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Ryan And Shane Make Each Other In The Sims 4

Ryan And Shane Make Each Other In The Sims 4

– Today we’re buildin’– – We’re building each other in the Sims. – And then, at the end,
they’re gonna react to what the other has done. – Yeah, that sounds good. – You excited? – What we have done is
probably (laughs) the best way to say what’s about to happen. – How do I make this
head as big as possible? Is that the biggest I can make the head? – I think it is. – I want this to be as
realistic as possible. And, for it to be realistic, his head has to be
disproportionately large. I’m downloading his face
in my head right now. (internet beeping) Oh, God (bleep) it, I can’t remember what his nose looks like. No, that’s definitely not it. That’s pretty good. That’s good, too. Oh, that’s even better. This is like I’m at the optometrist. Oh, boy, what in the world
have I created (laughs) here? He looks like someone
from The Incredibles now. Alright, that’s good. I can live with that. We’re making him as skinny
and lanky as possible. (character speaking Simlish) (laughs)
(mocks character) – Then you can change his wardrobe. – Oh, man, okay. Okay, now we’re really
cookin’ with grease. We do have the same boots. Look at these bad boys, we
kill ghouls in these boots. I’m pretty proud of myself right now. I thought this was a disaster at first. It’s gone to a place where I
think that’s a digital Shane, despite the head being a
little more normal than usual. Eh, good enough. Sporty, he doesn’t play
sports, so we’ll skip that. What is this? – Sleep. You guys have had sleepovers, right? – Yeah, I see what, just like a shirt and sweatpants. That’s actually pretty
accurate, I’ll keep that. Yeah, that’s good. Swimwear, uh. That kinda deal. It’s to cover up more of the legs, ’cause if he wore those tiny things, he would look like Jack
Skellington walking around the beach. It’s not a good look. – Over here is where you
give him a personality. – Master Vampire. Maybe. Let’s give him a nerd brain. Let’s go with creative. Cheerful. Kleptomaniac, maybe. I mean he could’ve been hiding things from me for awhile. I don’t live with him,
despite popular belief. Evil? (suspenseful music) Yeah (laughs). Oh, I love it. See, it fit right in! He loved it, he accepted it. I think he’s gonna be pretty
pleased with this Shane, to be honest. I’d be a little hurt if he
doesn’t like the version of Shane I gave him. – I’m gonna start. Check out these eyes. I wanna find the ones that
have big bags under them. He’s seen a lot. We’ve seen a lot. (mysterious music) Let’s go to the brow zone. Ryan’s brows, they don’t
have a strong shape to them. They look like somebody
just accidentally coughed some eyebrows onto his forehead. That’s not an insult. Man, I need a frown.
(laughing) A whole Sourpuss Bergara. “Hmm, I still haven’t found any ghosts. “It’s been five seasons.” He has a large mouth, right? Width-wise? You’ve seen him, you know what– – I’ve seen him, but if
you put him on a line-up, now that I’m under pressure,
I’m like, I don’t know. – You wouldn’t be able to pick Ryan out of a line-up (laughs)? – He’s like Anime! – I don’t like what I’m doing. Maybe I make his real small. Oh, I’m scared.
(laughing) If you wanna know–
– Don’t touch it! – What it’s like to be in
a haunted house with Ryan, just look at this. If you’re like, “Ryan, are you okay?” This is what he looks at you like. I feel like we’re givin’
him too much brow credit. (laughs) This is when he gets angry. That’s Ryan Steven Bergara. – I can’t believe we found you. He’s not happy to be here. – Clothes time, fashion. – Oh, we get to pick outfits. (character speaking Simlish) – (mocks Simlish) I hear ya, man. – Do you speak Simish? – I know (speaks Simlish). I know a lot of (speaks Simlish). And, uh, (Simlish). Do they still say all those things? – Yes. – Oh, great. When the Sims came out,
I was obsessed with it. He just wears jerseys
and hoodies all the time. Yeah, that looks about
right, as boring as it is. What kind of trousers
would you like, Ryan? – He’s turned into Tomb Raider there. – Yeah, what is this
little satchel he’s got? He keeps all his jelly beans in there. – I hear you guys have the same boots. – I mean, I had these boots first. I’ve been wearing ’em for about 10 years. Ryan bought a pair, too,
he liked’ em so much. Can’t blame him, I make them look good. – Now you’re boot buddies. – We’re boot bros.
(magical chiming) He does like sneaks. – He’s a sneaker head. – He’s a sneaker head. That’s sport shoes, for sure. He’s ready to get out there
and play ball with his boys. Maybe Steven Lim’s around. I know the two of them
are big ballers together. – New show. – Big Ballers.
(upbeat music) (laughs) With Steven Lim and Ryan Bergara. – Next, is his fancy wear. – Oh, (laughs) look at his little scarf. That’s insufferable. I love it. Someone’s got some ankles for us. Sporty.
– Sport wear. – What about that, though? – Ready for death. – He’s not ready for death,
though, is the thing. I’m ready for death in these houses. That’s what makes me me. I’m ready, every room
we walk into, to die. Ryan’s afraid of that, ’cause he doesn’t know
what comes after it. (laughing) I don’t either. – I was like, you do? You wanna share with the class? – What? Hang on a sec. I need to see what this looks like. Yep. – (laughs) That’s what the
aliens in this game wear. – Well, it’s also gonna be
what Ryan Bergara wears. Sleep.
– Sleepwear! What does he sleep in? You guys have had sleepovers.
– I think I found it. If it’ll be night time (laughs). What a weirdo. Party time! Obviously, we have this as a backup. Uh-oh. Have you seen my little hot dog stories? – I think I’ve seen one or two? There’s a hot dog and he has a wife? – Correct.
– And a car? – Oh, you’re on season one. – (laughs) There’s multiple
seasons of the hot dog story? – You would be surprised how
deep the lore is at this point. – There’s lore? – Oh, yeah. Right now, they’re on an
alien planet populated by sexy blue peaches called plupples. And a holographic corn named
Maizey is about to fight a giant plupple to the death
so that they can procure a ship that will travel back in time
to save all their friends from being thrown into a
volcano by a hot dog witch. Swimwear. He is from southern California, so he might be like, “I love palm trees.” Pick an aspiration. I don’t wanna put knowledge, because he doesn’t respect science. (snorts) Master Vampire, that sounds close. Public Enemy, famous criminal. – Maybe that’s why he’s
so interested in crime. – He does, he is obsessed with crime. He’s like really obsessed with it. I feel good about that. There’s no ghost hunter track on this. – Not yet, anyway.
– EA, we’ll work with ya. Make it an expansion pack,
I don’t care, whatever. Traits (laughs). We’re puttin’ bro.
(character laughs) – Erratica. (character speaks Simlish) Yeah, oh. We could make him evil. He has threatened to kill me a lot. I think eventually he will
start murdering people when he runs out of ideas for true crime. (scoffs)
He gets riled up. – Alright, we’re gonna
bring Boo-gara back in here and let you guys see what you’ve done. – Before we do this, how
would you rate yourself in making me? – Honestly, 10 outta 10. – Yeah, I was about to give myself a nine. – The only thing I’m realizing now is that you’re a little more chipmunkish. – They didn’t allow me
to make the parameters of your head larger than what would be
considered proportionate. – And, I, as well, could
not make you one foot below the average male height. – Yeah, see, so we both had our issues. – Okay.
– Okay. – Woo. – There you go. – I look like Ron Perlman. (laughs)
What happened here? I’m gonna give you a four off the bat, but I’d like–
– Wait a second. – Can I make a note? – You can make a note on yourself. – I think my eyes are maybe bigger. – Seriously, they’re a little small, what’re you talking about? – I’m not here to critique. Also, mouth, way too big here. – Okay, to be fair, you
have a bizarre face. – That’s what I was saying. – And that actually could be seen as good. Like, Benedict Cumberbatch
is a weird-looking fella and many women find him attractive. I find him attractive myself. – Yeah, he’s an attractive man. – I think the clothing’s pretty good. – You’ve got this spot-on. I would never wear an
unbuttoned flannel like that, but I understand the sentiment. – You have worn them. – Unbuttoned, with a shirt underneath? (slow music beat) – Are you really that
unsatisfied with your face? – I think the people might be unsatisfied. I’m happy to make some changes, as well. – You could maybe not be a
coward and just say what you feel instead of making the
audience be your proxy. Do you want me to make the modifications? – Yes, I trust you. – Use me as a paintbrush,
and this is your canvas. – Let’s go into the face zone. – Oh, man, a different mouth. Oh, there’s so many mouths! – Did you not look at all the mouths? – I didn’t realize– – Sorry, I know this is
not how these videos go. – Yeah, we’re taking
it off the reels, here. I’m gonna give you a little smirk. (laughing) – Bring my mouth down. That may be part of the issue. You bring the nose down, as well. Then, you can bring the eyes down. Shift the whole face, really. Shift the whole face. – I’m trying to, and it’s
not (bleeps) letting me. – Have we made it worse? – Yeah, I think we made it worse. See, this is what happens. What have you done? This looks nothing like you now. You look like Tobey Maguire, what the (bleeps) is going on? That better? – I don’t think so. I think you beefed it, Ryan. – I beefed it? I’m acting at the behest of you, here. – I think the eyebrows. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s that. – Try these.
– That’s Corsazy-ish. – Try those.
– No, definitely not that. – Oh, those. – You’re just pointing now, so. – How ’bout those? – That’s what you had before.
– That’s it, that’s it. – Adjust the eyebrow ridge. – Tell us more about this ridge. – Oh, you know what? She’s killin’ it right now. – Oh, I didn’t know that was an option. – That’s a good option
because your face is narrow. – Is it narrow, or is it– – You do kinda look like the Vincent van Gogh Scream painting when it comes to narrow heads. – That’s not van Gogh, that’s Munch. – Is that Munch? – Munch.
– Munch. What’s his first name? – I have Slavic eyes. – Is there a sadness slider? Oh, wow, you are very good. – Well, now they’ve got
my trademark sad eyes. – If there was a slider for sadness, I’d turn it up to 100. – I think that’s a cherry on top, there. – Why don’t you show him his outfits. – Oh, yeah, let’s do that.
– Oh, yeah, that’s what we were here
for, I forgot about that. – Great work, Ryan and Kelsey. – I really just phoned it in when it came to the outfits. I was focusing on making the face, which I was pretty proud of. – Is that a button-fly? Never in a million years, buddy. – Alright. – Wait, go to my sporty! – I think I skipped this tab. – You just skipped it? – I’ve never seen you in sporty attire. – That’s true. – The one time I did, you were
wearing a cheerleader outfit. That’s a true story. – That’s a true story, roll the tape. (upbeat music) – Yeah.
– There you go. – This is you sleeping. – Yeah. This is my party outfit? Is that supposed to be my denim– – Jacket, yeah. Swimwear.
– Party time. – Oh yeah. Nerd brain.
– Nerd brain, – [Men] Cheerful, creative,
and evil (laughing). – What a fun combo. – You’ll set people on fire, but you’re gonna have
a great time doing it. – Alright, I’m into that. It seems like you really
didn’t put a lot of effort into the clothing, so I’m
gonna give you a six outta 10. – You can’t fault me for the sports thing, because that’s accurate. That’s just me knowing you. – That aside, you said,
“I phoned these in.” – That’s true, I did say that. – There’s Ryan. (group laughing) – Oh, my God.
– That’s you. – You gave me the beadiest
eyes I’ve ever seen in my life. – That’s what your eyes look
like when you get scared. – My pupils aren’t capable
of getting that small. – Yeah, they are. – This makes me look like
I’m in a perpetual state of fright and hypnotizing people. – That’s right. – I think we gotta go in and
make some adjustments here, this is ridiculous.
– Alright, fine. I think this is dead-on. – Okay, you just shrunk them
back down to where they were. – (laughs) Okay, I’ll make
’em bigger, right there. – Stop (laughs). Make those pupils normal
size, you son of a (bleeps). – That’s pretty good. – No, make the pupils
at least touch the tops. There we go, I’ll settle for that. I’ll settle for that. I’ll settle. You just keep shrinking them down after I say to settle. That’s not how a deal works.
– They’re touching the bottom. – There we go, no wait, no, stop. – You said, “There we go,” great. – Fine, you know what, whatever. That’s fine.
– That looks like you. – And, also the hair is
just a little too neat. Also I have a very stern demeanor. I think I have a bigger lips, too. That’s too much. Why don’t you give the mouse to Kelsey. – Kelsey, you’re so good at this. – You could do this
for the police, Kelsey. You could just bring a basic face in, and the people would describe
what the man looked like, and you’d be workin’ your little magic. – I think that’s pretty good. – I think they’re both okay
approximations of each other. – Alright, let’s take
a tour of the outfits. So, there’s your casual attire. Also, sort of looks like ghost gear. – Oh, you gave me a little– – A little satchel for your jelly beans. – I don’t have jelly beans. – For your ghost gear, or something. – Oh, yeah, or like holy water pistol. Or jelly beans, if I’m in the mood. – Moving on. – What in the name of God have you done? – That’s you goin’ out to a party. – Is it? – Yeah, you have that one hoodie that’s like a giant collar. – Yeah, yeah, but it’s
attached to a sweatshirt. – Yeah, and maybe you’re
wearing that underneath. Moving on to athletic wear. Now, this was a bold choice. – Okay. What? – Ready to hit the b-ball court with your main baller, Steven Lim? – And ready to fight with the
rest of the Justice League? What the (bleep) did you do? How is that even an option
in the Sims generator? – You gotta dig deep. This is what you get for phoning it in. Moving on to night time, now. Oh, sleepy time. – I’m a little worried now, ’cause these tabs are
escalating in weirdness. – Come on, night time. – (laughs) I (bleep) knew it. – It’s a darker shade. – Yeah, I could see that. – An evening look. – I’m sorry I took my exercise seriously. – Now we’re moving onto party. – Unbelievable.
– Party mode. – Unbelievable. – Are you ready to get
ready for your big party? – No, frankly I’m not ready. This is probably gonna be
a pink version of that now. – What would you wear to a party, Ryan? – Not that, I’ll tell you.
– No, no, no, not this. – Yeah, yeah. Don’t think I could’ve imagined that, but kudos to you (laughs)
for find (laughs). – You like your little hat? – Honestly, I was a little distracted by the hot dog (laughs), you know. – I figured since you’re such a big fan of the Hot Dog Guy.
– Mm-hmm. – And, swimwear, last but not least. – Frankly, I’m a little sad
that you phoned this one in. – Not a lot of options, Ryan. Personality. Public Enemy.
– Yeah, wants to make enemies and be a famous criminal, cool. – You’re obsessed with crime. (laughs) – Bro.
– Bro. – (laughs) I mean, I like the Shaka. – Yeah, you also have hot-headed. These Sims tend to be angry, can rile up other Sims, and become angry when
targeted with mischief. – Last part, I guess we just saw that. – And last but not least, erratic. These Sims can talk to themselves and have unpredictable emotions. – That’s the first one I have
agreed with this entire time. – ‘Cause you’ll sit at your
desk and be like (mumbles). – I do talk to myself
quite a bit, it’s odd. I was going for the realism here. – Hindsight is 20/20. So, we built our boys. We’re gonna upload them to the
gallery, and then we want you to build a nice little haunted
house for us to live in. – A little spooky village. – Make it disgusting and full of ghosts. – Build us a house and
we can set it on fire. And I’ll laugh, because I’m criminal. – Put a bunch of dead
bodies and ghosts in it. – Or, throw a great
party, so I can show up with my stupid hot dog suit. – Can’t wait to see
all your haunted houses that they’ll get to check out next time. – Unbelievable. Can we make each other fight to the death? – [Shane] Probably. – [Ryan] (laughs) In my hot dog suit. (Shane laughs)

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