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Sandra Bullock Teaches Jimmy Kimmel German

Sandra Bullock Teaches Jimmy Kimmel German

You have, speaking of
teams, quite a group of women in this movie “Ocean’s 8.” Go through some of the– [CROWD CHEERING] Who is in the cast of
this film with you? There’s Miss Cate Blanchett. JIMMY: We saw her
just in that clip. Who is divine.
JIMMY: Yes. We have Rihanna,
who everyone– [CROWD CHEERING] We have the
majestic Helena Bonham Carter, who is wickedly funny. We have Sarah Paulson. We have Mindy Kaling. We have Awkwafina. Do you know Awkwafina? If you don’t know her now–
– That’s water. That’s not a person.
[LAUGHING] I know, I know. Her name’s Nora,
but she’s a rapper. I know.
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. JIMMY: Yes, I know, I know. [LAUGHING] Is Dasani in the movie too? And Voss and Fiji. JIMMY: Oh good.
– Yeah. They’re all there. JIMMY: You did
get Voss in there. Evian didn’t get
a role, so that’ll be when we do “Ocean’s 10.” JIMMY: Yes, I see. And you– is this true that
you grew up in Germany? Yes, between Germany
and Washington DC. I never realized that. I know. Does it make it more
fascinating to you now? Yeah, it does. No, in a way it makes
me feel like you’ve been hiding something. Little bit.
Little bit. JIMMY: Yeah, it’s like–
you remember Kevin Costner in “No Way Out,”
where all of a sudden he spoke Russian at the end? It’s kind of what
happens with me. JIMMY: That’s you.
– Yeah. But I speak German. Fully, fluently German? Pretty much. Really? Could you speak a little German? How about I teach you
how to say something? Oh yes, teach me how to
say something in German. [CROWD CHEERING] Say ich bin. JIMMY: Ich bin.
– Ein. Ein. Oh, I know this one.
– No you don’t. JIMMY: Oh, OK. Ich bin ein [BLEEP]. – Ich bin ein [BLEEP].
– Mm-hmm. [BLEEP] [BLEEP].
What was that? [BLEEP]. JIMMY: Noch.
– Loch. – Loch?
– Like loch– Like a lake? Yes, yes. [BLEEP]
– OK. Ich bin ein [BLEEP]. – Does that mean I’m an [BLEEP]?
– Yep. Yeah, I just– yeah. [CROWD CHEERING] [LAUGHING] It’s hard to say, right? – Yeah.
– It’s hard to say. Well, I’m not
gonna say it again. But yeah, it’s hard to say. [LAUGHING] Well, it’s
great to have you here. Thank you for coming on
this special, special night of basketball that you
couldn’t care less about. [CROWD CHEERING] Sanda Bullock, everybody. “Ocean’s 8” opens Friday. Thanks for watching. And remember, every time you
click the Subscribe button, one of your enemies
gets destroyed.

100 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock Teaches Jimmy Kimmel German”

  1. She teaches him dirty words because, of course she does. She could have taught him something useful ("Ich möchte noch ein Bier!") or nice ("Du bist die schönste Frau der Welt") or literate ("Über allen Wipfeln ist Ruh'…") but now all American people once more are convinced that German is a foul language that sounds like a sore throat.

  2. Maybe she doesn´t like him? Why this word? I would have Chosen a different one, like Zerspanungstechnikerausbildungsverantwortlicher. 🙂

  3. Sandra bullock must’ve been so happy that whole video was just “beep beep beep beep beep”

  4. Wie sich die ganzen Deutschen hier aufgeilen weil sie ja gleich Deutsch UND drei „Sänk ju“-Brocken Englisch können. Sorry aber in Sachen Fremdsprachen sind wir nicht die Vorzeigenation.

  5. When i was watching elizabeth olsen sworn in russian on american TV, they didn’t bleep her. So why did u bleep german bad words?)

  6. its funny how germans freaking out only because a hollywood star speaks german, they behave like they ve won the second world war.

  7. Why dont she said something like : Entschuldigung, aber warum ist das schwierigste Wort in fast jeder Sprache immer das Eichhörnchen??? That would be cool. ??

  8. Θα μπορούσε να του μάθει μια πιο ωραία έκφραση από το: "Ich bin ein Arschloch."!!

  9. Die Amis ham echtn Knall. Was machen die eigentlich bei Schimpfwörtern in Finnisch, Bulgarisch oder Urdu? Wird dann auch gepiepst? ?‍♂️ Oh Mann ey….

  10. She speaks not only perfectly German…she grown up in Nürnberg, so she also speaks middl franconian dialect!
    "Im Kullnhuuf homms Hulzkulln gschdulln!"

  11. So we gonna ignore the fact that they beep out german swear words but german television doesent even censore the word itself…

  12. First German language lesson,
    Jimmy: Ich bin ein Archloch
    Sandra: Not good enough,repeat?
    Sandra: that's good ,one more time!
    Jimmy: Ich. …….

  13. Somehow, many German-speaking Americans always shed some bad light on German language. Examples include Sandra Bullock, Sarah Chalke, and Kirsten Dunst. Germans get a bad wrap because of their history anyhow, so, why constantly mock their language?
    For example, why not teach Jimmy something nice to say here?

  14. frage in einem anderen interview : könnten sie etwas auf deutsch sprechen
    sandra bullock: leck mi am oarsch :))))
    ich glaub sie ist aus bayern

  15. Oh cmon, why does it always have to be course words? Say something nice instead. That’s actually possible in the German language ?.

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