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Season 14, Episode 10 Recap 👀 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Season 14, Episode 10 Recap 👀 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– We’re taking all of the
rookies through a true television interview with Meredith Land. I’m going to be watching and taking notes as Meredith interviews
the ladies, then the ladies are going to go into the radio and podcast booth where they’ll meet up with Scott Padgett, who’s
our chief meteorologist in town, but he’s also
our judge on our panel as well as Nikki Harrison
who hosts a podcast for the Dallas Cowboys. – So how do you sign the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders? Is there a sign for that? – [Nikki] Yes it is. – Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. – [Scott] Cheerleaders
– [Nikki] Cheerleaders – Wow! – Oh my goodness. – You didn’t know. – You learned something new today. – So how about Nick Foles
coming to the Cowboys? How do you feel about that? – Nick Foles coming to the
Cowboys is really exciting, and I think he has a good
future with the Cowboys. – Yeah, do you agree? – I don’t believe Nick
Foles will be coming to the Cowboys. However I am excited
to see Larry Allen Jr. and how he does in training camp. (sighs loudly) – Tonight takes training
camp to a new level. Jude is now going to
place the ladies in their formation for the game opening routine. – Starting the first
triangle on the 50 is… (dramatic music) Amy. (loud cheering)
(country music) – Did she say Amy? – Now I’m going to work
on the beginning of the triangle with Amy at the point. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three and four. This is the first time
that they’ve done this as a group. When you’re in that
tight pyramid you have to be all together or it
will really stand out, the ones that are still making mistakes. This time when you all go
to the second triangle, Maddie is going to the point. And Amy is going on this side. – A what? Judy made it a very
nonchalant formation change, wasn’t expecting it at all. – This gives us a second
look in the triangle. (loud cheering) – Hey friend, guess who
gets to fill your shoes as point? – You? (laughs softly) Oh my God! No Way! – I know. (laughs softly) So after lines, Maddie
then is point for the last part. – Oh cute. – I know, isn’t that cute. KaShara, she’s one of
my bridesmaids and my best friend and my rookie sister. So we’ve been through
it all and I’m just glad that now I get to share this special bond. – I love you friend. – Okay – Congrats. – Thanks, I love you. – Love you, bye. – Bye. – We have a little news to share with you. Julia was in a car accident
on the way to rehearsal. She’s gone to the hospital
to get fully checked out and hopefully on a road to recovery. I want to see the ladies
on the field tonight because this is now our stage. We need to see who’s field
ready, who’s game ready, and we need to condition for that. – [Judy] Amy’s really
doing great as the point of the triangle. – I love Amanda’s look on the board. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Lily’s making faces. I don’t think she know she’s doing it. (dance music) – Trying so hard to protect Cheyenne. She’s getting winded there. (dance music) Meredith does have a beautiful smile. (dance music) Oh Cat, know what your head is doing. (dance music) Well they look kind of,
not conditioned yet. (dance music) – First time, top to
bottom, stamina issues. – I’m praying the whole time. Not even kidding, I’m like, “God get me through this,
we can do this, keep going.” – I think the girls, you know
emotionally, have to be shot. They know that there’s
three more cuts coming. It’s who holds it together, right now. And you can definitely see
the ones who are rock solid. But you also see those
that feel the nerves. – Scott was not thrilled with
Julia during media training. “She tried to be engaging “but her nerves got the best of her.” “She pretty much told us
that she’s using the team “to advance her career. #TotalFail” – My whole goal doing DCC,
is to just have resume. You know I just want to have something, so that when I’m done with
this, they’re not like, “Oh, you worked at (beep) for two years. “How does that help you with you know, “getting a broadcast career.” (moaning) – I wish I’d never heard this. – If she’s only here to just
build a resume for broadcast. Then go work at a station. We’ve got other girls whose hearts and dedication are to the team. I want to call Julia into the office and find out how she’s doing. She was just in a car accident yesterday. And I also want to find the
time to review the results of her media training. We were wanting to talk to
you about your car accident. – Okay (loud groaning) This means so much to me and I just, I don’t want you to
think I’m a wimp and I, I will do whatever y’all want me to do. I promise. – Julia, what did the doctor say last night. – He just said I might
have a minor concussion and that it’s just going
to be sore for a few days. – Do you feel clear headed? – I feel like a little
foggy, and I have a headache – Anything else? – I have bruises on my legs and I… It was very scary. – Well, I’m glad you’re here to talk. – Yes. – But you don’t need to
be here to dance, so– – Okay. – We’re putting a pin in you
and where we are dance wise. ‘Cause you can’t do it and we don’t want you to do it right now. So we’re kinda just not
making a decision about you. So you see you need to calm down. – Okay. Okay. – I don’t want to cut someone prematurely. If I think it compromises her future here and I don’t take that lightly. So that’s why I’m very thorough and I try to make the best decisions. So we both came to the
conclusion that we’re not ready to make this decision yet.

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  2. Kelsey didn’t make the team one year because she didn’t know a position on the team (defensive linemen I think) Meredith flat out has no clue who plays for which team and she’s on the team.

  3. As tough as they are, Kelli and Judy don’t get enough credit for their compassion. They could’ve critiqued or let Julia go during that office visit, but they recognized it wasn’t the place or time. Kudos to them.

  4. That crying saved Julia cause she KNEW they were gonna lay it on she started hyperventilating and used that accident to her advantage

  5. Is it just me or did it seem like Julia was fake crying. She was crying but when they said we put a pin in your position she just at out stopped. I will keep saying this but Kat and Julia need to be kicked. Kat has constantly messed up and they dont want to cut her because she looks the part (looks arent everything). Julia has literally flat out said she's using the DCC to build ber resume (like wtf).

  6. I'm so surprised no one has mentioned that Amanda looks like a young Amanda Detmer. EXACT same person, even w the curly hair lol

  7. Lilly is probably going to get cut. She's being called out the most, for her facial expressions. Meredith and Kat should get cut, but …… well …… they're hot. lol Julia, who botched the interview by saying that DCC is only a stepping stone to her broadcast career should get cut just for saying that. They probably didn't cut her because of the car accident. I'm wondering if she just lied about that, because she knew that she botched the interview. She was obviously fake crying and she said that she had a minor concussion, but she didn't have any visible marks on her head. Hmmmm. She might get cut next week.

  8. This is a damn dance team not a lifetime career. Of course she should use this as a stepping stone. Why would she want to do this and be underpaid for the rest of her life? That’s stupid. She’s clearly passionate and can see how being apart of this team can impact the rest of her career.

  9. I just wish I could watch the actual show in my country. Not available to watch the full show but somehow still addicted to it when this is all I can watch

  10. Hopefully next years team will be better and they cut the right people next year because Meredith sucks regardless I'm done commenting on DCC I'm over it

  11. I love Judy and Kelli bc they have high standards and expect the best but they favor Meredith. She struggles in their style of dance and has no clue about Cowboys football. And the one furthering her career should have never said that out loud. They both need to go

  12. They keep giving Meredith chance after Chance and it’s crap. She doesn’t look right and she fumbled her interview I think worse the Kat

  13. Ok victoria had to have been given the questions beforehand because her response to Meredith's question seemed so rehearsed. Lol why they do meredith like that 😂.

  14. Meredith is a disaster. Like I don’t wanna hate on other people, because she’s way more talented than I could ever be, but this isn’t the team for her.

  15. I felt so bad for juli! She was so upset and worried she was going to be cut because she can't dance for a few days. Like girl you just had a car accident and concussion, no coach in their right mind would care about anything but your safety.

  16. Are you kidding me ? Meredith still in? And that girl that needs a resume ? Wow. So many girls were taken out at the smallest mistake and these two are getting a lot of passes it seems

  17. Media training is tough. No one is perfect. Except Victoria. But literally anyone can make a mistake on camera. Just have the girls stay away from reporters. They aren’t even allowed to talk to the players why should they be able to talk to reporters?

  18. Julia needs to be kicked off the team for what she said in her interview!!!!!
    Also where are those tears??
    CUT HER AND Meredith

  19. Maddie Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders making team vets veterans And Rookies pink wear blue jackets. Uniform. Dcc. uniform is Iconic in the Do


  20. I just saw them perform in person yesterday. I sat on section c112 in the front & it’s in the 50 yard line so it’s very close & I did not like amy as the point, the other girl with curly hair brought a better vibe. And I am not kidding you you can look it up if you don’t believe me there were some off beat in the entrance. Meridith wasn’t given a lot of tv at all only when she was exciting because I can only assume she really hasn’t gotten better. Idk over all I was very disappointed

  21. I understand completely why everyone hates on Meredith because the show highlights her mistakes. The girls that do get cut weren't spotlighted like Kat or Meredith (whom I believe both made the team). This show is prerecorded and edited to make for good TV filled with drama etc. Since I believe that Kat and Meredith both made the team, the creators of the show decided to showcase their journey to make the team. And not so much the others that did get cut. So in my opinion, the girls that did get cut may have had more negatives, and discrepancies in their performances that was just never highlighted or showcased. My favorite girl to watch is Amanda i could watch her dance all day. The strong rookies that did also make the team (Amanda and Kelcey to name two) all thru the show they were critiqued little and given lots of praises and it would be obvious to the viewer that they would make the team. They needed to show the ones struggling that did make it for better viewing and look at the comment section. Meredith was mentioned a lot. Publicity is publicity whether it's good or bad.

  22. Very strange that you don’t have many poc making the team…. it’s also very upsetting, a lot of them were very very talented. You have what? almost 57 cheerleaders and half of them are White with blonde and blue eyes. Make it more diverse people and not to mention MAJORITY of the Football team are poc.

  23. It’s amazing how the veterans make it look so easy, what a great example of “Everything is difficult before it can be easy” and “Practice makes perfect”.

  24. Julia should have said something like “I love this team so much, but when it’s time for me to hang up my pom-poms (or boots or whatever) I’m interested into going into broadcasting” lmfao with those fake ass tears she should have known how to spin a convo her way. Not that hard. You do those types of spins in job interviews.

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