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Shenango football game closed to community after cheerleader protest

Shenango football game closed to community after cheerleader protest

It’s Friday night, and that means high school football across our area. But two teams from Pennsylvania are already on the field. This time there will be no fans in the stands — just players’ parents. 27 First News Reporter Nadine Grimley explains the decision from a few cheerleaders that’s impacting an entire community. It’s our TOP STORY at 6. Earlier this afternoon — Players, coaches, and other members of Shenango High School’s Football team boarded their busses, and headed to Cornell for an early kickoff. It’s a matchup that was supposed to be surrounded by homecoming festivities, but instead — the game closed to the community, with only player parents allowed in the stands. These changes were made in fear of protests, after 12 of Cornell’s cheerleaders took a knee during the National Anthem at a game earlier this season with members of a local VFW post in attendance. A move that sparked outrage from a lot of people, including military mom Randi Mariacher. In a statement on the Cornell School District’s website — Superintendent Aaron Thomas says they’ve apologized to the veterans and look forward to moving on writing quote “it’s time to move past the displeasure and anger, and discuss healing and community building.” In Pennsylvania, Nadine Grimley WKBN 27 First News.

3 thoughts on “Shenango football game closed to community after cheerleader protest”

  1. No it is not time to move on with the leftist liberal Superintendent. Young people have been taught to disrespect American traditions and the people that served in the military. He must take responsibility for his infected leftist actions. Damn him as a coward. This issue is going to get a whole lot more awful. The young females had and have a First Amendment Right to act as they did. Remember though, some of the stood as proud young American Women and must be honored. They did not all act in a disrespectful manner. Look now for a movement to replace the National Anthem. The hate will grow with this issue. DRS / USMC 1966 – 1970

  2. Quote "We have experienced a conflict and controversy
    that has challenged us in ways we didn’t think were possible prior to this.
    " He did not think, just as he is teaching those young ladies not to think
    ahead. This is one of the examples of why our country is failing within the
    education system. We will move on when he admits he made the wrong decision to
    allow the students ´to use our "elderly" veterans to protest against
    what should be a protest against the Governor’s offices, the Sherriff’s offices
    and the Major’s offices across the county ; failing to properly train, counsel,
    evaluate , discipline our public police force. He should have explained to
    these students the difference between state and federal authority and
    responsibility. If he had this would not have happened. He should be removed from his postion. #SNAFU

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