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Sandra Bullock on Being a Cheerleader in High School

Sandra Bullock on Being a Cheerleader in High School

– Welcome. You know, I feel like
it’s very strange that we’ve been on for so long. You’ve never– this is
your first time here. I feel like you must have been–
– That I– –here before. –never was on your show, yet
I texted you to pick up my son, when I’d never even met you.
So– – That’s right.
– –that’s odd, yeah. We were living
on the same block. And I don’t know
how I had his number, but I was in a panic to
have Louis picked up. And I said, grab the SUV.
Go get Louis. I’m running late. Yeah, I was like, what? And you text back. You go, I don’t have the
SUV, but I have a white van that I can pick your child. And I went– and then– Yeah, I still have
Louis, by the way. Did you want him back? After the weekend
it’d be nice. Yeah, that’s a
weird mistake to make. It’s a weird–
thank God it was you, because I started
thinking about who I could have texted to pick up my son.
– That’s true. That’s true.
– Awkward. Awkward moments.
– You could have done worse. You could have also
done better, I will say. Maybe, maybe.
Yeah, yeah. Well, It’s great
to have you here. – Thank you for having me.
– Thank you for coming. – Thank you.
– You were a cheerleader– Is this right? –in– yeah, that’s
the way we do it. Yeah, is that it?
OK. In high school, you
were a cheerleader. – Oh, I was.
– Correct? I was. I believe we have a photograph
of your time as a cheerleader. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Does this mean you’re– did you perform at
the basketball games? – Did I cheer?
– Did you cheer? The cheer– it’s
called cheering. Is it called cheering?
Yeah. Yes, yet I had no idea
what I was cheering about. I was not well-versed in
basketball terminology. But I had spirit, and I was
the good bottom at the– what is it called? The pyramid.
I was solid. I was a solid– like, I’m
not even going to say that. I’m not going to say. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I was a good member
to be on the bottom. – You were part of the base.
– Thank you. Yes, that’s good. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] That was not going well. So when the team
would score, you wouldn’t know whether or not– I would look to
the head cheerleader. – You– OK, I see.
– Yes, yes. You took your cues. I did not know. I took my cues, and
I obeyed, and I was excited by what was happening. And I said whatever she told
us to say, and I said it. Really? And never at any time
did you go like, oh yeah, now I know how it works?
– No. – When the team that–
– No, no. When the team of the guys
that I go to school with put the ball in the
basket, that’s when I– I get really excited. – Yes, right.
– See– That’s how you knew it. –I knew when be effusive. I knew when to do my job. Thanks for watching, and
remember, every time you click the Subscribe button, one
of your enemies gets destroyed.

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  1. But seriously. Kimmel is the least funny and entertaining person on television and Bullock is a terrible actor and always has been. Fitting they would enjoy each others company.

  2. her new face is awesome she looks a little bit like one of the kardashians now keep it up sandra

  3. This might be politically incorrect But Here I Go… If she only wanted me to sniff her farts for the rest of her life I would do so with a smile ear-to-ear

  4. Ocean's 8 is incredible, and Sandra is so talented and a role model for so many women, and you choose to talk about how she was a cheerleader in high school??? What the hell. Would you ever consider asking a guy about how you used to play football in high school?

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