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Rosie the Riveter | Halloween Hairstyles

Rosie the Riveter | Halloween Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, guys, it’s Mindy
from Cute Girls Hairstyles, if you can understand my
froggy voice this week. I’m fighting a cold. And today, I’m going to teach
you guys how to do another CGH, hashtag CGH Spooktorial,
because it’s October and we’re nearing Halloween. Today, we are going to be
doing this lovely– who am I? You guys should know. I just gave you a big clue. You get it? Rosie the Riveter. Now, for those of
you guys that don’t know who Rosie the
Riveter is, she was a symbol of feminism
and economic industry during World War II, when all
of the women who normally stayed at home with their babies had to
go into the factories and work. And she became the poster woman
for all of feminism and women power, which is awesome. So today, we’re going to
do this amazing hairstyle. OK, guys, the first thing you
want to do when you’re doing Rosie the Riveter is
to divide your hair. Now you can see that I’ve
divided this front section, like what people
would normally call their bangs, except that
I’ve done a really, really deep horseshoe part. And I want it to go
pretty far back on my head because we’re going
to utilize all of that to get that great
curl in the front. And I’ve pulled the rest of my
hair up into a high ponytail. And you can even
just use, you know, leftover curls or
whatever, it doesn’t matter or not because we’re just
going to do a messy bun later. Now, the other thing that’s
important is your prep. So I’ve already taken some
root boost volumizing spray and sprayed it through my roots. And using a blow dryer,
I just dried my hair, pulling it forward. And pulling it
upward, so that I’m getting that great lift in my
roots right from the get go. The next thing you want to do
is take that section of hair, and we’re just going to
pull off one little piece. And we’re going to take– this
is a one and a quarter inch barrel, but a one inch
would work totally fine too. And we’re going to
run it down the hair and just literally do a
curl, just your basic curl. You don’t have to hold
it in there very long. And it’s going to give us
this nice ringlet-y shape. [MUSIC PLAYING] Once you have your curls
where you want them, then you’re going to
take a boar bristle brush and you’re just very
gently going to comb through those curls. And this is just because
we want to perform all of those curls that are
separate right now into kind of one shape. So that’s the goal
we’re going for. And a boar bristle brush will
just help it from being fuzzy. Once we have a shape,
then we can leave it like that for a minute. Now we’re going to
take a teasing comb, and we’re just going to go
back into those sections, and we’re going to tease them. Now, teasing, you’re just
going to go up, down. You don’t go up and
down, up and down. You just go down. And that just helps
tease it at the roots. And then you’re going to let it
fall to the opposite direction. Get it out of the way and
go to the next section. Same thing, just tease it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now what I like to do is
when it’s still flipped over to the wrong direction, just
take the edge of my comb and gently rub the edge
like this on the hair. And that’s going to help
make it look less teased and lay more smoothly. Smooth? Smoothly? And then you’re going to
flip the hair back over to the correct side. And again, just use
the edge of the comb to smooth it out a little bit. And make sure you like the
volume you have in there. If not, you can go
back and tease it just a little bit more. I’m OK with what I’ve
got, so we’re good. When you’ve got that
all combed softly and nicely, then we’re going
to take all of the hair, gather it in. We’re going to go down to
where that roll is naturally occurring already
from our curls, and we’re going to just begin
to form or basically a pin curl. And we’re going to roll
it all the way up– until we have it positioned
where we want it on our head. And then when you can see,
like, OK, I’m happy with that or, no, I want to redo
it and get the curl set, then you’re going to
take your bobby pins. And the trick to the
bobby pinning part is to place the bobby pin
just slightly under what you actually want to hold. So if want to hold
this piece right here, I’ll just pin it
slightly underneath. And that way, in the end, you
shouldn’t see the bobby pin too much. And it’s going to require
a couple of bobby pins obviously before
you get it all set. And maybe one more,
just for security. And that looks good to me. And we have our lovely
little pin curl. Then you can use a finishing
spray to just set that. And this hair spray
is going to just make it hold all day long and keep it
from moving much at all as you go throughout the day. And, I like-y. And now is when the magic
happens in my opinion. So we’re going to get a bandana
and we’ve already folded it. And we’re going to get our
ponytail out of the way. I’m going to take
it and I’m going to try to keep it right
at the tops of my ears. And it may fall off
for just a second, and that’s OK, and tie it. Now, I’m going to go right
behind the pin curl and tie it. But I don’t want it
too tight because I want to be able to
adjust it a little bit. So tie it down. And then I’m going to go back
and adjust it over my ears and down a little
lower on my neck. And one trick I do to this,
because it will fall off your ears as you go
throughout the day, is to just take a bobby
pin or a little clip even and pin it
just above the ears. And that just helps
it hold in place. You can also do one right
here at the nape of your neck. And that’s going to keep your
bandana where it should stay. Now when you’re
to this point, we need to do something
with all of this. And it’s up to you whether you
do a fun bun, like a rolled bun, but I like just
doing a messy bun. It just makes it nice and easy. So I’m going to
take another elastic and create a nice
little messy bun shape. And then just play
around with it until I like how it’s sitting. And pin it all in place. And this is really just playing
with it until you like it. [MUSIC PLAYING] And when you have your messy bun
all finished up, you’re done. Guys, let’s do the final
spin for Rosie the Riveter. Ta-da. I love this one. I think it’s so fun. I wore it out yesterday because
I’ve been practicing my hair, and I really got like
a million compliments on it, so I think I’m going to
even maybe start wearing some of it just for fun, even
though it’s not Halloween, because I love this pin curl. Hope guys have enjoyed this
the latest CGH Spooktorial. I’ll make sure and put a
link in the description box to where you could
find the rest of them in case you’ve missed one. Make sure and leave a
comment below letting me know if you enjoy kind
of this vintage look that’s so fun, this pin
curl-y kind of stuff. And we will see you
guys next Sunday. Bye, guys. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Be careful on this part
because your twist can come out very easily if you
don’t hold it right. If this is difficult for you,
you can always just rubber band it, and then– [MUSIC PLAYING]

98 thoughts on “Rosie the Riveter | Halloween Hairstyles”

  1. I love the 1940s especially the world war 2 era I love vintage hairstyles I do pin curling and I am not the best at it but I have a lot of fun doing it loved this vintage hair tutorial it looks beautiful on you

  2. Cute! Although not historical accurate because the riveters couldn't use hair pins to keep their hair out of their face while making the bombs, so that's why they covered the majority of their hair in a scarf to keep it out of the way. They couldn't wear any metal because any sparks may have caused explosions. Scary! But this is a great hairstyle for Halloween.

  3. Thanks for this I'm the only one I my family who has long hair and I always try to do something on myself

  4. OMG what a fun hairstyle!!!! I don't know when but I am flying to texas to see my moms friend and I might bump into you!!!! I love you SO much

  5. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with us. You and your girls are beautiful.

  6. This is offensive to my gender…I feel uncomfortable seeing a costume that can represent a group of people

  7. 5% Feel better Mindy!
    10% Compliments
    80% OMG! In the thumbnail I thought you were one of the twins!!
    5% other

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