Should I Learn Karate or Boxing?

Should I learn karate or boxing? Boxing will end a fistfight if you have the
power behind the punch. There was a legislator who wanted to make
boxers register their hands as deadly weapons. By that logic, every car is a deadly weapon
– they even kill 50K every year by accident. But that law was never passed, because you
can stomp someone to death without being a kick boxer. I’ve heard I shouldn’t bother with boxing
because it is going to go away. A lot of people stuck with Tae Bo, a kickboxing
workout, because it gave them great looking upper arms. I’d like to get great abs and legs, too. Yeah, but it is more acceptable to wear really
short sleeves and show off your shoulders than a suit with the stomach cut out. I’ve heard boxing is declining in popularity. For the same reason football may be outlawed
for kids under eighteen, because repeated blows to the head cause concussions and head
injuries and brain damage no matter how much padding the helmet has. I don’t think it is that bad. Have you ever seen Muhammed Ali? He’s a legend. I mean recently, where he’s shaking like
he has Parkinson’s and slow like he has Alzheimer’s. All those blows caused brain
damage, which is why boxing may be outlawed as a sport. Then it is off to karate class. It may be legal, but it doesn’t mean you’ll
be able to do much. You should watch Penn and Teller’s BS on martial arts. I think I heard it was because karate and
other martial arts make you more willing to react violently to accidents or use gymnastics
and showy moves when a sharp blow or kick ends the encounter. Another strike against boxing is its decline
in popularity. MMA is the big rage. Mixed martial arts? Yeah. It is martial arts down and dirty style. At least karate would be a start to my MMA

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