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[SIF EN] Scouting Honoka (Idol Outfit Ver.) (49 green tickets/6SR+ tickets/10 blue coupons)

[SIF EN] Scouting Honoka (Idol Outfit Ver.) (49 green tickets/6SR+ tickets/10 blue coupons)

Greetings! Well, today i’m gonna do my first UR Honoka scouting. Hmmmm, let’s see. Ok, well, i’ll try to scout for Honoka, the Idol Outfit Ver The one who is… here and the one that i placed on the video *points to the right* Hmmmm (nervous AF, sorry :C) To do that, i’ll use these tickets The green tickets that you get from the monthly packs That i’ve been saving and… well, i want to spend them now I have too some SSR tickets… No no, these blue tickets That, well, i’ll try to get an UR with those ideally Honoka or Nico, that are the only (µ’s) UR ones that i don’t have And, well, i have these red tickets that i want to use now too That have basically the same function as the blue ones And i have some Aqours tickets that i want to use now too Ideally it would be great if i get Chika… Well, that’s what im expecting Hmmmm, well, besides that i’ve prepared some kind of “ritual” I have my figures here, and i put a little Chika (a keyring) Just in case it… i don’t know, it brings me luck? I brought my Honoka plushie too! Maybe it helps me to get lucky Aaaand, well, that I guess there’s nothing more to say(?) Well, i have a counter where i’ll be registering the amount of SRs, SSRs and URs that i would get I have some gems too, but i’ll use them on March Because Pool Honk is supposed to come out on March And i’ve been waiting too long for that Hmmmm, then i think i should start I think i’m going to start with the µ’s SR+ tickets I guess it would be right thing to do Ah! I’ll going to upload this video on my Youtube channel, after this stream ends If you want to leave comments or something like that I’ll be reading the comments Hi! Mr. Jesus Fuentes(?) haha Ok! Well, nooow we’ll start with… Oh, these blue tickets!, i’ll light the candle. *match noise* Well, Ah! Ritual! Ritual! Ritual! It’s supposed that this should… Mess a little with the game’s RNG… I don’t know I’ve seen a lot of people doing this on their scoutings So, i guess it works. Yes!, here’s comming someone else, and is Honoka! Ok? (i don’t know what i was trying to sing there D:) Done! Ok, please send “powah” Faito… dayo!! Yessss Nooo… Oh! Nico! Is gorgeous *O*!! Ok, she is a healer, that’s not sooo bad, i could add her to my team later Oh, yes! I guess i have to rotate my head… oh, is gorgeous! I’m happy anyways, even if she’s a SR… Ok! Then, let’s see.. I used my blue tickets So i should scout with these tickets Honoka~ Nico~ Honoka~ Nico~ Any of them.. Faitoooo~ Faitooo~ Ok! Let’s go! Let’s go, go, go! Ah! I forgot something… I had to… We have 1 SR Here it is… ok! UR! UR!… UR! Please an UR! Nooo.. Ah! Rin! She is gorgeous too! Well, she isn’t a SR (i meant UR) but is gorgeous. Ah! but is a scorer! Yes, it’s useful, so i can begin to throw out the perfect lockers from my green team I have 2 tickets left Ok! Honoka~ Honoka~ Honoka~ Honoka! SSR! It’s not THAT bad and it’s Umi!! I don’t know if i already have it. Yes, i think i have it already, maybe i’ll idolize her Not bad… Or do i have it on JP? i don’t remember. I’ll check No, it looks like i don’t have it Nope, i don’t have it, it’s new. I can’t idolize her Ok, it doesn’t matter This would be my last µ’s SR+ ticket and then i’ll begin with the Aqours tickets Let’s hope for a UR Honoka or Nico.. Please! Please, candle! Nooo… Ah, but Hanayo isn’t bad either. She is gorgeous too. And she has a clover Ah, it’s a healer… another healer… hmmm… hmmm… I haven’t been lucky, but nevermind I’ll get something better, faito dayo~ Hmmm, well, Aqours blue ticket… Chika… Please… Chika… Please!! Let’s go! UR!! Whoaaa! Mari!! And it’s beautiful! Ooh, i wanted this Mari when it came out, but i didn’t spend gems or anything Ooooh, it’s too much gorgeous… Aaaah!! Nice, nice.. although my red team will become even more broken… Ah! It doesn’t matter She’s so gorgeous Aaah, today was a good day Ok, let’s see what comes next… 2 more tickets Let’s go… Chika~ Chika~ Chika~~ One more SSR… Hanamaruuu! Hanamaru. It’s useful anyways… SSR, it’s not so bad. Ok, well, there you have a bigger look Hmmm, the last ticket… Let’s goooo Let’s go, go, go~ Noooo, Oh! but it’s Hanamaru! I can’t be sad if i get Hanamaru. I don’t know if i have this already, i’m so confused between the JP version and English version, i don’t remember what idols i have in both versions. Hmmmm, it seems like i idolized her already, but i don’t mind having another one Another sticker Ok, now here comes the good part Aaaah! Luck, luck, i need luck! Faito dayooo~ First scout Ok, focus, focus, focus, focus, get an UR, UR, UR~… Aaah! Nooooo…Well, it doesn’t matter Let’s wait if any card flips First pull, and just one SR, Oh! Eli~ Eli, Eli.. Eli…. Well, it could be worse OH! Taking in account 4 blue tickets, and i aleady have 1 blue ticket I could do a scout with those 5 blue tickets when i finish to spend these tickets. Ok We have an SR Eli, and that would be the only new card that i got I hope i get better luck this time… Faitoo~ Faitooo! Oh, too much SRs Yay! Tomato! Hanayo! Umi! Please something flip Flip! Noo But welp Oh, that Umi… I respect her. Well, still 2 scouts left Let’s wait… Honoka, Honoka! Why i can’t get Honoka?! I don’t have any UR Honoka Neither Nico… I need any of them. Well, ideally Honoka Ok!.. Let’s go! Oh! SSR! It’s not that bad. Umi.. Kotori.. Maki! I think that Maki is blue (cool), if i can recall Yep… what?! Ah! Excuse me, but i want to look at this Maki Hmmm, perfect locker. It’s not bad. So tsundere Ok The last scouting Give me powah! I’ll see… If someone is seeing this. Powah! Powah! Yes!! Yess! Oh! Someone wrote “counter”. I forgot the counter! Oh, you are right, i forgot about the counter Oh, that Mari is so beautiful I have a Nicooo, one, two… three.. Four, five.. six Habemus 6 SRs SSRs We have one two It’s not that bad, 2 SSRs It will raise my team score a little And one UR is Mari, who is beautiful ;_) Aaah, i can’t be sad.. ok! Well, and there’s the last one Please! I scouted 44 tickets, something should happen. Just 1 UR… Even if is not Honoka Ok, let’s go Klab! RNG-Sama Go! Noooo… welp… nevermind… Oh, i’m so unlucky on these big scoutings. Oh! It’s Fairy Honoka! Ok, nevermind, im fine with this scouting Fairy Honoka~ I think i idolized her on the JP version, anyways, it’s beautiful!! Well, at least it was Honoka Ok, this is it… One more SR And Oh, i have… i have 5 tickets, hmmmm I don’t know i should do a YOLO What do you want? YOLO? I don’t know Well, i don’t see interest, so i think i won’t do any YOLOs with those green tickets But yes, i’ll use the blue tickets So… 1 UR… whatever it comes

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  1. Esa Honoka no salía con nada…. gasté 250 gemas y no salió.. y que decir de las weas de ticket verdes… PURAS RARES! ;c
    igual tuviste suerte con esa Mari, idolizada se ve genial :3

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