Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun | Prom Hairstyles

“It’s Alright.” -Hey, guys. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and Brooklyn’s
here with me today, and we are going to show you
this cool hairstyle called the rope twisted pinwheel bun. Now, many of you guys may have
noticed that buns are crazy huge this year, and
they’re everywhere, and everyone loves
buns– dancers, gymnasts, going to the gym,
moms, whatever. And so we’ve been coming up
with lots of buns lately, and we have seen this
pinwheel bun floating around, but we wanted to mix
it up and make it our own, so we decided to
rope twist the pinwheel bun and see what it came out like. And it was amazing. So now we’re going
to show you guys, so you can do it yourself. So to begin with, I’ve gone
ahead and put Brooklyn’s hair into a high pony
tail, and you’re going to need a bun maker,
like this– a donut one. You can get these
at any of, you know, your usual hair supply stores. You’re going to put this on,
just like you normally would. Pull all the hair
through, and let it flip. And the nice bonus
to this hairstyle is it looks even better
if you do it wet, so no need to over dry your hair
or use a blow dryer, anything like that. Just jump out of the shower
and whip this hair together, and you’re good to go. I’m going to comb this down
so it’s all nice and even, and we get a really pretty bun. Now I’m going to spin
her, and I’m just going to start right
here on the side. Make a little segment,
like a little separation between the two spots. You’re going to pick
up a piece of hair, and you’re going to begin. Now, on a pinwheel
bun, you would just twist this singular
strand and wrap it under. So I wanted to mix
it up, so I’m going to take a little bit
more hair, and I’m going to separate
it into two pieces, and I’m going to twist them
both in the same direction. You don’t have to
twist down very far. And then I’m going to
rope twist them together, going the opposite direction. So it’s just like
a little mini rope twist we’re doing right here. And really, you only need
about three, maybe four inches. So don’t worry about going
all the way down the strand every time. Then you’re going to reach
your fingers, like this. Just right into
the center of that. See how my fingers
are poking out. Grab that piece of
hair in between them, and pull it back up. And you’ve created your
first little twisty. Now you’re going to
add more hair in, and the best thing to do is
kind of re-separate the hair, because you don’t want all
the short pieces on one side, and all the long on the other. So re-separate them. Again, twist both to the right–
for me, because I’m right handed– and then twist them
to the left over each other. Again, you’re only going to
go down three or four inches until you have that
nice twisted affect. Put your fingers in,
grab it, pull it through, and you’re good to go. And you’re going to continue
to do this over and over. Now, what’s going
to happen– she does have layers
in her hair, so you might see some of
her ends coming out. And you can tell that
where I’ve done this side, it’s different lengths. That’s why it’s important
to re-separate it, so that it pulls some of the
longer pieces in each strand. Again. One more. Twist it together,
and then twist it over each other in the
opposite direction. And reach under, grab
it with your fingers, pull it through, and
to the next section. [MUSIC CHARITY VANCE,
“It’s Alright.” -So this last one, it’s
going to be a little tight. And then what
you’re going to have is this end piece right here. Now, you can go ahead and keep
wrapping it under, and under, and under, but I’m just going to
twist it– it’s still twisting. Don’t worry about
the little endies, you can get those later. And then I’m just going to take
it, and tuck it right under, and bobby pin it. So we can just go right up
in here, and bobby pin it. And bobby pin those ends down
one more time, like that. So once you’ve got the
ends secured under, then you can go back and
adjust any little placement, as needed. Like if you don’t have quite
as thick of hair as this, then you’ll want to just
maneuver the twists around so that you hide the bun maker. And that’s why it’s
really important that you get a bun maker that’s
the same color as your hair, so they just all
kind of blend in, and they’re not as noticeable
if you can’t see something. But there you have it. Using a little bit of
spray wax or hairspray, you can fix up any
little fly-aways we created in the process. And you are finished. I think this hairdo is just
so cool for like a mix-up of a ballerina
bun, or a gym bun, or a homecoming or prom
dance– anything like that. A mom’s great work do. Really, it’s so pretty
and sophisticated looking. Here’s the finished product. Love that. And it’s gorgeous. It looks like it’s all basket
weaved together or something crazy, when it’s really not. I think you could
probably even sleep on it if it was
comfortable, and get away with wearing it a second
day, just because its so in there tight. It’s so tight. Anyway. Well, if you guys have been
following my Mom Minute episodes, there’s another one. You can click on it here,
over on The Moms View channel. Check it out. And we thank you
guys for watching, and we’ll see you
guys next Sunday. Bye, guys. -Bye. -Just think. Inevitably, if you’re going to
buy your child all the clothing and toys that they want and
ask for their entire lives, you’re going to end
up with spoiled kids. So I guess my– Let me fix that. OK. So to begin with, I’ve
gone ahead and put

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