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Singaporeans Try: Lion Dancing (CNY Special)

Singaporeans Try: Lion Dancing (CNY Special)

Hi guys! Hello! Yes! Chinese dance. Oh! Yes. Chinese dance too! Primary school. Band counted or not?
Yah, same. I was in band. Oh, yah! O2Jam. Damn zai (good). I’m horrible. You know the Audition, or like those arcade games where you go. I always miss the thing. I think it’s… Low key Singaporean acrobatics. And also got like mix with a little bit of magic leh. The lion head goes down, then suddenly come up. The fruit becomes the word. I’ve never actually seen a full… Lion dance performance before.
Same! Always hear it from afar, right? Yah! Flexibility. Agility. Strength? Because you got to carry the person up, right? Head. The back feels a bit stuffy. Then you cannot see what’s happening.
Eh, is it like… You must smell your partner’s butt. Are they allowed to fart during a performance? Later they like… Hi, my name is Pei Yin. And my troupe’s name is, Hong Kah North CC Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe. So, I started lion dance around… 10 to 12 years ago. I became very interested in it. So, I decided to continue with it all the way until now. You need to be really passionate in this sport. To be able to do well in lion dance, you actually need to practice a lot. You also cannot be too shy. If they are shy right, they tend to restrict themselves in the lion. So they cannot perform well. When the lion is resting or walking, then there’s the 平鼓 (steady beat of the drum) which is… So, the movement of the lion will be in place with the drum beat. You pull this string. And actually it’s like connected to various small strings inside. That will pull the eyelashes down. So it’s like… Is it scary inside? A bit, actually. It’s very claustrophobic. Like I can hear myself… Think. I told her I want to ignore the mouth also, because it’s very heavy. But then like, I think she said… Must close the mouth. Apparently the lions don’t open their mouth. Sorry, you’re not moving at all! The lion not moving! The lion like that… It must like that! Wah, Xenia! You ok or not? Wait. You want to talk to me for awhile? I can’t… I cannot feel my arms. The arms are so tired, because you have to lift it off and do it. And then after that you still need to coordinate rhythm. Oi! What are you doing? I feel very… Very… I’m quite sad, actually. I’m like the worst, apparently. In my head, I think I’m doing very very well. But… I don’t know. You all look very disappointed. I think the progress is like… Not bad. But… A lot of room for improvement. Starting quite good already. Learning it within 1 hour, this progress is ok lah. Oh my God! I’m very scared leh. Ok. Ok lah. As long as I’m not the person flying can already. I’m scared of heights. I’m ok, I’m ok. It was not bad! I was quite impressed. Because it felt quite stable. But after that I… Trip over his cloth. Because too much fabric. Then I fell. Shag ah. My pants all coming off already. Xenia. Are you nervous for your performance? I’m a bit. Because it feels very different. This is the full set. It’s like, the serious performance. Very excited. But, equally tired. I feel like I’m wearing a gigantic sauna suit. You think you’re going to do better than them? Yes! We’re gonna – eh! We gonna do better than the boys. Yah. We can one. Jon Paul! You better do better than the rest ah! Eh bro. I’mma own this. It was great! It was really nice. Very fun! But, also very tiring. It’s like wearing a sauna suit. And then you like dance inside. Super mad respect for all the lion dance troupes out there. Yes. This is legit like another full body workout leh. Then the behind people cannot even see. Yah! Blindly doing a workout. No, but I think it’s super amazing that when you’re doing it right, you don’t know how you look. Yah! So after you’re done with it, when you watch the video, then you feel so accomplished. You’re like, oh my God! It actually like mimics a real lion. You know like, cute one lah. It looks like only just a few steps from the outside. But when you actually try it right, it’s actually quite complicated. You have to like support the weight right. Then at the same time, you must remember the choreography. Then you must remember the rhythm. Then the music starts right. And then like, what? It took me quite some time ah. To like get the rhythm. Because everytime you change a segment right, it will play something slightly different. Then after that the tempo is like back to the original tempo kind of beat already. But I’m very impressed with lion dance in general. Because… It is something that you must have chemistry doing. You will see the result when both of you have chemistry, and you see how the lion turns out. It’s like you need a very good dance partner in a sense, right? Yah.

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  1. As an experienced lion dancer for 8years, finally there is some one who knows the effort that we put in to every single performance and the training and hardships behind every successful performance. Actually there is still one more part which I think you guys should do some taping of, which is during Chinese New Year! You guys should really try tagging along to one of our "war vehicles" for maybe half a day to see what its like and to really know all the hard work that we put in. Only one word can describe what we do and why we do it. It's called PASSION!

  2. Not bad at all.I think Xenia and Adria kill it but the boy's weren't bad either.So,Good Guys.That was a ๐Ÿ‘ attempt.๐Ÿ’“

  3. I am going to tell you a joke.

    there were 3 people named trouble,manners and shut up.
    one day trouble went missing so shut up and manners went to the police office to look for him.
    shut up said"we are looking for trouble."
    the officer thought he really wanted to look for trouble so he
    asked"what is your name?"
    "shut up"
    the officer was annoyed so he said "where are your manners?"
    shut up said "outside"


  4. Joined since 11 and I'm now 24. Looking at how u guys started learning makes me think of how I was trained years ago. Lots of room for improvement but thumbs up!

  5. โ€œIn my head, I think I am doing very wellโ€

    The pun tho๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. โ€œIn my (lion) headโ€

  6. Honestly, Xenia and Adria's team was so hilarious and great at the and time:)) I can't stop laughing at adria's part as the lions tail haha ๐Ÿ˜นรœ

  7. Really glad to see people trying out lion dance! I am in a lion dance troupe and finally people understand the hard work we put in to training to perfect our moves and also I trained in Hong Kah before!


  9. The Lion and the 'nien'

    For Chinese people the lion is a holy animal (how right they are!). That is why lions play an important role in Chinese mythology. In China lions and people can be friends. An old Chinese story tells about a lion, lion dances and New Year:

    A long time ago a strange creature appeared in China and horrified and ate men and animals. The fast and fierce creature was called 'nien' (or 'nian'), which sounds like the Chinese word for 'year'. Neither the fox nor the tiger could fight the 'nien' effectively and in despair the people asked the lion for help. The lion shook his mane, rushed towards the creature and wounded it. The nien hurried away with the tail between its legs. But it announced to return for taking revenge.
    A year later the nien did return. This time the lion couldn't help the people. He was too busy with guarding the emperor's gate. So the villagers decided to do the job themselves. Out of bamboo and cloth they produced an image of the lion. Two men crawled inside it and approached the nien. The 'lion' pranced and roared and the monster fled away again. This is the reason why on the eve of the Chinese New Year, lions always dance. They are frightening evil away for yet another year.

    A long time ago a fierce creature (*Nian)appeared, which terrefied the villagers. No one could fight the Nian, so in despair the villagers asked the lion to help. The lion attacked the Nian and injuried it, the Nian vowed to take revenge. The Nian did return this time the lion was unable to help, so the people constructed an imitation lion out of bamboo & cloth. 2 men operated the lion while the rest of the people banged there pots & pans. When the Nian saw the lion and heard the commotion it ran away. The Villagers carried on with this tradition every year to scare away evil. *Nian in Chinese sounds like Year.

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