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Rick Perry Ripped By Fox News Hosts

Rick Perry Ripped By Fox News Hosts

nobody has been covering rick perry then
from uh… right the far-right and not so much his position on immigration
which some about pundits on the right kind of like bill kristol we’ll hear
from you know bill bill kristol talked about the he’s gotten to carries the position
immigration eases completely defensible which is the repair won’t defend it affectively he said the repairs
performance in the debate over so that was a complete disaster at four oh dear
i can remember these are the the t_v_a_ belittling about him in the land of what
year did here at c_n_n_ whatever been such a review in these of hewlett seduce
this time to running the they were the ones who are in a
civil we need to illegitimate for right candidate and rick perry has the
telegenic send the experience in the intelligence in all of that to do that and that they were there
they’re now saying that they were just plain wrong a lonely occasionally
coherent recarey was referred to by critics on the right a complete failure william crystal in
that piece i was talking about of the weekly standard said that uh… no
frontrunner president ruth g field has ever we imagine has weakened showing as
rick barry it was a potent close to a disqualifying to our format was
repairing uh… i got a peter weiner whose work for the last three republican
administrations uh… he said i hope uh… governor rick
perry enjoys his six-week run as the frontrunner in the g_o_p_ lt g_o_p_
field because now it’s over uh… the gone red state made organized
the event uh… said repair was a train wreck in
the debate flood his response on the romney
flip-flopping which we brought you and regulations if and it was after yeah he got his first question i’d
stumbled good grief from brass kaminski at the american
spectator validated criticism the perry not the sharpest knife in the drawer are
joe scarborough on msnbc repair looked as uncomfortable as it should be opening
a sick well you know if you’re looking for that
tie-breaker so one of a for a democrat a republican and you don’t feel like the
republicans feature languages because they say things like good grief brave and courageous was a
disaster yeah uh… then uh… and megan kelly talking the
pundits afterwards he said many of them are reporting to us that was answer the
answer on the romney afloat lobbying which have clearly him on as a missed opportunity governor perry
and overall representation of uh… how they wanted to do better but we’re
disappointed so that on fox news sunday intact until
crystal he got uh… one wins uh… you have the uh… host brett hume
we have a b stoddard from the hill uh… all junket conservatives from fleck including quietly into that’s com
and their they were all they all have a serrated repair intentionally starting
with uh… brett hume who uh… couldn’t again they all they say not
just about performance but essentially the census is over correct they really did throw up selfish senator mccain need to raise his game he naheen he did worse it seems to me that he than
in previous debates perry is about you know what i have a step away from almost
full classes can handful of calls from the moment i see the punditry
post-debate when i when i hear these people talking about it i mean uh… and repairing does story and bobby a lot
of the politics that these people like uh… and support and they don’t they were i think shocked
by what he offered in a public forum but into the same people or a lot of the
same people were saying a lot of the same things during george h w bushes debates with al
gore and uh… i was our george w_ bush is a
debate with al gore i’ll pay you know i find it always so
curious at i thought george bush was a horrible debater the days after some of those debates
uh… both when he was eight-b_ in our primary candidates and when he was that
the nominee uh… were were aghast by his
performance is of course he went on to become president um… and so i i don’t really know what this
means rick perry i he he has a shorter life span because of this he has to
correct things very quickly because the primary season is is dwindling uh…
blended pre-primary season but what it also means is it feeds the
dissatisfaction the republicans have with their field of candidates also lowers the bar then for rector
parish performance and bake nothing can go wrong when you said tomorrow on the
texas governor evan bayh exact works out well for the country right out bill
kristol on that same program said that seventy percent of republicans now
referring to parish performance uh… which we read you what he thought
of that that it was just incredibly damaging tillman incredibly disappointed
now the results of the straw poll seventy percent of the republicans
having seen with their own eyes romney in perry up on the stage thursday night
and then speaking to the crowd on friday mixing and mingling seventy percent voted against those two
front runners a vote of no confidence in perry i think because it was really poor
debate of course but also mit romney spent a lot of time for over the last
five years these are very weak front-runners and amy stoddard
everything about my will remember these are fewer than two thousand people it
sounded like voting three thousand about twenty eight or
nine a through three dozen delighted and very rabbit active finals for sure
version and they’re saying they sent a message that the country’s here now
we’re sitting here talking about people do you know it it made it made news and
that that should mean saying that we were not happy that we have

100 thoughts on “Rick Perry Ripped By Fox News Hosts”

  1. Everyone thought that George W Bush was stupid because he had a C+ grade average at Yale but Rick Perry is truly an idiot.

    What else can you call someone who barely graduated from university with a 1.5 (D/D-/F) GPA?

    If Rick Perry became president it would definitely be a victory for stupid people religious nuts and D students everywhere because it would prove that mediocrity is valued more than being the best and brightest and that they actually have a future beyond McDonald's.

    How sad.

  2. I'm sorry, did you say Peter Wiener? Please, tell me there is not a man out there whose name means Penis Penis. Please tell me I misheard.

  3. @ConstantlyRushing I once knew a guy named Richard Johnson. Guy never got a break in school. Can't help but to feel sorry for the unfortunately named.

  4. @TheArcaneSanctum you are doing an appeal to Authority. Cause RP doesn't know healthcare if RP wants to remove licensing any medical practice and institute Alternative medicine like Homoeopathy as a viable alternative treatment

  5. Fox news audience is like oprah audience.
    This minutes I am told to clap.
    4 minutes in I am told to to laugh.
    5 more minutes I am told to cry.
    6 more minutes in I am to act shock.
    And I have no fucking idea what is the show about.

    And at the end I got the new signed book from Dr Phil, OH MY GOD!

  6. I'm starting to think the GOP front-runners are a massive joke. C'mon Republicans, is this really the best you can do? If Trump were still in and Sarah Palin were in the race, I'd know it was a joke!

  7. He's an open borders advocate whos oil interests put him firmly in bed with the muslims,,I figured the Young Turks would love him.

  8. Palin…. Bachmann…. Perry…. each of these were supposed to be the second coming of Reagan until they opened their mouths and their cheerleaders turned on them. No wonder nobody else wants to run, if they have half a brain they can't pass the tea/GOP purity test.

  9. why zero views?
    Anyway, this is tough love for Perry from the reichwingers,they are harsh on him, so we don't do it, but its all a smoke screen. Just you wait.

  10. Roger Ailes has given directives to Fox to be less right wing. That's why the commentators are not fawning over Perry and telling the truth.

  11. Conservative media minds:
    If Perry wins the Republican nomination:

    If he loses all together:
    "Told you he sucked"

  12. He's right though! You're going to be paying for those illegal immigrants' kids one way or another. Its better for them if you pay for their college education instead of their incarceration or welfare checks. But of course Conservatives don't like what he says. Of course the one thing Perry says that I can agree with is the thing that's killing his chances.

  13. @TheArcaneSanctum Guys just adopt the health care system that the majority of the western world use, everywhere from australia to london, it works, its great.

    Universal Healthcare – It works for everyone else in the world

  14. Fucking get over it, Rick Perry is a fundamentalist theocract that uses his position in politics to hold mass pray rallys – thats fucked

  15. Rick Perry's abysmal performance in his debates is a product of the fact that he doesn't really believe in what he is saying, but only saying what he thinks his base wants him to say. I

  16. @protoroc true but I'd like to think that GWB just played dumb so he could fool us while he undermined our country in the background. At least, I hope it was just him playing dumb.

  17. Can we just have a ban on people from Texas becoming President? Anyone who wears a cowboy hat should be pushed down a flight of stairs.

  18. Damn, one show of compassion towards "others", in this case acknowledging illegal immigrants are still human beings, and you are gone from the GOP's favor. So much for Slick Rick's few promising weeks.

  19. I'd rather abolish political parties altogether because they are semantically and historically meaningless nowadays. They only serve to impair voter judgment.

    Have the number of front-runner candidates pared down by how much of the share they got in primary votes and without dumb animal symbols to distract us, people will be forced to vote solely based on the issues.
    P.S I'm fine with people representing themselves as conservative or liberal. At least those have semantic meaning.

  20. Bush tanked in the debates with John Kerry—and still won! I don't think the pundit's criticisms will hurt Perry with the right wing conservatives.

  21. To everyone, if you still watch the dinosaur media you are only diluting your intelligence by giving them the time of day to try to program you into casting away your rights governed by the constitution and establishing the New World Order of the banksters for the banksters. If you were a true patriot at heart, in my book, you would vote for Ron Paul, not for popularity but for the Principles of Liberty, Sound Money and above all FREEDOM. If you want to affect change VOTE. Hopefully its for Ron.

  22. I love seeing those right wing whack jobs fightinging amongst themselves for the nomination!

    really love these hosts… very good tone to the conversation.

  23. @TheUSMetalhead Are you being serious? Name an election in the last 100 years where a sitting and eligible President wasn't their parties nomination. This is why there is no Democratic rPimary scheduled, the same reason there was no Republican Primary before Bush's second term.

  24. What about the FAR LEFT whack-o's on MSNBC??? Laura Ingram is a right wing slut?? Turmp is a liar & insane? And on and on. I voted for Obama in 2008 & would be very disappointed if Obama approved of the way MSNBC presents itself on their night time shows. I'm also of the opinion that some of the stuff one hears out of the mouths of Mark Levin or Rush would be supported by Bush 1 or 2 or Jeb Bush or Reagan. Nuts jobs left & right today. Walter Cronkite would be ashamed of cable news channels.

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