northern liberal state, including New York, as a consequence of the open borders policy (also endorsed by Perry) at both the federal and state level. Including publicly funded programs for illegal aliens. The growth rate of the population in US southern border states is not similar to any developed nation in the world. It means higher poverty rates, more uninsured people… which is not the case in northern red states.

  52. @aSingleDallasGuy I thought that liberals wanted America to be like Europe. Do they know that amnesties for illegal aliens are forbidden in most european states?? I think they would dislike more european aspects, like having a 20-25% national sales tax and much higher indirect taxes. In fact, the shared payed by the richest 10% is considerably lower in Europe than in America (according to the OECD). Yes, the US tax code is the most progressive among OECD nations

  53. @xaviqaz … Liberals want America to be anything but America! Mostpeople who even admit to being a liberal are in reality socialists. They think they are owed by those who have educated themselves, work hard and took risks. To a liberal that is shameful! Liberals think the govt should rob people and hand them things while they wait for the mailman to hand them a govt check stolen from the sweat of people who actually work. You idiots feel so entitled and are nothing but a drain on society!

  54. So why should illegals have preferable treatment over US citizens who want to go to college? How do you think a lot of students in America, who are US citizens, feel that an illegal receives more financial aid than them? It's all screwed up. I mean illegals aren't barred from college, it's just that government should give money to US citizens and not illegals!

  55. Aren't republican suppose to be Christian and christian are suppose to love a person no matter what they are or who they are. Well look at this christian comment down below. There are true christian! Psh! My ass!

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