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The first great meme of 2018. Thank
goodness you’re here. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m
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daily and goodness like this. Memes. On January 16th, the Cheer Extreme YouTube
channel posted a video called “Senior Elite SOH 2018 Backstage
Performance and Awards.” The video is from the Spirit of Hope National Championship,
a cheer competition that took place at the Charlotte Convention Center in North
Carolina. There’s nothing really out of the ordinary about the video, except one
specific moment that has become a national phenomenon. Memes. Yup. Just before the performance
got started, the camera focuses on cheerleader Ryan Cummings and her
particularly confident pose. That same day, @setotheleft tweeted Ryan’s
timeless expression with the caption: “big mood.” That got over 77,000 retweets and
165,000 likes. And that one five-second clip has been viewed over 40
million times. I mean, gosh darn it. If only Vine were around. But it was a few days
until it took off into a full-blown meme. Memes. That’s when @dailyjosifer tweeted:
“white feminists after drawing a uterus on a poster.” And from there, it took on a
life of its own. I love to talk this way when I talk
about memes. Makes it seem very historic and special. Wanna hear about another meme?
Memes. I kind of look like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Actually, I look like my
doppelgänger, Overly Attached Girlfriend. That was a great meme to. Memes. Kelsi Mahfouz added: “How my professors look at me when I think I’m about to
enjoy my paycheck but they know how much their required textbooks cost.” And @topherth tweets: When a customer ask for a manager and the manager tells them the
same thing I said and I look back at them like.” Know Your Meme is already
calling it the “Smug Cheerleader,” but BuzzFeed has labeled it the “Sassy
Cheerleader.” So, which one is it? Smug or sassy? If you’re curious, the terms are
neck-and-neck in Google searches at the moment. Meme research. Johnny and Angie
Tilley, the videographers who captured this now timeless moment, have picked up
some new fans and seem pretty stoked that their work has gone viral. Ryan has
also been pleasantly surprised by the response. She told BuzzFeed: “When I made
that face, I was just thinking, I really want my team to kill it.”
I hear your girl. That’s exactly the face I make when I want them to kill it, like this
video. And I want my head to explode. As for her
future viral aspirations, she told BuzzFeed that she, of course,
wants to be on Ellen. I mean What’s Trending first and then
Ellen, of course. And a lot of people seem to identify with her reaction that has
gone viral. Like Emma Chambie who tweets: “I was a cheerleader and I was sassy too
please let me go viral I’m desperate.” And CommanderYen says: “Being an All-star
cheerleader is so glamorous. You really feel like that bitch.” And I’m sure they
meant bitch in a nice way. That’s why I call you bitch every single day, Jonathan.
Oh, bitch. You’re the… you’re the best, bitch. Memes. This kind of reminds me of the
McKayla Maroney meme. Remember from the Olympics? But that was more of a
disappointed sassy face, whereas this is a badass sassy face. Like she is ready to
win it. And “Sassy Cheerleader” has already earned the top spot among the other
sassy terms searched on Google, like sassy gay friends, sassy black woman,
Sassy the Sasquatch, and Beyonce ‘s sassy hair flip. Who knew there were so many
sassy memes out there, right? Memes. So have you ever felt like this cheerleader? And is
she being smug or sassy? Let us know in the COMMENTS below and be sure to LIKE
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