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Sister’s Slam Dunk Season2 | 언니들의 슬램덩크 시즌2 – Ep.11 [ENG/THA/2017.04.28]

Sister’s Slam Dunk Season2 | 언니들의 슬램덩크 시즌2 – Ep.11 [ENG/THA/2017.04.28]

100 thoughts on “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season2 | 언니들의 슬램덩크 시즌2 – Ep.11 [ENG/THA/2017.04.28]”

  1. I admit it that season 1 is the best story from Sister Slam Dunk, but season 2 full of story and visual that makes me always reply every single episode😂 Let me give KBS applause for this show👏👏~

  2. I'm crying so hard seeing jinkyung's mom when she talked to him. It reminds me that we shouldn't bad mouthed someone so easily. I love jinkyung so much and seriously i cant imagine how people badmouthing her

  3. it’s so fun to see everyone trying their hardest it’s really commendable 🧡 it’s just sad that the clothes made for them were not really that fitting even though there were good intentions

  4. 2 maknaes were really beautiful,, but on this episode, idk why my eyes just focused to Yewon,, she is amazingly stunning.. 😍😍

  5. I feel like the outfits are waaay too different, maybe if they were in pastel colors they wouldnt look as bad but still, the cut and the silhouette it gives just doesnt do them justice. Thank god they changed the outfits. Btw i love yewon sm shes sooooo cute!!!

  6. Jinkyung is just so naturally funny.. she doesn’t have to try to be funny and I’ll start dying😂😂🤣 her and sook make the show so fun to watch and of course everyone else is great too

  7. Damn did they have to rub it in yewon’s face like that? She tried but they’ve been having her practice using her head voice it wasn’t her fault.. It bugs me so much because she has so much knowledge about music and they treat her like an amateur even though it s her vocal node that limits her

  8. But why didn't he let yewon just sing with her head voice ?? She can do it with her head voice perfectly…

  9. they are really good like all the members. they really inspire me to not give up and just do it and no matter how hard it is, at the end the will always be some good like a fairy tale. I am really impressed and thankful for KBS to make this episode with these amazing members and everything. GOOD JOB AND GOOD LUCK

  10. Han Chae-young previously was in Boys Over Flower drama, the voice make me recognise her, I don't really know it was really her. Pretty much Han Chae-young

  11. 36:00

    poor somi :(( we all know why she was sad because she got eliminated from the sixteen show for twice 🙁

  12. Who’s still watching this in 2019? Idk but my heart melted when Jinkyung’s mom spoke. Yall stop badmouthing her daughter bcoz Jinkyung is such a hardworking mom/woman/daughter and funny asf, kind asf and adorable asf.

  13. People badmouth Jinkyung?! They need to stop being so serious and negative. I love Jinkyung. Besides, did people really think she was trying to make it as a girl grouo member? How ridiculous! She was obviously casted not because of her singing or dancing prowess but her personality and humor. I feel sorry for her mom.

  14. Know what… I do feel sorry to jinkyung mom when she heard bad things about her daughter… Jinkyung is very pretty but sometimes i hate her style that make her looks like babo.. Sorry to say this… She is a model tho.. Wearing weird can be accepted 'sometime' but i dont know if she got a character as 'comedian' for entertain peeps… I felt sorry for her whenever it comes to ranking she always be the last to be chosen.. I hope the way her tied her hair or whatever she wear can be also cute.. Please dont hide her beauty… I do badmouthing her inside my heart..not leave in comment tho but seeing her mom that makes me concern to wrote what i felt for jinkyung.. Unnies fighting💪💪💪 btw my bias is yewon i love her so much

  15. I just love the way jinhyun( im not good w names so in sorry if I spelled it wrong)but i love the way she just showers the members with kisses when they need it

  16. All jinkyungs haters…lets talk ☺️👊

    a hardworking kind and lovable woman like her should not be getting hate at all. I admire her so much. and bless her mother, she has so much love for her daughter that it pains her to see those unnecessary negative comments. but people will be assholes and unfortunately they just don’t give a shit.

  17. when Somi said She just wants to wear TWICE outfit. that broke my heart. however I'm happy to see her debut now

  18. こんなに苦労して涙して音入れしても

  19. I love Yewon! Her determination is no other. She might have made mistakes and have plenty of worries but she tries A LOT to overcome them and make things right. When she falls down, she goes right back up and when she does, she returns much much better.

  20. @7:02 i actually missed the director's face. Lol we see his face less in this season. It seems they focused more on the unnies this time, but i missed it when they would bully the director and joke around.

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