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School Board Allows ANYONE To Be A CHEERLEADER | What’s Trending Now!

School Board Allows ANYONE To Be A CHEERLEADER | What’s Trending Now!

Anyone can join the cheerleading team now,
even if they really suck at it. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Candace
Carrizales. You can subscribe for more social media news
every day. A high school in New Jersey has made a new
policy allowing anyone and everyone who auditions for the cheerleading squad to be admitted
to the team. The decision was made after a parent of a
student complained because their child did not make the high level team and was placed
on a lower level team. The rule applies to anybody in 11th and 12th
grade and automatically sends them to the high level team. And, underclassmen will be placed on the lower
level team. After the parent complained, the school decided
to start an investigation to see if there was anything shady with the audition process. Conclusion of the investigation? The school “discovered…an irregularity”
… “which called into question the validity of the results.” So long story short, they made it so everyone
can make the team now. I get it. Maybe this could seem like a positive thing…
possibly. Oh, how accepting. Anybody can make the team blah blah blah. But looking at it from another side, cheerleading
is a sport that requires a lot of training, and especially in this high school, they train
really hard and also the higher level competes in competitions and tries to you know get
big trophies and they’re trying to get accepted to programs with cheerleading and stuff like
that. So it makes sense why the cheerleading squad
would want to be selective of who they want to choose to be on the higher level team. Obviously people are pissed off, especially
the parents of the cheerleaders and the cheerleaders themselves. All that practice, all the time I’ve spent
in my cheer gym practicing, constantly flipping… I just broke. I was like I can’t believe like my hard work
just dropped. 10 cheerleaders spoke to the board of education
and ne of them said this: “I came up here to state that I did not
put in 18 months of work to lead up to this moment, just to be told it didn’t matter
anymore.” A lot of the parents speaking out are basically
saying, hey this stuff doesn’t happen in the real world. You need to like work for what you get. I guess. It’s a bad precedence because this really
actually isn’t the way that the world is and everybody you know doesn’t get a trophy. What about life? What about getting a job? You know, you’re going to have your mom come
with you too to hold your hand? Even former cheerleaders and coaches are surprised
by the decision. I was the head cheerleader and my sister didn’t
make it and my mom said well, you better get to work. The coach of the team said: “These kids are muscular. They’re strong. They’re fast.” “It’s not good for the image of cheerleading
in general because you’re talking about a sport that already has to fight to be recognized.” Now you know what the parents and students
are saying, so let’s see what people are saying on the online. Brickwall said: “New Jersey making it rule
for all to be able to join the cheer team. Before you know it high school football ain’t
gonna have tryouts everybody gets to play.” TweetsbyDre tweeted: “Cheerleading is not
meant for everyone.” And Amanda wrote a whole thread about the
policy. Some of the things she said include: “I agree
that the policy is ridiculous. Some of my best lessons came from not making
a varsity team.” She also said: “The PARENT of the girl made
the official complaint which lead to the policy change. I am sick & tired of the claims that “this
generation” doesn’t know the value of hard work because of participation trophies
& having everything handed to us.” And Catherine said: “This is the same policy
FHS and many other HS football programs have in place……interesting people have negative
opinions when the sport is changed from football to cheerleading.” So, what do you guys think about this policy? Do you think anybody should be allowed to
join any sport they desire, or do you think no? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching, and for more stories
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34 thoughts on “School Board Allows ANYONE To Be A CHEERLEADER | What’s Trending Now!”

  1. It's dumb for sure. No being trained or skilled in cheer leading can lead to not only serious injury but also hold back other teammates who are working for scholarships. Sounds like the parent that complained is just whiney bitch who spoilers their kid and wanted to create a whole brand new policy for their untalented kid lol

  2. Everyone should be allowed to join any team as long as they work their butt of and do good. We don't send random people to the olympics only the best of the best in their field.
    Don't be mad if you get put on the B Squad when your not able to perform at all. Now if there was a bias on who was allowed to be in A Squad that is different.

  3. I think, like here , you are always allowed to to partake but you have to meet the requirement of participating in every training and match. If you for fit a couple of training sessions you are simply let go.

  4. I actully agree with the cheerleaders. Also this has nothing to do with rhis generation. The cheerleaders should be selective

  5. Yes! I am chubby and I tire easily when doing light to moderate workouts. I want the same money and fanbase star athletes get. It's not my fault that I was born in a patriarchal society that values people's hard work over their dreams and feelings of inclusion!

  6. Too bad they weren't complaining about boxing. I'd love to see these pampered sissies in the ring so they get their asses kicked royally. They need it.

  7. This is a boring story but the school board said that there were "irregularities" in the audition process? Sounds like they were letting in friends of the team members and rejecting those who weren't and the school got pissed off.

  8. Candace, you should go join the team. The policy states that ANYONE can join? So you don't have to be in high school.

  9. You leftoid degenerates asked for this.
    You wanted to ''tolerate'' everything and scream ''hitler'' to everyone who disagree, well THIS IS WHAT YOU GET!
    YOU made your bed. If you can't see how YOU messed up with your propaganda in the last few years, you're legitimately stupid. LOW IQ, and should be eliminated.

  10. Your either talented or not, so just admit it! It takes a lot of work and time. Practice a bit more and soon you'll be put on the higher level teams. Life isn't easy, so grow up. You can't complain to get everything you want.

  11. This is just as stupid as saying that there should be 50% women and 50% men in all the different kind of works

  12. Anybody who applies for any job can get that job.
    No resume needed. No education needed. ? Is this where we're headed America?

  13. where do we stop? Truly? How can you discriminate Cheerleading from football? Hey, lets not stop there. Everyone goes to school so give them A's!!!

  14. I don't understand, when1 doesn't make it their thrown out your not good enough that's what that says , clearly DICREAMINATION

  15. What ever happen to having talent and if there no talent on the team it going to bring the team down for the ones that have the talent. I was a cheerleader in high school and had to work my butt off to get on the team. Not to mention you have to keep up the grades

  16. cheerleading isn't a sport or should be considered one. It's just a group of girls jumping up and down cheering on the football/basketball team.

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