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Six DIY 1-Minute Bandana Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Six DIY 1-Minute Bandana Hairstyles | Cute Girls Hairstyles

BIRDS”] -Hey, guys. It’s Mindy, from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and today I’m going to show you
five way to style a bandana. So to begin with,
I’m going to show you how to fold a bandana if you’re
going to put it in your hair. So I have here a nicely
freshly pressed bandana. And I’m going to
take it and fold it from one corner to the
other, but it’s not going to quite be even. There’s going to be
just a little bit off. You can see, it doesn’t go
quite directly corner to corner. Now, it creates a triangle. Now, I’m going to
take those two points and bring them up to the
other edge, lay them flat. Now, at this point
you have two options. You could fold it in thirds if
you want a little bit thicker headband, thicker
bandana, like this. Or you fold it in half,
which is what I prefer, because it just sits
better on my head. So I’m going to fold it in
half and then in half again. So you can see that it just
gives us a little bit thinner bandana, which I just like the
way it sits better, but totally up to you. Once you have your
bandana folded, we’re going to go ahead and
show you the first hairstyle. So my first style
is going to show you how to tie and bandana in
your hair if you bangs. So to begin with, I
have separated off sections of my bangs on
either side of my face, and I’m going to
leave those forward. Push the rest the of my hair
back, kind of out of the way. And we want this to be a really
fun playful tousled look, so don’t worry if
it’s not perfect. Now we’re going to take the
folded edges of the bandana and we’re going to have
them pointing upward. We’re going to wrap
it around that, make sure you get
all your hair, this– and then take the bandana up
over the tops of your ears, and tie it in a knot. So we’re going to tie it
once, and then tie it again. And I flip my ends halfway
through the second tie, and that usually gives me
these perfect little bunny ears on top, which I love. Now you want to make
sure that this fits right on top of your ears, then you’re
just going to take your hair, fluff it forward and up, adding
a little volume in the back. And that is style number one. So for style number two, we’re
going to leave the bandana in, just like we did
before, but we’re just going to take our hair and
sweep it over to one side. Make sure you get any
little loose layers like I have, kind
of pull it over. And we’re going to
take an elastic, just a really hidden, small
elastic, and secure your hair at the nape of your neck in just
a very, very soft pony tail. And if you have little layers
that pop out at the bottom like I do, you can
just use a bobby pin to tuck them in and secure them. No problem. And that is style number two. So for style number
three, we’re going to take the elastic out
and set it down for now. And I’m going to go back
to the back part of my hair and just give it a
little tiny twist. Now I’m only twisting
just because I want those layers to
stay in this time. So I’m just going give them
a little bit of a twist. You can see, I just
twisted it right there. And now I’m around
this side, I’m going to divide it
into three sections and just do a really
simple loose braid. But the fact that I gave
it a little twist in back’s just going help hold all
those crazy layers in my hair into the braid a
little bit better than if I were going
to use a bobby pin. Then I’m going to take that same
elastic and secure the ends. And then just go
back and loosen. Remember, we want it to be soft
and very girly and feminine, so nothing too tight and severe. And we are done. That’s number three. For style number four,
I took everything out that we’ve done before and I
still have the bandana folding up towards the sky
around my neck. This time, I’m
going take my hair and I’m going to part
it a little bit deeper and I’m going to flip some more
of my hair over to one side, and then kind of back. Because I want it
sitting back so it makes a little bit
of a bump right there. Now I’m going to
take the bandana and I’m going to tie it right
on the backside of that bump. So it gives me a little tiny
lift in the front right there. And again, I’m just going to
tie my bandana the same way I did before so that I have
the cute little rabbit ears. But this time, the
only difference is I almost have a Rosie
the Riveter like little like curl right there in front,
but it’s not really a curl because it’s just a little
bump, but it looks adorable. And then, of course, volume
and fluff the back any way you like, until your placement
is perfect and you are done, number four. Now style number five
is the easiest one yet. So we’re going to leave it the
way we had it with style number four, but for those of you that
don’t love these little rabbit ends like this,
this is what you do. You just simply take
it, lift that back edge and tuck it underneath
right there. Take this one, and
you can do it in front or back, lift that
edge, tuck, tuck, tuck. And then instead of like
popping out bow ends, you just have this cute
little headband look. And then, you’re finished. And that is style number five. -Wait, Mom, wait. -Oh. -Wait. There’s another one you
can do with this bandana. -Oh, OK. -It’s a bow. You just take the ends and
tuck them into the knot. Watch. There’s one. And– -So you’re tucking the ends
of the headband into the know? -Mhm. You just have to use your
fingers and tuck them in. There you go. -Oh, and I have a bow, a
cute little Minnie Mouse bow. And I guess that’s
style number six. So I would really
love to see what you guys do with the bandana. Make sure and hashtag
CHG Bandana Styles. We’ll be looking at
your pictures all week and then re-Instagramming
some of our very favorites, and show me how
you’ve styled it too. I think the bandana is so fun. So for me today,
you can see that I picked just a cute little
baseball tee with Minnie and Mickey, my
favorite Minnie style. And I put on some red Converse
sneakers, and then, of course, the red lips. And my girls tell me I look
like I’m 13, so I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a
good thing or a bad thing, but it is sure a fun style. Let’s put it that way. So be sure to follow
us on Instagram. Make sure you and tag your
photos of your great bandana styles. And we will see you
guys next Sunday. Bye, guys. [MUSIC CHARITY VANCE, “TWO
BIRDS”] -It’s walking, like, by me. -Don’t move. We need another stick. -Don’t make it spray me, please. -Calm down– -Dad, it’s right–
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. It’s right– its
butt’s towards me. No, I don’t want to
smell like skunk.

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