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SEASON FINALE! Talking Tom and Friends – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Three (Season 1 Episode 51)

SEASON FINALE! Talking Tom and Friends – A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Three (Season 1 Episode 51)

(splatter) (pop) – [Hank] Previously on
Talking Tom and Friends. (panting) (screams) (vacuuming) (roaring) – Oh, okay. Can I tell you a secret? – No, don’t tell me! I can’t stand the pressure that
comes with keeping secrets. – Right! You’re so right. I kinda like Tom! (crowd gasps) – I have to tell you
something about Angela. – No he doesn’t. I have to make sure
Ben keeps that secret. – There’s no device that can
reach into someone’s brain and erase a memory. – Could you build one? – Hmm. Mmhm. Eureka! – Why didn’t you ever tell
me about the Talking Tom app? – Because that app is mostly
just me repeating what you say. – That’s why I love it! – That’s why I love it! – Thank you Mr. CEO. – Hey, call me Carl. – [Tablet] Now an intergalactic
force of brain suckers is roaming your streets. (gasps) – It’s on the internet! That means it must be true. I better warn everyone! (vacuuming) – Woohoo!
– Woohoo! Uh, oh yeah! (gasps) – [Hank] Whoa! – [Tom] Ah. (energetic music) (electrocuting) – ♪ Wuh-Oh. (giggling) (airplane zooming) (camera clicking) – What is that, the sun? – Ben? Is that you? – I’ll ask the
questions brain sucker! What have you done
with Tom’s brain? – Nice hat, Ginger. I bet it really keeps your
thoughts fresh longer. – Whatever. Have you seen Ben? Because we need to par-tay to the max. – Party? You guys are clear. The brain suckers haven’t
figured out how we party yet. – What brain suckers? – The intergalactic ones! – Oh, knock it off, Ginger. There are no such
things as brain suckers. – Oh yes there is! And I have some bad news. They already got
to Ben and Angela but they’ll never get me! – Where are Ben
and Angela anyway? – Aww. I can’t tell you. It’s too dangerous. What?
– Okay. – Uh, (whining) give it back! – First tell me where they are. – They’re at Angela’s! Now give it! – Knock yourself out Ginger. (phone dialing) (phone ringing) – Oh I am not taking that one. Mmmm. Hey Ben? Can you give me an update
on that mind eraser thingy? – [Ben] I’m almost finished. – First Ben and now
Angela’s not picking up. Hank, I want you to go over
to Angela’s and tell Ben to get over here. And tell him that we’re gonna
party like the tech tycoons that we are. (militant music) (calm music) (drilling) (sawing) (hammering) (jack hammering) (door squeaking) – Behold the solution
to our secret. The mind eraser. – Oh, I thought it’d be more impressive. – You’ll be impressed
when you see it erase yesterday’s memories. But first put on these
protector shades. Okay, I’m ready. Hit me. (sighing) Things we do to pretend
we’re not in love. Well I mean, not love
but you know what I… Here you go. – Whoa! (gibberish) – Oh, okay. Can I tell you a secret? – No, don’t tell me I
can’t stand the pressure! – You’re so right. I kinda like Tom! (rewinding) Did it work? (blinking) (cow bell shaking) – Did what work? Hey, why aren’t we at
your surprise party? (screams) I mean at your surprise
birthday party. Uhm! – Yes! Ben, it totally worked. You’re a genius! – Yeah, uh. – Hey (blinking) (cow bell shaking) could somebody tell
me why I’m here? – Hank! Uhh, you, came over to
test out how comfortable my couch is! – Sure that makes sense. Let’s see. (springing) Nice spring power. Cushions are suitably cushiony. (dramatic music) Angela gets the World
Wide Soap Opera Network? (sigh) – Really I do? (chuckles) I would never watch them. (chuckles) – (Soap Opera
Announcer) Previously
on Hospital de Passion. Dr. Rosa y Dr. Manzana
enter the tango contest. Or did they? – I don’t know but I’m not
leaving until I find out! – Well, I can’t remember
anything important I have to do today. (laughs) This is silly. Move over! (spanish guitar music) (sighs) – Why hasn’t Hank
come back with Ben? This conference
starts in an hour. – Oh I think we both know why. (vacuuming) (phone dialing) – [Hank] Bueno. – Hank, where’s Ben? Ben’s right here. Well get him over here so we
can practice our speech for the Tech Stars Conference. – Yeah, right. Like you’re going to that thing. – Carl invited us. – Huh. – The CEO, you were there! – Oh, I get it. You’re prankin’ me. Good one Tom. – What? No. (sighs) – Hank, it’s back on! – Hey, I gotta go Tom. We’re binge watching
Hospital de Passion. – What? – Who’s that? – Oh, just Tom goofin’ around. (dial tone) – No, don’t hang up. Ah! What is wrong? It’s like he’s acting like… – Like he doesn’t
have his brains? (vacuuming) – Pass me the tin foil. (sneaking music) (calm music) – No Dr. Rosa! It’s haunted. (screams) (crashing) (screams) (sizzling) – Hot cheese! Hot cheese! – Queso! Muy caliente queso. – Sorry, sorry, sorry. (sneaking music) – Come in Brains of Stone. What’s your position, over? – Copy that. I’m at the east end of the
rendezvous point, over. – Copy that! I’m at the wall stand. Do you have eyes on me? – Copy that, I’m on your six. (twinkling) Let’s go teach these brain
suckers some earth manners. And I’m all out of bubble gum. – Whoa! We can’t just walk
through the front door. They’ll totally expect it. We have to launch a sneak
attack through the window. (sneaking music) – There’s Ben. And Angela. Huh. It almost looks like they’re… – They’re dancing. Ugh! – Uh, there. – Got it. – And there. – Got it. – You missed a spot. Right there. (sighs) – So this is why they’re
been acting so strange? – Ugh! The only way this could
get more disgusting is if they kissed. – Ugh, no. (intense music) Yuck! – Okay. I’ve seen enough. (sad music) – Come on! Don’t leave. You and me can have our
own tech tycoon party. But what about that
Tech Stars Conference? You know that thing you
wouldn’t shut up about. You can’t pass up such
a great opportunity. – You’re right. This is a great opportunity. – Yes! – To tell everyone about
my dishonest partner, Ben and how he destroyed
our company! And Hank. How could he be okay with this? – No, no, no. You totally missed my point! – Doesn’t matter! – Wait, don’t go! (sighs) (fun music) – Welcome to the Tech
Stars Conference. It’s a great honor to tell
you about our star speakers, Tom and Ben. Two young visionaries,
workin’ in a local garage with little money and
a lot of creativity, they revolutionized the tech
industry and spread their vision of fun across the globe! (calm music) – Stand back! – Hey, Ginger. Where’s Tom? – Ooo! I can’t tell you. (whining) Give it back! Give it! Give it! Tom went to the Tech
Stars Conference. Now give it! – The Tech Stars Conference? – He tried to reach you
all day but you and Angela were too busy. We saw you dancing and kissing! (gasps) – Uh-oh. (worried music) – Tom and Ben of Tom
and Ben Enterprises. (applause) – Mr. CEO, Carl. Thank you for inviting
us here and telling the world our story. Next slide please. My partner, Ben, is a
dishonest girlfriend stealer. (audience gasps) Next slide. And since my company is now
a painful reminder that you can’t trust anyone, not
even your closest friends! Next slide. I don’t want any part of
Tom and Ben Enterprises! (audience gasps) – What a minute, that’s Ben? – So to all of you in the
audience, congratulations it’s your lucky day. I’m giving away my company. Our inventions, our ideas,
our apps, everything. Use it, sell it,
I don’t even care. Just take it. – Wait, seriously? – Tom stop! What are you doing? – Oh look everybody, it’s Ben. I wish I could give him away. Ow! (grunting) Ow, quit it! (fun music) Get off me! (grunts) – Tom, Ben and I
are not together. – Can you even
believe these liars? – It’s true, Tom. We saw it wrong. – It was just a
snack spill, Tom. A snack spill! – What about not
answering my calls? It sure seemed like you
were trying to keep a secret from me. – Well actually we were but now I think I have to tell you. – Too late, don’t
care, not listening. I don’t even wanna…
– The secret is I like you, Tom! (sentimental music) A lot. – What? – Why is this so hard to say? – I don’t know. But now that you said it,
Angela, I like you too. A lot. – Really? – Yes. But wait. Why would you ever wanna
keep such good news a secret, it’s crazy. – Because, I was afraid it
would make things weird and would distract you from your
work and hurt your company. – Aww. – I don’t know. – Sorry to ruin this touching
moment but we don’t have a company anymore because
Tom just gave it away! – Oops. – Maybe I can get it back. Okay you guys keep your eyes
closed until I say it’s safe to open them. – So I’ll take the Talking
Tom app and Greg, you can take the milkshake thing. – [Greg] Woohoo! – And Jerry you take a hike! – [Jerry] Ah! – Hey, my microphone. – Hey tech tycoons!
(gasps) Look up here! (buzzing) Okay, you can open your eyes. Congratulations,
you’re the new old new owners of Tom and Ben Enterprises. – What, you did it? – Thanks to my brilliant
invention, one I don’t remember making, everything
is back to normal. – Well, maybe not everything. (sentimental music) – Oh, man! I can’t watch this. – Aww. (camera clicking) – Huh? – Ugh! – Hey guys look what I
found, what does this do? – [Angela] Wait, no! (buzzing) (energetic music)

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  2. Aw I miss these times. When we were just waiting for them to confess. Now they're a couple and everyone is just like, "Meh."

  3. Me when I was six: Dannngggg Tom is cuteeee
    Then six year old me watching this episode: Nooooo! He’s now dating Angela 😭💔

  4. Why do they censore kissing moments but they don't censore child abuse moments or death moments?

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    tom: whaaaaaaaa?

    Edit: im so sorry for the spoil talking tom and friends! 🙁

  9. I like the s4 tom better. Beacause he's wearing clothes in the fourth season. And he's like nakin on this season.10:13 Ben:a snack spill! Me:What does that mean huh? "Snack spill"? What does snack spill mean? Im so confused!

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