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Sesame Street: Karate School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Sesame Street: Karate School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

CHILDREN: [SINGING] Mary has a little lamb. MURRAY: [RAPPING] Yo. Murray has a little lamb,
who wears a little bow. CHILDREN: Go, Murray. MURRAY: Together they go
everywhere amigos like to go. CHILDREN: Mu– Murray. MURRAY: He follows her
to school each day. They run. They spin. They leap. CHILDREN: Go, Murray MURRAY: Yo. Everybody loves to see a
monster and his sheep. And they all say. CHILDREN: Murray has
a little lamb. MURRAY: [SPEAKING NORMALLY] Oh, boy. I wonder where Ovejita’s
going to lead us today. OVEJITA: Escuela! MURRAY: Huh? [GROANS] Escuela? What school are we going to? OVEJITA: [? Avenina. ?] MURRAY: Yeah. So– On, no, no, no. I need some clues first. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Come on. Ooh, a newspaper box. Are we going to check
our horoscopes? OVEJITA: No. MURRAY: Un cinturon. Un cinturon. What’s un cinturon? OVEJITA: Un cinturon! [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Hey. This looks like a belt. OVEJITA: Un cinturon. MURRAY: Oh. Un cinturon must mean
a belt in Spanish. OVEJITA: Si. Un cinturon. MURRAY: And it looks
like a white belt. OVEJITA: Blanco. MURRAY: Is blanco how you
say white in Spanish? OVEJITA: Un cinturon blanco. MURRAY: Oh, a white belt. Wait a minute. What kind of school do you
need a white belt for? OVEJITA: [? Avenina. ?] MURRAY: Yeah. So– No, no, no. I need some more clues. OVEJITA: [GROANS] MURRAY: Come on. Whee! Woah! This is no time for a
hot dog, Ovejita. OVEJITA: Un cinturon verde. MURRAY: Wait. Un cinturon. I know what that means. Un cinturon is belt
in Spanish. But what’s un cinturon verde? OVEJITA: Un cinturon
verde, por favor. MURRAY: Oh. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: It’s a green belt. OVEJITA: Un cinturon verde. MURRAY: OK. So we have a green belt– OVEJITA: Un cinturon verde. MURRAY: –and a white belt. OVEJITA: Un cinturon blanco. MURRAY: And I still have
no idea what kind of school we’re going to. OVEJITA: [GIGGLES] [? Avenina. ?] MURRAY: Yes. Oh, can’t you just tell me? OVEJITA: No. MURRAY: That little lamb sure
loves to play guessing games. Let’s go. Oh, there you are, Ovejita. What’s the next clue? OVEJITA: Patada. MURRAY: Patada? What’s patada? OVEJITA: Patada. MURRAY: [GASPS] Did you see that? The statue just kicked. Wait a minute. Does patada mean kick
in Spanish? OVEJITA: Si. Patada. MURRAY: Oh. What kind of school
has a white belt– OVEJITA: Cinturon blanco MURRAY: –and a green belt– OVEJITA: Cinturon verde. MURRAY: –and kick? OVEJITA: Patada. MURRAY: Wait a minute! I think we’re going to– ALL: Karate School! OVEJITA: Escuela de karate. STUDENTS: [YELLING] TEACHER: [INAUDIBLE] GIRL: [YELLING] MURRAY: What kind of moves
do you do in karate? LIZ: Well, we do stuff
with our hands. MURRAY: OK. You’ve got hands. LIZ: Open hand. GIRL: [YELLS] LIZ: Fists tight. BOY: [YELLS] LIZ: We use our elbows. BOY: [YELLS] LIZ: We use our feet. BOY: [YELLS] MURRAY: Wow. You use a lot of things
in karate. LIZ: All the parts
of your body. MURRAY: What is the white
outfit you have on? LIZ: This is called
a karate gi. MURRAY: A gi? STUDENTS: [YELLING] MURRAY: I can’t wait
to put on a gi. LIZ: Yeah, you should
have one. But you should wear
a white belt. MURRAY: A white belt? LIZ: Yes. MURRAY: Well, wait a minute. I can’t get one of those
fancy black belts? LIZ: Well, you can if you
train really hard. The more you train, the more
belts you advance. And have your white belt
all ready for you. MURRAY: Oh my goodess. Oh, I can’t wait to
try on my gi. Thank you very much, Liz. I’ll see you in the dojo. LIZ: Yeah. MURRAY: Check out my gi. I’m ready for karate school. I’m so excited. STUDENTS: [YELLING] OVEJITA: [YELLING] MURRAY: [GROANING] Hey, Keiji, what kind of stuff
are we going to learn in karate class today? KEIJI: We’re going to
break the boards. MURRAY: We’re going
to break boards? KEIJI: Yes. MURRAY: Do you think I’m ready
to break a board yet? KEIJI: Sorry, no. MURRAY: Oh. How about now? Am I ready to break
a board now? KEIJI: No. MURRAY: How about now? Now am I ready? KEIJI: No, sorry. MURRAY: Oh. BOY: [YELLS] MURRAY: Can you show me your
kicks and punches? BOY: Yeah. MURRAY: Let me see. Wow. That’s a good kick. LIZ: In class, we’re going to
start with a little bit of meditation first. MURRAY: Meditation? What do I do with meditation? LIZ: Well, we close our eyes. MURRAY: Uh-huh. LIZ: And then we focus and
get ready for what we’re about to do. MURRAY: And then what’s
going to happen? LIZ: And then we stretch
a little bit. MURRAY: Stretch a little bit. Like this? LIZ: Yeah, like that. STUDENTS: [YELLING] MURRAY: And is there any other
special things I have to do before I start? LIZ: Well, you definitely have
to know how to say “osu.” MURRAY: Osu. LIZ: That is the sign
of respect. STUDENTS: Osu. MURRAY: Oh, sensei,
one more thing. LIZ: Yeah. MURRAY: Am I ready to
break a board yet? LIZ: Not quite. ALL: [YELLING] MURRAY: How do you do a punch? [GRUNTS] Like that? GIRL: Yeah. MURRAY: OK. Here I go. [GROANS] GIRL: [GIGGLES] MURRAY: Am I ready to
break a board yet? TEACHER: No. MURRAY: Oh. ALL: [YELLING] MURRAY: Can you show me
how to kick again? BOY: Kick. MURRAY: Yeah. I’m going to try. You ready? Here I go. Kick. Woah! Oh, uh, can you help me up? [GROANS] STUDENTS: [YELLING] MURRAY: Hey, Sophie
what do you learn here at karate school? SOPHIE: I learn fighting– MURRAY: Yeah. SOPHIE: –and kata. MURRAY: Kata? What’s kata? SOPHIE: It’s a combination
when you move a lot. STUDENTS: [YELLING] MURRAY: Here I go. I’m going to break a board. KEIJI: [GIVES COMMAND] MURRAY: [YELLS] Oh. Didn’t do it. I’ll get this. TEACHER: [YELLS] GIRL: [YELLS] MURRAY: Hi-ya! I did it! I broke a board. Thanks for showing me
how to do it, Keiji. KEIJI: You’re welcome. MURRAY: [YELLS] I love karate school. OVEJITA: [YELLING] MURRAY: [LAUGHS] See you next time at school. OVEJITA: Escuela. MURRAY: Come on, Ovejita. Hit the bag. OVEJITA: [YELLS] MURRAY: Woah! OVEJITA: [GIGGLES]

37 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Karate School | Murray Had a Little Lamb”

  1. I dunno man, this Sesame Street skit isn't all that good.

    It seems to be geared towards older kids, and is styled as if it was like Popular Mechanics for Kids…

    They should not mess with the classic Sesame Street formula's for funny skits.

  2. I always wanted to do Martial Arts but I haven't had the chance. I have done Kickboxing which is Mixed Martial Arts, just for fun, not for tournaments or competitions.

  3. You know, I tried karate when I was in 1st grade but I didn't like it as much as I first thought I would

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