100 thoughts on “‘She Hired Somebody To Kill You; They Just Didn’t Do It,’ Dr. Phil Says To Parents Of Teen”

  1. I would never thank a police officer for their service… they harass the public & kill unarmed citizens on the daily. Law enforcement is SO corrupt. I guarantee you this step father backed up one of his cop friends when they were in the wrong. GUARANTEED

  2. Parents abuse their kids and expect their kids to grow up fine! No they did something to that girl, she is resentful and angry, she wouldn't act like that for no reason.

  3. This girl is extreme. Her relationships will be extreme, men who test her physically and emotionally. She needs Ubertherapy. She doesn’t know how to be in a loving relationship she doesn’t know what full protective love feels like because her m7m took her eye off the ball and didn’t stand up for her when her bones were be8ng broken,

  4. The mom can’t keep her eyes open or hardly any eye contact with dr phill and that makes me so uneasy. She’s not telling the full truth here.

  5. It’s not the BF it’s their daughter making these decisions stop making poor excuses for her she Makes Her Own Decisions!!

  6. Abused or not abused you should never get ur parents killed for F sake ! that's a poor excuse to say oh she was abused .BS

  7. Thats why kids don't need boyfriends and girlfriends, at such a young age, save that until adulthood. And that why an good beat down is highly good for bad kids. Thats whats wrong with you so called educated folks, most of these kids need whoopins, I promise you allot of this mess they doing will stop.

  8. Even in the bible Jesus says. If you think about committing a crime even if you don't do it. But in your heart you did then you are guilty of that crime. Meaning even if she didn't had pay for the murder she is guilty of murder already. That goes for every single one of us. So please be very careful what you wish/desire for others.

  9. Why does she turn her head to Phil, while talking, but closes her eyes just as she turns to "look" at him? It is driving me insane

  10. This is that yolo demon disease taught by shows like family guy and the simpsons… teaches kids parents and laws are stupid and to disregard any semblance of respect or discipline. C

  11. Being a step parent is so very hard. You give all your love, time, support, and money, think your in a loving reciprocal relationship, and it can turn on a dime.

  12. If that happened to my daughter I wouldn't be thinking of moving in another man in my home! I would date but the focus would be my child. This family is hiding something.

  13. Being raised by a single mother is the #1 predictor of negative life outcome for the child. Over 70% of all inmates come from single parent households. How many of these shows involve broken (non biologically intact) families? Nearly all
    Boy, Mom sure hit the wall HARD!

  14. Couldn't the staff shown at better photo with the daughter and stepdad.
    it's like saying here your go DEVIL PRINCESS
    wear these shoes when you steal my money to pay someone to kill me.

  15. Like this is off topic but she is beautiful no matter what even when she took that “mugshot” thing I don’t really know if it is a mugshot

  16. well the daughter obviously had something that ruined her to make her act like this. it's no excuse for trying to murder her parents but it's good to look at both sides of the story

  17. So the police officer father in law caught her with drugs but didn’t do anything but go back to work and arrest someone else for the same thing..?

  18. People need to understand that her eyes are not closed she's wearing fake eyelashes …that she keeps battering around

  19. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I never hired someone to kill my parents. But I’ve attacked my jail guard stepdad multiple times because of his mental & physical abuse he did to me. Then when I was sexually abused by a family friend and no one believed me I got into a fight again. It’s almost as is I needed love and the right kinda attention 😬

  20. Why does she keep her eyes closed while talking! That's a weird thing to do. Also her shrugging on everything is annoying to the superlative.

  21. There’s the possibility that the step father molested her in he early years . He’s a cop and the truth will never come up and he’ll never be punished .
    That girl looks sweet , I have been through some abuse and I know …
    Hates mother , father and LAW ENFORCEMENT . Probably , law doesn’t enforce ? I feel sorry for her . She called the police on her parents in an attempt to break free . Poor poor poor girl !!!

  22. There is something not right here! As the mother constantly shuts her eyes when talking ! Signs of deception!and she keeps blaming everybody else!!.?

  23. It's odd, if my child had a broken leg, I am going to find out EXACTLY how it happened (if you press a child of that age, they are going to tell you) but a year later she finds out that her child was being abused! The mother's general responses now are also very odd – it as if her daughter smashed her car rather than tried to have her killed.

  24. i watched the show&it seems everyone was making excuses for this poor girl who tried 2 have her parents killed..give me a fkn break.

  25. I'll put my money on the parents are controlling and tried to shelter her. So she hangs out with the cool kids to rebel.

  26. Why is everyone talking about the mothers eyes? Has it ever ordered to you perhaps she may have issues with her eye muscles or nerve problems

  27. "unwillingness to see' the mom is completely off …. she keeps shutting her eyes. Why is their child not with them at this interview.

  28. The most annoying video I have ever seen in my life! Her damn eyes are pissing me off! I'm surprised Dr. Phil didn't say anything?

  29. Mom pisses me off. She’s hiding something. She obviously is not good at communicating with her daughter and it hurt her so much that she broke. Snapped and lost it.

  30. If the “drugs” made her do something like this. I can see something even more horrible happening when she’s older and on her own able to use drugs freely, she’s obviously mentally unstable she needs to be locked away before she hurts someone.

  31. I grew up with her from elementary school to middle and shes never seemed close to her mom or stepdad, Never wouldve thought she wouldve done all that.

  32. Lol ya that guy does look like the kind of person to be like “now sir I’ve stopped you today because I’m detecting a strong marijuana order coming from your car” 😂😂😂

  33. The mother is an emotionally lazy, slovenly woman. They deserve the little *itch they raised and are still protecting.

  34. I don't know guys, I believe there's plenty reasons why someone might avoid eye contact when they speak. I've done the same thing my entire life, whether I was lying or not. I tend to look away when I speak, and keep eye contact when the OTHER person is speaking. It's a comfort thing, I guess. Due to anxiety (I know that's become a buzzword these days, but many really do battle with it) and a bundle of other issues I don't wish to discuss here, my mind races a mile a minute as I speak, and looking away from the person, helps me to focus my thoughts better. It doesn't have to make sense to you, it is just something helps, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe the mom IS completely bullshitting, maybe she isn't. I just…I just can't help but feel that some people overestimate their ability to read body language.

  35. Seems to me that the situation is clear, the mother has always failed to protect, shield, and defend her daughter properly. She allowed her ex husband to abuse her to the point of broken bones and possible sexual abuse which she minimizes and claims she had no knowledge of it. She can’t even look Dr. Phil in the eyes. She seems like the type that would allow a man to make all decisions for her and her child good or bad despite the daughters feeling. The daughter probably resents this and has developed a level of hatred for both of them.

  36. And some say all law enforcement officers are cruel and evil😂, gosh i feel so bad for this parent's, but mom also needs help so that her daughter can turn around.

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