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Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Five Step Boxing in Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu Stretches & Moves : Five Step Boxing in Shaolin Kung Fu

Now let me introduce you a basic form of basic
movement of Shaolin Karate – Five Step Boxing. It is also practice in Woo Sho. The Five Step
Boxing includes half stand, full stand, empty stand, cross stand and crouch stands. Okay.
Incorporate all five different stands into the movement along with the hands, and the
legs and the eyes. So now let’s start. First, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Okay let’s go again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the Five Step Boxing.

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  1. -_- I'm no fan of expert village, but I AM a martial arist, and I think it's something like this:
    1, 2, 3 = STEP 1
    4, 5 = STEP 2
    6, 7, 8, 9 = STEP 3
    10. 11 = STEP 4
    12 + bow at end = STEP 5
    STEP 1, STEP 2, STEP 3, STEP 4, STEP 5 = Five Step Boxing

  2. @chikibambam1 … I knew the importance of that. I just posted that to illustrate to people why he did twelve steps instead of five.
    And if you doubt that I'm a martial artist, my credentials are 1st Degree Black Belt in American Karate. If you want, I can PM you my instructor's name.

  3. @kimjung24 Have you looked for practitioners in your area? Kung Fu, like any martial art can be learnt at any age and in any environment, you ideally DO however, need to learn under a master and not of course from videos or books.

  4. I am a Shaolin 5th year student, the '12 moves' of the '5 step' refer to the 5 stances that are being utilized. Effectively this is broken into 12 separate moves in order to show you the flow that is utilized with Shaolin. This is merely a very basic introduction seeing as there are quite a few more stances.

  5. Does anyone know the names of the patterns? The ones with an asterisk are the ones I'm not sure about. Does anyone have any insight?
    Sun Emerges from Clouds*
    Hide Dragon Show Tiger
    Black Tiger Steals Heart
    Rising Dragon Galloping Tiger
    White Horse Turns Head
    Pressing Palm at False Leg*
    Low Punch at Unicorn Stance*
    Dark Dragon Enters Well at Single Leg*
    Crouching Stance
    White Snake Crosses Valley
    Lift Lantern Lead Way
    Separating Palms*

  6. The word that chinese use for "stance" is 'bu', which is actually "step", as they were not originally intended to be fixed. So when he says step, he means stance. It's for practicing 5 stances. 😀 Bow, Horse, Rest, Flat and Empty Stance.

  7. I know this, but Mandarin is the biggest, and Shaolin is from a Mandarin speaking place, so I just thought it would be assumed anyway. :l But I guess it was, cos you know what I meant.

  8. I mean, why did you want to tell me all this. I told that guy what I knew cos he wanted to know. I never really said anything about wanting to know about the Chinese's linguistic history. I'm not annoyed, btw, it seems so though.

  9. this steps are amazing than I,.,i also a martial artist but not like this.,.its amazing step boxing.,

  10. muy bueno las lecciones de kung fu lastima que no este traducido al castellano pero se puede aprender algo viendo

  11. muchas grácias por tus técnicas !!! … me sirviéron y me las sé de memoria me ayudan múcho en aprender nuevas técnicas apra el estílo de combáte diferente que sera util para cuando te peléas con otras personas !!! … me gustó este video y aguante el kung fú ! y los monjes shaolínes! son lo más interesante que háy en este mundo lléno de locos !! 😀

  12. the master huo said in the past century "there is not a best style,all styles are good, the weakness of a style is on the fighter,non on the proper style.the competitions of diverses styles are to know our own weakness not to show who are the best.there is not a best style simply there are bad fighters".

  13. Not all styles are good. If you're exerting yourself with superfluous motions because you brought unnecessary gymnastics into a fight your style is a handicap. Now, this does not mean you'll lose, but you'll have to be an even better fighter to win; and if your style were more effective or efficient, you could've been that much more effective a fighter.

    Of course, movements and styles that are inefficient for fighting could still be used to train the body better for a more purposeful style.

  14. Not acutaly, gymnastic help your movement and agility so you would be in advantage to guy whos acrobatic maximum is roll

  15. you do realize that karate is an offspring of kung fu right ? which means the difference is not very big
    to be more precise Karate isnt japanese its okinawan, which is roughly between china and japan. with that said style doesnt win. skills does, skills come from hours of hard work.

    Anyway from your statemens its clear that youre either, A young student that cant grasp the essence of martial arts, or just a fanboy that have never tried martial arts.

  16. well the bio of karate founder doesnt says that studie kung fu.martial arts is like Traditions of each country to protect themselfs.kung fu is chinaise martial art,karate is japanaise.taekwon do (ITF) is korean and pagration is greek martial art,for many the father of all martial arts.respect to all martial arts and to all civilisations!

  17. This is why I tend to like Chan Philosophy Wu'gong and the wholesome deeds .. the Virtues of character etc. Martial arts are good for feeling well , but it does have a negative karma or mindset at times. They are all of the same tree purpose is to improve the mind body and spirit…. cultivating each other seems more important than where or what style beats what.

  18. at first I'm like "dude that's not 5 steps that's definitely 12" haha.. then I watched his feet. starting practice now 🙏

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