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Singaporeans Try: Gymnastics

Singaporeans Try: Gymnastics

Today on Singaporeans Try, we’re finally going to be trying gymnastics. PD: Hi guys! Hi! No. As in not for me. No. Umm, back when in secondary school right, I almost got into gymnastics. Almost got. But my dad said “No, you will not – you will join a uniform group.” And I’m like “Okay”. Wanted to but I never had the chance to la. And I’ve never been flexible. So I’m excited to try. I tried a little bit before. That was like 12 years ago. You know the last time I tried gymnastics right, was in my mum’s womb. Flexibility. Strength. Strength, yes strength. Perseverance. Balance la. Yes balance. Adria! Eh don’t. I really cannot even do a split eh. No later you see lor. If you can’t do, what about us? PD: So are you all ready? No! Okay, yes. Okay la, yes, yes, yes. I’m excited. Okay! Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m the founder of Dreams Gymnastics. I have done the sport since I was really young. Umm, I started when I was 8. I started Dreams Gymnastics about 2 years back. Gymnastics is something I’m very passionate about, aside from actually enjoying the sport itself. Adria? Since she has done it before. Oh my god, oh my god! She’s gonna touch me! Cannot ah, pain sia. Especially when – every time she walking over, I damn scared, cause she confirm gonna push me. Oh, okay. This like seems more easier. Less coordination. Oh my god, guys. I made a mistake. This is hard. This is some Halloween Horror Night shizz. I can’t believe it’s only the warm ups. I don’t know what I got into – myself into when I signed up for this. It’s tough. I can do it! I can do it! No, no. That’s so hard. I thought we had the support of the beam, but there was not support at all eh. The worst thing that will happen when you fall, is that you go straight. As long as your body is tight, you’re gonna be fine. If not tight, then how? PD: Are you scared of what’s coming up next? Ya, because I’ve never done a handstand before. But at least like she told us like the basics of it, so we can practice, right? But for what’s coming, I cannot ah. Look at your hands, look at your hands. Okay, okay, okay. You’re gonna come down safe. Oh my god, it’s damn scary. I think it’s very scary, but I realised that the most important thing is confidence. Is that, like you know that you won’t fall. You know you’re in a safe space. Ya, ya. You have to know that you’re in a safe space and you just push yourself. PD: Fauzi, what are you scared of? I’m scared of losing father’s day. No, she makes it look so much easier than it really is. Start by bending one leg, foot pointed. Legs to the knee, extend it. Wow, it never gets easier does it? PD: Is this easy for you? This is not bad, balancing is my forte. Wait, I wanna do the chorus. What is this thing? I am scarred and traumatized. I felt like I was in another dimension. Okay, okay. Nice! The bar squeezed my area. I’m dropping up there. PD: How were the bars? It’s difficult, look at my hands. My hands are gonna be destroyed by the end of the day. Oh sh*t! I feel motion sickness sia. PD: He looks like a fish. Oh, this one I cannot. I tried before at the trampoline park it didn’t work. Start from a low squat, sit, then squat. Be prepared guys, I will fall. PD: Okay. Oh my god. Find the rhythm of bouncing without your legs. PD: Do you approve? Yes, she did great! It was very intense. Very intense workout. Ya, much harder than I thought it would be. Really, really. I think I can’t even get the flip right. I’m a person who likes to over-analyze things. So it’s very hard. By the time I finish thinking, everybody go home already. Like my mind doesn’t – it’s like… What? I think for mine it’s more of the bar as well. Because you know like when you actually hold, and you see the height. And you have to think about the grip. And then you realise that if your arms are not strong right, you will – confirm will fall down one. Last time, I thought I was scared of heights, then I don’t dare to do this. But then like it’s quite fun. It’s amazing how gymnasts right, they really workout every part of their body you know. It’s really like they’re well rounded. Actually yes! Actually yes eh. I would like to train and get better at it. I wanna try with friends. I think if I do alone, I’ll be scared.

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  1. Maybe you guys should consider trying some traditional items like lion dance, Kompang or smthing. It should be fun since lunar new year is coming soon~

  2. can you do singaporean try making slime??pls leh!!:(
    1)pva glue white or clear
    2)contact lens that contains borax
    3)food colouring
    4)shaving cream
    5)something to mix and something to put on
    6)foam beads
    you can find it all in popular for all total is about is $20 to $30

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  4. used to do rhythmic gym in pri sch for 2.5 years until i changed schools 🙁 aft watching this, im kind of missing it

  5. Gymnastics challenge again lah. Maybe… learn a routine in 2 weeks? Or try and follow along and keep up with a class of 5 year olds? Or…. CONDITIONING!!! Hahaha, Gymnastics is fun to watch!

  6. i only watched this video bcos i realised this is my school and the school made us try gymnastics and i fell flat on my face 😫😂

  7. Y’all should do Singaporeans try ballet. On the other side of this gymnasium, there’s a huge dance studio. I go to SCGS for ballet

  8. I remember the days when I did gymnastics and all the teachers forced us to run 3 rounds around the gymnasium and then sit on us to push us during warm ups. Great job to them though!!


    But Zhin tho! He looked like he was giving birth at the balance beam😂😂😂😂

  10. Omg I used to do gymnastics in that gym for 2-3 years :') memories aside I recently got into TSL videos and love the content, keep up the good work guys and shoutout to the amazing editors omg

  11. You should go there during CT training, 张老师 will scream her head off and then kick you out. Try during gym with CT, everyone will die. The 4/5 year old would kick you butts

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