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Hey brownies and welcome back! I really hope that you guys enjoyed the cool
little intro. I tried to go ahead and feature pretty much
all of our self sims in that intro. I don’t know if you guys recognized yourself
or myself, mom and Joey as well. I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments
below. But, today we’re building a halloween fair. We built this live. I think that we got the entire thing done
in one live stream. I did a little bit of adding on off stream
on my own timing. But, it didn’t take us very long. But I’m very proud of how long it took us
and how it came out ya’ll. I love this build. This is literally one of my favorite builds. You guys had such amazing input on this build. We have a whole entire stage area just for
a costume contest. We have a bobbing for apples area, a pie eating
contest. We have some games and vendors, pretty much
everything that a fair would have. I’m super excited about this build. As far as the tour, you guys will see the
tour at the end if you guys aren’t interested in watching the speed build portion. I’ll have a our at the end where I’ll show
you guys all of the interactive portions of this build as well as all of nice scenery
and cute stuff. I was able to get my hands on the spooky stuff
pack so a lot of the items that I used is from the spooky stuff pack as well as a little
bit of custom content that I got from The Sims Resource. The majority of the pumpkins came from either
the spooky pack or Seasons. The rest of this stuff I believe is just from
the game itself and some cc which I’ll have linked below. You guys can find this build on the gallery. Our gallery name is Browngirlsgaming. I’ll try to link as much of the cc as I possibly
can that way its easier for you guys to download and enjoy with your own sims. I tried to make this build a little more interactive
for sims. I know that it can be very frustrating to
download these cool builds but your sims can’t interact with it. I played this lot maybe about 3-4 times already. I made a few changes. You guys will see that throughout the build
I changed a couple of things around. A lot of the items are decorative but there
are some things that your sims can do. Your sims can still go ahead and do some pumpkin
carving and you can use pose packs for most of the games. As far as the merry go round or carousel;
I got that idea from a simmer here on Youtube her name is Cyberdoll. She made a Halloween fair herself. I got super inspired by her build and I wanted
to make a similar merry go round. But I’m sure they probably have some pose
packs for it. I couldn’t find any but hopefully I can learn
how to mod so that I can make some for it. It’s kind’ve cool just to have it in the background
if you can’t do anything with it anyway. As far as the pie eating contest as well as
the bobbing for apples, they are decorative as well. But I think that they make for great screenshots. I’m all about storytelling in the Sims. So if you’re into storytelling, this will
be a great little lot for you to use. So I hope that you guys enjoy this speed build. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys at the
end for the tour and in our next video!


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