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Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Front Sweep in Shorin-Ryu Karate

Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Front Sweep in Shorin-Ryu Karate

How are you doing? My name is Sensei Qaeem,
on behalf of Expert Village. I’ll be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu karate. In this segment, we’re
going to be demonstrating the front sweep. Now the front sweep, is what you are going
to use to get your target or your subject off balance. You want to try to put him on
the ground to protect yourself. We’re going to put a sort of a couple of moves together
in order to reach that target of the front sweep. First, what we are going to do is you
are going be on your back stance. Normally, when you are self defending yourself, you
always want to be in a comfortable stance. You want to be in your back stance and what
we are going to do is, we are going to move to the side here. You’re going throw a knife
hand block. The subject is going to punch; you are going to do reverse punch at my chest.
I’m going to do a knife hand block. What I am going to do is I’m going to step in
with my back leg. When you are stepping in with your back leg, you want to get behind
your target. Then you are just going to use the motion of your waist to take him down.
Now, I’m going to bring in my partner, Mohammed. I’m going to demonstrate the front sweep
on him. Mohammed is going to come in with reverse punch. He is going to step in and
he is going to do a reverse punch with his right fist. So, I will be in my back stance,
comfortable fighting stance. Mohammed is going to punch; I am going to step over here to
the side. Now, I am going to block his arm out, the knife hand block. Grab, and I am
going to step in. Notice, I’m close enough to him that if I just pull his arm out here,
he’s already off balance. Mohammed is going to punch directly right here and I am going
to step to the side, punch, step, block, step in, twist. You’re going to bring him down
with a twist. Now, I’m going to put it all together and we are going to put him on the
floor. Make sure, when you are demonstrating this that you are doing it slow because this
technique can injure someone. Mohammed is going to punch, step to the side, knife hand
block, step in, pull, and twist, bringing him down to the ground. Now we’re going
to do that one more time. We’re going to put it all together. Punch, knife hand block.
Once again, I’m stepping into my back leg, coming in, step, pull, twist down and end
up in your horse stance. That was the front sweep. On behalf of Expert Village, my name
is Qaeem. Thank you for watching.

28 thoughts on “Shorin-Ryu Karate Tips & Techniques : Front Sweep in Shorin-Ryu Karate”

  1. I can't help but notice that your style wastes chi by terminating movements sharply and not carrying the energy from before and after the motion, and/or translating that to the next motion. You need to worry less about looking proper, and more about putting energy through your opponent. Never step inside and drop your outside hand in the back stance. People don't punch and step in, they step in and then punch. The best aversion to projected force is deflection.

  2. Their balance is lost momentarily at the instant they begin to move towards aggression as they prepare for directional outburst of kinetics. They have committed to their action and you have done the unexpected by stepping into their aura, which causes further disruption.

  3. It takes more energy to reverse the flow than to project forward to begin with. Rather than commit to rely on timing and reflexes for blocking, then a test of strength, step inside and right, place right foot down upon opponent's left, deliver fast (power not important) left jab to eye with extended knuckle and palm strike sternum in upwardly manner, and lastly lifting knee to assure stun to already falling foe. Opponent unable to breath or see. Fight over.

  4. I wouldn't try to aplly your techniques in ANY combat situation. All wasted movements correlate to wasted time and energy, during which your opponent is trying to harm or kill you as fast as possible. You must be aware of all routes of attack, and not commit so readily to one, and leave yourself open for the several that usually follow the first.

  5. Nothing personal, honestly. Just don't want you to step into a knife during a robbery trying to be a hero. Chances are you will be a victim. I've seen your style of homebrewed Kempo and TKD before. It's very straightforward and powerful, but I could take you out in h2h rather trivially and I'm no Bruce Lee. Here's the secret…

  6. All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. This applies to all things, not just rocket science. Think of your aura as a sphere of water and a ball inside it. When you push the ball back, there is less water behind it to accelerate forward, like a whip's tail. This lower energy must pass through the returning energy as you transfer motion and balance.

  7. When you weaken one side, you weaken all sides by virtue of rapid energy buffering and use of panic movements which consume extra energy. I know you've felt adrenaline race before, this is wasted energy. Pushing your energy into his aggressively will push his aura away from him and weaken him the same way you get the adrenaline rush applies to them, get what I'm saying here? it's hard to explain. You must realize the way of it all for yourself. One can only lead you in the proper direction.

  8. I think what freeknet means…

    No one is going to punch, step forward, and stop like a robot. Sparing partners do this so you can practice the technique. But if I were seriously pissed, and charged forward with the intention on punching your face in, this step-to-the-side-and-block
    then-step-your-leg-behind-mine-and-sweep-me, with the strategy that I'm just going to stand there and let you do it… sorry, aint happening.

  9. you guys need to stop hating on this karate master, ive been studying all his moves, and actually joined a shoein roo class and beat their best students….now albeit it was a kids class and im 27, but still, these flawless teqniques work!!

  10. I've been practicing Shorin Ryu Karate for 20 years (Kenyu Chinen as Sensei), and I can tell you that this guy says bullshits. The first things learnt in Shorin is to enter the attack and not to go backward like this guy does. Go back to your lessons dude !

  11. That's not a Front Sweep, That is called a trip. I Front Sweep requires your foot to do an actual sweeping Motion, And if that's a "FRONT" sweep how come he ends up behind the guy??? Makes no sense.

  12. uhhh. for black belt you sure are cocky– you think you would know better by now. Black belt means nothing brother. seriously, and from sound of your boasting you don't even know what martial arts is.

  13. That is not Sorin Ryu Karate is lousy, they do not have no basis
    There are technical. Take it please …. !

  14. but a left hook or left elbow is coming in right after the straight and there is chance your block misses, why dont you just drop to the ground with a hard leg kick to their ankle

  15. @lespaulmrskull I don't even know what to say thats how hard I laughed when I read your comment :)):))

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