100 thoughts on “ROCKET POWERED Golf Club at 100,000 FPS”

  1. Hey Mark Rober, I don’t know if it’s possible but I’m going to say it anyways cause you made something they use in space so I figured you could make this. What if you put a GPS in the golf ball? Like maybe drill a hole in the ball and put some kind of SUPER SMALL GPS inside of the ball to track how far it got

  2. I wanna see this redone with those GPS golf balls… I really want to know how far, high and fast those balls went…

  3. When you realize that you can’t actually watch at 100000 FPS and the highest you can get visually is 240 and on your screen YouTube only does 60 FPS -.-

  4. Me: Hears smarterEveryDay

    LIKE BRUH I JUST WATCHED ONE OF HIS VIDEOS YESTER DAY!!! (it was the singing helicopter with the marines)

  5. I see comments about gps tracking, but a simple solution would be using sensors to gather information on club speed, launch angle of the ball, and ball velocity leaving the tee you can gather the balls general traveled distance. Absolutely love your videos and you renewed my love for science

  6. it looks like you strapped a double barrel shotgun onto a golf club and faced the barrels at the over direction of the golf ball so the mini explosion will send it spinning

  7. Do you know how much further that ball would have went if they lined the ball up with the sweet spot on the club?!

  8. so I clicked on this video and for some reason my volume was at 100 instead of my usual (20) and within the first 2 seconds of the video I think I have become deaf

  9. What’s the point if you didn’t measure the yardage to show us how far the balls went? Are we supposed to just take your word on it? You should redo it with yard markers and tracer balls.

  10. I love this and all of your other videos… however, Knowing the distance performance you were able to achieve would have increased my satisfaction in watching the video.

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