Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Michael Gets Locked Out

Gavin: So, I went swimming with Michael and Lindsay at their apartment. We were- we’d been in there for hours. We all get out, Lindsay walks back like two minutes in front of us and I’m walking back with Michael. The 2-minute head start that Lindsay had, she’d gone into the house, locked the door and passed out. Michael was WAILING on the door. He was going: *tuf* *tuf* *tuf* *tuf* “Lindsay!” She was- would not wake up. And then at some point he walked down the side of the apartment… …to try and find the piece of wall that was closest to the bedroom. He was like smacking on that. Lindsay: He said some lady came outside and was like, “Excuse me, can you stop trying to destroy the walls?” And he was like, [shouting] “I’m trying to get in my own apartment!” Gavin: Michael eventually, after like bouncing off the door a couple of times, you called the locksmith. Michael: Kara showed up to pick up Gavin and then the locksmith pulls up behind her. And he’s just like doing his thing, trying to pick the lock. And Kara’s like- she asked him his name. His name was Davis. She was like, “Come on Davis! You can do it!” I’m like, “Kara…” “Shut up.” Right? Like I’m sure the guy can do it. Then Kara started actually cheering. She’s like, “Give me a D!” -Michael: “Give me an A!”
-Gavin: And then, at some point… Gavin: … she starts wailing at the door as well. Michael: While he’s picking it! While he’s trying to pick it! She goes, “My voice is higher pitched, so she’ll probably hear me and not you guys.” Gavin: “BUT we already got the locksmith there!” We don’t need you to yell anymore! And Lindsay did not hear any of it, right? -Lindsay: No.
-Michael: I fucking walk in. Michael: She’s like, [tired] “Uah, what happened? Wah, what’s goin’ on?” Michael: “Oh, I’m just fucking hanging out outside! Don’t mind me!” -Lindsay: At least you made it in. I’m sorry!
-Michael: Shut up! Jack: Bye, Michael.
[Door slams shut]

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