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RINA NOSE & JOSSCY Bawa SAUS ABC ke Restoran Di Milan

RINA NOSE & JOSSCY Bawa SAUS ABC ke Restoran Di Milan

Hi Peeps! We shot this video April 2019
On the day we are publishing this, March 2020
Milan and Northern Italy are under lockdown
Because of the Corona Virus. We wish all the Italians
(and everyone else affected)
a full recovery and all the best! Don’t be scared to visit Milan and Italy again
once all this mess is over. It’s a lovely city and a great country.
For now enjoy this video.
And part 2 soon! Hi welcome to Comedy Traveler Oh wait, this is our channel Rina Josscy. Here is some content we shot for Comedy Traveler But was never used. So enjoy our time in Milan Let’s go! We are in Milan or Milano as they say. So and guess what? The sun is shining bright And I feel alright, because I’m in Love with you. Anyway… Tomorrow on iTunes. That means the time difference is 5 hours with Indonesia. Good. We are going to look for food… Then we give recommendations… For the viewers who want to travel to Milan… What to eat here, yeah. Let’s look for food So if you want to go Italy you need a Schengen Visa. And a return ticket costs around 8 to 13 million Rupiah For Economy ticket. Action Miss Rina! Yes? Can I take a photo? Okay! Wow there are Indonesian people here. Hallo! I’m from Flores. Oh from Flores, hi! So we met some people from Flores And they have a restaurant over there. They have restaurant on Flores, nice! Speaking of restaurants… …earlier we were looking for a food, right? Because we are hungry. Then we followed what was on here. The restaurants name is ‘MERCANTE’ We’ve arrived at this restaurant. Look this is the restaurant. Extraordinary! Look, look. Empty. Look look look. It’s not there. What are we going to eat? We’ll see, maybe we are successful later on. Okay we are going to look for a place to eat first. Ya see you later bye bye. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Italy’s oldest shopping mall Which is built in the 19th century. And is found next to Duomo Cathedral. We can find many big brands from Italy. Like Armani, Prada, Gucci dan Versace are here. Oh yeah, this mall has it’s own tradition as well. Something like this. Honey, here’s something you should try. Okay. I want to try it. So here is a symbol of the Bull There is, there is… Privates… The rounds of a bull, you know. The bull… If we press precisely it with our heels. And turn around three times. They believe it brings luck If the woman does it, it is said to bring fertility Just a myth. Just for the excitement, let’s try it, okay? I’m dizzy, honey! Honey honey! Where you going? Dizzy, honey honey! Honey you wanna try? Okay. Now I’m dizzy too. Where to? Where to? Want to eat, right? There is also a restaurant in this mall. Oh yes, the name is La Locanda del Gatto Rosso. Hi guys. Hello. The food has already arrived. Carpaccio, carpaccio from fish. This is also good. This is a lemon inside a net, fabric. So if you want to squeeze it. The seeds will stick here. Simple, but effective. There is also bread. We’re going to try it. Here is Salmon, There is, how do you call it? Tuna. There is salmon, there is tuna and there is swordfish. We’ll try the salmon first. The carpaccio. Do you like it? I like it. I like it or… I like it a lot. Swordfish. Earlier I ordered the Risotto with Asparagus. It looks like Rice porridge. I ordered this, Ossobuco alla Milanese Ossobuco That means beef with a hollow bone. I want to try this if you look at the presentation… Presentation is very basic. Not really interesting, but we are going to taste it. How’s the flavour? It’s like porridge. It’s porridge with sauce and heavy cream. And butter like that. Wanna try it? How’s the flavour? It’s almost like a little bit like stew. Flavour is like stew and Rendang. But it’s good. But it’s really like mushy. Like it’s overcooked. But the flavour is precisely like it’s undercooked. There is something delicious about it. Like…. That’s it, we are going to continue eating this. When everything is done. If there is still room in the stomach. There could be dessert. If not we are just going to walk around You know that song? Yes! You know that song!? No. That’s a song from Buna Rita That’s the way she sings. That’s the way she sings. Anyway let’s go eat. Yes! Bye! Okay we’re full, we don’t need any dessert So we’re going to bed and let’s go to the next day. It’s day 2 here in Milan And of course let’s start the day with a nice lunch. Here at Cafe de Ville. Hello peeps. Look what we got. It’s not beer. It’s not beer, it’s Ice Tea. Ice tea with the lemon, ice tea with the peach. And the weather is good. My mom always says. In Europe, the sun is expensive. Expensive sun. Expensive sun when in Europe. If in Indonesia, the sun is there every day. People are afraid of the sun. Here people like it. sunbathing. Now here, I also want to try sunbathing. While eating lunch. The weather is sunny. Temperature is 23 degrees Celsius. The drinks are refreshing. And we wait for the food, still trying typical Milanese food. We want to review the food that is typical of here. Here is an olive, it’s a snack. Snack before eating. Together with potato chips. But that is normal. Good. The food has arrived! And we have… What’s the name? I forgot. Crostini di Peche. It’s like Toast With smoked fish. On top there is fish, smoked. Cotaleto di vitello Veal… The meat is baked with flour Basically like that. And veal. Pity still young their future already destroyed. This one, I want to try this. This is the shrimp. Good? Shrimp is always tasty. Honey, you want to try? I want to try his food. This one. Oh my… Oh good. If we make meat or something with flour and we fry it. That’s how it tastes like. With chilli sauce? Then don’t be mistaken. Don’t be sad. I brought Indonesian chilli sauce from the Netherlands. From the Netherlands. We brought ABC Chilli Sauce. But it’s a secret. Because the sauce is always different wherever you go. The chilli sauce flavour is different than the Indonesian Chilli sauce. But frequently over here they don’t use sauce. Over here not with sauce. I miss the sauce. See, the flavour is immediately different. Immediately tasty. Before the sauce it was already tasty, Only if it is with sauce it’s more Indonesian. That’s our taste. Okay peeps, we’re already full And we didn’t ordered dessert here. Because… We just want to walk. You want that… ice cream Ice cream! Ice cream gelato. I’m not ice cream! See you again later. Be creative, be free, be whatever you want to be. This is Rina. This is Josscy. And we say bye bye.

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  1. Ka rina kenapa kak josi ga bikin vlog baby learning song gtu yg pake bahasa inggris suaranya bagus loh ….indonesia butuh banget loh vlog untuk anak anak yg pake bahasa inggris biar sdm anak anak indonesia bisa naik….😁😁😁

  2. Ini konten saat masih pacaran, dan skrg alhamdulillah udah jdi pasangan suami istri yg romantis, langgeng dan bahagia slalu, dan secepatnya dikasih debay yah sweet couple #rinajosscy 😍🤗😍

  3. Bahagia selalu ya teh Rina and kang josccy…langgeng terus ya…klo udah sukses banyak subscribe ny jgn lupa ya berbagi dg orang g mampu biar berkah terus ya…….

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    Sedih pisan ayenaa Italia urutan pertama yg penduduk'y terkena corona terbanyak diEropa..
    Semoga virus ini cepet berlalu…

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  9. Bepergian kapan ini? Kok msh nekad ke Italy sich Rin, sdh di atas 1000 orang lo yg meninggal di sana, wah ini nnti balik ke Indonesia hrs di isolasi dl, mengawatirkan, ya biar Milan tdk terinfeksi tp sebetulnya jngn dl bepergian ke LN khususnya Italy, takutnya imbasnya kena ke kita2 ini, semoga tdk terjadi apa2, Amen🙏.

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