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Show Group Auditions! Season 14 Ep. 7 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Show Group Auditions! Season 14 Ep. 7 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– Tonight is our Show Group audition. Show Group is a smaller
squad within our full team, that performs on our USO Tours. It’s made up of 18 ladies. This year we have 11 returning veterans that want their spot back on Show Group. Everybody in training camp tries out. Rookie candidates can, and
usually do, make Show Group but just because a rookie
candidate makes it, doesn’t necessarily mean they
have made the permanent squad. We still have seven weeks
of training camp left, where there’s a lot
going on that could still have someone released from the team. – We’re going to start
with our signature routine, and then move on to
Travis’ contemporary dance, Charm’s hip-hop routine, and then finish out the
night with Denise’s routine that we just learned a few days ago. So I know everyone’s really excited. There’s a lot of opportunity to show them what you’re good at. – Tonight we have an amazing
panel of dance industry judges. Melissa Rycroft, former DCC. Jacie Scott. Miss Pamela Purcel. Stephen Dahlem. Miss Shelly Brahmhall. And, we’re really thrilled
to have this next judge, Miss Cheryl Burke. This is the first entertainment
moment that happens. (“Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback) ♪ We’re going out tonight ♪ – They do this in cowboy boots. ♪ Take anything we want ♪ ♪ Take everything in sight ♪ ♪ We’re going ’til the
world stops turnin’ ♪ ♪ When we burn it to the ground tonight ♪ – [Judge] I think Rachel
is stronger this year. – [Kelli] I do, too. ♪ We’re going out tonight ♪ ♪ To kick out every light ♪ – Wow. Rachel W., she hits these photo moments. She’s beautiful to look at,
she has beautiful lines. You could just let your shutters go crazy and just publish every picture of her doing the signature routine. (“Bang Bang”) – I really like Victoria. ♪ No, I don’t need to
hear you talk the talk ♪ ♪ Just come and show me
what your momma gave ♪ – Kelcey’s right on the money. – [Judy] Yes. ♪ See anybody could be good to you ♪ ♪ You need a bad girl to blow your mind ♪ – So thank y’all so much
for helping tonight. Let’s start with Victoria. – [Jacie] She’s improved
so much from last year. – [Kelli] Hasn’t she? – Yeah, I feel like she’s a
little bit more confident, and more sure of herself
and it stood out to me. – Rachel W.? – [Everyone] Yes. – [Female Judge] She
was really good today. – [Female Judge] She was. – She was on fire. – Jalyn? – I didn’t make one note on Jalyn. – Was Jalyn on Show Group last year? – Mm-hmm. – I definitely think there’ll
be some disappointments when we announce Show Group tomorrow, and there also might be some surprises. Thank you guys for your
time and your expertise. We really appreciate
your professional lenses. The first order of business tonight is to announce Show Group. We had fun last night,
I hope you all did too. I know it was a lot of work. Judy has the names of those that we’re picking for Show Group tonight. – Our first person on
Show Group this year is… Daphne. (group cheers) Tess. (group cheers) Kelcey. (applause) Victoria. (group cheers) Ashley. (group cheers) Amanda. (group cheers) Caroline. (group cheers) And our last on Show Group is Rachel A. (group cheers) – Congratulations, you guys. Tonight, we do have a guest choreographer. This is the person that
we’ve always wanted you to learn from and emulate in style. She is a former cheerleader. She was a former point
of our infamous triangle. And she’s here tonight to
teach y’all that power, that wow, that it factor. So please welcome back to
our home studio, KaShara. (group cheers) – Tonight is the return of KaShara, and let me tell you, it is overdue. I am here to teach the
girls a new routine. It’s got a lot of sass to it and I think it embodies
everything that a DCC should. Up five, swivel six, swivel seven, eight. Walk left, two, three, and four. Hands to your hips, together on up. Okay, you want to try
that much with music? – [Group] Yes. – Cool. (upbeat music) Yeah, come on! – This routine is kinda
setting Madeline back for me. – She needs to smile a little bit. – [Kelli] Meredith seems
really overwhelmed by this. – She sure does. (judges applaud) – So, who that you’ve watched should be considered for your place, the point of our triangle for pre-game? – The sacred spot. – [Kelli] Caroline? – I think her look, her style, you don’t have to worry about. You can trust her. – [Kelli] I like her. – [Alexandra Voiceover]
I’m gonna go meet with Judy and Kelli, and so we’re
going to have a chat. If it’s my last night or not, you never know what to expect. – Here is where we are. What’s not happening in time for you, is getting noticed by
our guest choreographers. We let them put colored stickers on the people they noticed, only 36. And this is what’s happened. I know this is not what you wanna hear. It’s not what I wanna say. – No, not again. – But everything we’ve
talked about though, tonight will be your last night. – I saw it this year, you know. But, I understand y’all
have a hard job, so… Thank you so much. – Thank you. Now my impressions at the end of week 4 are becoming mixed. This is a very talented group this year. But I also know I have
four more cuts to make, and they’re not going to be easy. At this point, I believe in our process, but that doesn’t make
it any easier for me. (instrumental rock music)

20 thoughts on “Show Group Auditions! Season 14 Ep. 7 Recap #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. The fact that even guest choreographers say they would cut Meridith is shocking that they continue to keep her on. Shes great to look at, but how many chances does she get? And yes, I've heard shes made it.

  2. Can y’all stop talking abt how merideth made it as a cowboys cheerleader. We don’t know for sure if it’s for her pretty face, because the directors cut a lot of people who did have pretty faces. Also let’s stop talking about that and talk about how they should start paying more money to cheerleaders

  3. That is so annoying… it honestly makes no sense. Why would they edit her looking this horrible? They had to have known everyone would react negatively.

  4. I love the way Kashara teaches! I love when choreographers count out loud and always emphasize the movements verbally it makes learning easier 👍👍

  5. Why have they not gotten ride of Meredith yet??? She’s constantly behind and constantly being called out for mistakes but also being beautiful

  6. """Agreed,'Rachel W.'hits her mark spot on ….and if they ever recreate 'Charlie's Angels 'for television get your acting chops together (Farrah Fawcett reincarnated)

  7. Rachel W. is freaking gorgeous, I think she’s the most beautiful one who also happens to dance really well. Her and Erin actually are so beautiful! I’m so happy for Victoria. She came back stronger and BAM! Killed it and made it in the squad. Hard work AND dedication pay off! And I agree, Meredith and Kat (both beautiful) I think were chosen for other reasons bc clearly they can’t keep up.

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