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Shorinji Kempo real fight randori sparring boxing embu techniques philosophy self-defense.少林寺拳法

Shorinji Kempo real fight randori sparring boxing embu techniques  philosophy self-defense.少林寺拳法

Japan. The Kagawa Prefecture. The City Tadotsu. 1947, in Japan post-war disorder. It was at this time he came to Shorinji Kempo. Think about your happiness and the happiness of others! I want the world to be full of people with such a heart! Kaiso (Ssho Dosin), based on the belief and practice of Shorinji Kempo. The founder, who has seen impatient and rude adults, young people in the world, where social order has collapsed, and illegal violence has invaded society, I thought about the future of Japan. The founder realized, that everything that happens depends on the quality and way of thinking of people, with power. “Man, man, man-it all depends on the qualities of the individual.” If society is run by people, that is peace can be achieved by cultivating qualities, compassion, courage and a sense of justice, as many people as possible. Therefore, Kaiso decided to unite motivated young people, based on their sense of justice. To explain to them this way, to develop in them confidence, courage and force. Having brought up, thus people who would promote revival of the homeland. Kaiso collected, and reorganized the studied martial arts that he had once studied in China. He created a completely new martial art, with original philosophical ideas. So there was a Shorinji Kempo. Holistic martial art, where there are no such problems as victory or defeat! (Jiko kakuritsu) Nurture a person who is healthy in body and spirit and can be relied upon. (Jita keraku) Learn to treat other people as we treat ourselves. (Riki AI fu Ni) Unity of Power and Love. (Ken Zen ichi ne) Unity of spirit and Body. Harmony between them, can maintain a happy and peaceful society. And now, we will get acquainted with one of the methods of serinji Kempo, for the education of the necessary qualities. Randori Shorinji Kempo. It is a way of applying self defense skills and abilities, obtained in the steam room work Hockey in a free fight (sparring). The purpose of sparring is to be able to identify their weaknesses to correct them. Let’s get to know some basic skills. Which is said to be a stunning sight. Allowing you to control a big and strong man, not using much physical force. Even a weak person, with a little strength, will be able to control a strong person. This is a Randori duel. The attacker and the defender are announced. Say Hello to each other, RAY! Get ready! Start! Stop! The defender gets one point, for a properly conducted counterattack. Get ready! Start! Stop! The defender gets half the ball, for a properly conducted counterattack. Get ready! Start! Stop! The defender gets half the ball, for a properly conducted counterattack. Randori has an attacker and a defender. Allowing you to practice combat skills of self-defense. In this practice, can be crippling strikes in full force. This allows you to make special devices to protect the body. Such as face shield, and an armored shield for the body and the armored flap for the groin. It is a rod that protects the human body from strong shocks. The history of Shorinji Kempo, which has more than seventy years, has undergone various research and development of armored shields. The face shield is designed to take strong attacks. Damping and weakening the enemy attack. Face shield that can withstand even the kicks. This allows practitioners not to get injuries and bruises on the body during training. Another method of obtaining the necessary qualities and skills in Shorinji Kempo. Randori JUHO. The attacker can freely grab sleeves, collars, wrists, etc. To make an attack, or throw the opponent to the floor. The attacker grabs the sleeve, and wants to throw the opponent. The defender, using the right skill, easily throws the opponent to the floor. The attacker grabs the neck collar, wanting to throw the opponent. The defender applies the necessary skill, and neutralizes the attack of the attacker. There are still terrible wars going on somewhere in the world. By comparison, Japan today is a pretty safe country. However, in recent years, the number of unjustified crimes has increased. One of the world’s leading security Nations is not as secure as it used to be. We do not know what lawless violence will befall us. Study skills Shorinji Kempo means, what even if you face such danger in everyday life, you will be armed with the necessary self-defense skills. And also have a strong heart and a healthy body, that will help to cope with difficulties and danger in everyday life. Needless to say that one method of learning Shorinji Kempo, This method of Embu, it brings up the nature of man, and necessary quality for life. Such as the ability to cooperate with other people, relying on each other. Self-defense skill that develops powerfully and beautifully. Kick, kick, throw, win. (Go Ju Ittai) the Unity of hard and soft. Steamy Embu, always starts with a greeting, Gasse ray. We welcome each other in a spirit of mutual respect and equality. Therefore, we use the gesture of greeting Gasse ray (folded palms). View over the execution of the Emba, masters of Shorinji Kempo. Embu, also always ends with a greeting Gassho Rei. Greeting and saying goodbye to each other in a spirit of mutual respect and equality. Embu Shorinji Kempo is a method of learning, which expresses the technique of Shorinji Kempo, it is a movement of complex techniques. The performers must accurately demonstrate self-defense techniques Shorinji Kempo. Protection is accompanied by, with mandatory counterattack. Self-defense technique is used, hard and soft. Performers expresses all the traits of a samurai Kempo, the skill of a samurai and live the fist, and their movements are practiced until they become perfect. You can never stop. You move, and in heart of static position, in a static position, there must be internal movement. It’s such a wonderful feeling that it’s impossible to see. You can only feel and realize. We can say that the skill of the performer is the process of his previous training. If expressed differently, it could be a summary of the training. The performers ‘ expressions are serious and emotionless. That is so harsh, the performers Express their skills. Subscribe to our channel not to miss interesting news. For our subscribers, interesting video materials, we translate 40 or more foreign languages. Best thanks from You, this is your comment, repost or like. Thank you for being with us! Shorinji Kempo – it unites us! Making the World and Us better!

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