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Shaunie Gets Fired Up & Jennifer Gets an Icy Welcome | Basketball Wives

Shaunie Gets Fired Up & Jennifer Gets an Icy Welcome | Basketball Wives

– Can I just tell you
we had a conversation. CeCe was saying I guess
she’s planning a wedding. I guess Byron wants
your husband to be the best man or whatever, and, like,
they don’t want to invite you. – Please say that again.
– She said Byron has more of the issue
with you going than she does. – I want her to say
that to my face. Say what you just said to me,
like, verbatim, and I really feel like Malaysia
would be like, “That’s not my cousin.” – Malaysia. – Byron would never. – I’m telling you
what she said. – Do you see my face?
– What? What happened? – I guess there was
a conversation about the “wedding” and that Byron would love
to have her husband, his son, as the best man
but that she’s not invited. – Would he ever exclude me?
– No. And that’s why I’m trying
to get you guys together so that this don’t happen. – Malaysia, right now,
I am [bleep] family. I didn’t do [bleep].[dramatic music]– Hi. – Oh, really?
That’s what we doing? Oh, no, she didn’t. Okay. – Oh, my God.
– Where’s my [bleep] purse?– I’m starting to think
that Jennifer likes
to be the center of drama,
because why would you show up if you had so much
negative [bleep] to say? – That is so bad.– I came here to be
the bigger person.
And it is not a warm welcome
up in here. – I’m leaving with you.
– Okay.– I’m trying to give Jennifer
a chance.
Don’t come around my kids
with that whole energy that you had talking to somebody else
about their daddy. That’s what
you’re not gonna do. – I said don’t let her
in this [bleep] party. Now here she is
in my [bleep] party, with my [bleep] kids.
Shareef. – I get it. I get it.
– Get [bleep]. Don’t [bleep] with me
and my family. – Are you [bleep] kidding me?
– Come on. – CeCe, you ready?
– [bleep] that. This is my [bleep]. – I don’t want anything to do
with that at all. – Yeah, it’s, like…
– They have plenty opportunity. – I don’t know where to go. Everywhere I turn,
there’s something going on. – That is foul as [bleep].
– I will fight you. All of Englewood
will come out of me about my kids, bottom line. – Everybody, breathe in.
– All right. – Shaunie is just
very pissed off. What did you say to Kristen?
Like, something along the lines of her husband has fooled
around on her before, so why is she so upset
about the rumor? – It’s fact. – Jennifer, that’s how
you’re gonna say it?– Kiss my ass.

100 thoughts on “Shaunie Gets Fired Up & Jennifer Gets an Icy Welcome | Basketball Wives”

  1. How do you run from your own event…did Shaunie call her kids ‘lil fucqers’..etiquette out the fucqen window

  2. It's nothing wrong with facts and truth that's why these girls don't like Jennifer. And Malaysia need to shut the f up and mind her own business all this gossip between GROW Ass women smh pathetic all bark and no bite

  3. You know how i know this show is fake? Cause every time shaunie says someone wont be back next season they always come back. Jennifer boo they dont like you they are tired if your lies and drama go away and get a real job so you dont have to keep being shaunies pay check. I hate how shaunie acts like she did everything on her own but she would be broke if it wasnt for Shaq. She owes him 50% at the very least.

  4. What does Evelyn do for a living outside of laying up and making babies with athletes with the hope of being a wife?

  5. I think that she left because she knows that Jennifer has a smart ass mouth. She knows that if she would have kicked her out who knows what would have come out of her mouth. And she knew that whatever followed would just have been a result of inappropriate behavior around her kids. Which she also would not want her kids to have to see so she just left all together

  6. Look at these Basketball wives shows like they are scripted 👀. If you pay attention you would notice that there’s a lesson in every storyline 😩

  7. It is so sad that these women in there mind think they've worked so hard to start businesses and be so called successful its disgusting to see these women that slept around to get to this point if it wouldn't be for the simps that married them they wouldn't be here doing all this nonsense

  8. Shaunie always talking about Inglewood . Like Jen said MFS from Inglewood and The Bronx get they ass beat. #SIMPLE

  9. See that's how the drama keeps flowing, everybody running back telling everything and I'm sure it's not being told right. Things taken away and other stuff gets added.

  10. Why is Shaunie leaving her party? Shaunie did not handle this situation like a boss because she should have had Jennifer escorted out.

  11. Shaunie wanted a moment and it just didn’t work. Girl, you had all of this franchise, to let all of Inglewood to come out of you and you didn’t. Now is not the time sis.

  12. So if Jen came by herself they would be all over her. I thought Jen said she message Shaunie when Shaunie's son was getting better. Did she ignored Jen's message?

  13. Boy o boy wait until Malaysia found out that her supposed to be cousin Kristen he's the one that been spreading the rumors the whole season I want to see Malaysia get up in her face Kristian

  14. Shaunie you need to be off to show as well Jennifer just came in there minding her business you're the one making the big scene for nothing

  15. Im pretty sure they talk about Jennifer only thing is their stuff isn't getting aired out because of so-called friendship y'all are wack

  16. Kristen, *Asks flip-flopping, weird ass Malaysia*: Would he ever exclude me?
    Malaysia 🤥: No

    Well, he did. What Kristen and Malaysia fail to realize is that Byron really doesn’t like her. That man wants nothing to do with her and I don’t blame him. You came on a show and turned your back on his fiancée so that you could be cool with the popular girls, all while trying to make it seem as Byron is a bad grandparent. When that didn’t go in your favor and Byron stopped fucking with you, you proceeded to make it seem like it was CeCe’s fault and garnered sympathy from the “collective” because you know that they don’t care for Cece. CeCe didn’t make you turn on her and she damn sure didn’t make you say those things about Byron. You need to hold yourself accountable for your child-like actions and Malaysia needs to stop coddling you like a damn baby and tell you the truth, before Byron is done with her ditzy ass too.

  17. that's stupid. shaunnie if that's your event have the woman escorted out not you and your entourage pick up and leave that's so backwards 🤣

  18. Jennifer is a virgo, if something is a fact no matter where we are or how much it hurts it's hard for us to sugar coat it. It's like having a out of body experience to lie about it and cover up a Fact

  19. These crappy ass women except for CeCe, Og , and Jackie loves to bully women. But later on they try with CeCe and OG and guess what. They match their match. Especially Kristen.

  20. 2:12 Shaunie is getting all "aggressive" and "angry" saying she will fight Jennifer for talking crap about her ex-husband, yet Shaunie tries to shame OG for standing up for herself against the others cast members talking crap. #doublestandards #colorism101

  21. Now we all know she ain't gonna fight NOBODY 😅😅😅😅😅😅 especially Jennifer who will she YOUR ASS all day.

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