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Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever ๐Ÿ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever ๐Ÿ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(suspenseful music) – We started with 400 ladies and today we are down to 80. Than includes 28 returning
veterans that are entering the process today. – [Woman] Charlotte’s back for this final round of auditions. She has high expectations when it comes to anyone representing the brand. – [Charlotte] The impression
that that they leave, on the fans that they meet, is the number one priority and reason why we have the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. (suspenseful music) – [Judge] Hi. – [Contestants] Good morning. – The ladies have to be smart. They have to be well-spoken and they have to be pretty clever. Kat, can you tell me a joke? – Um. (bouncy music) – Pfffft – [Kat] Knock, Knock – Who’s there? – Kat. – [All Together] Kat who? – Cat’s out of the bag, I’m auditioning for DCC! (laughter) – They laughed… Thankfully. (chuckles) But it was such a corny joke. – Name 3 Cowboy players. – Dak Prescott. – Taco Charlton. – And…Jason Witten! (bouncy music) – [Charlotte] Do you know who the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is? (bouncy music) – I do not know the uh, um, owner. – Okay. You wanna tell her – [Charlotte] who the owner is? – It’s Jerry Jones. – [Charlotte] Jerry Jones. – Thank you. – That would be very
important for you to know. (nervous chuckle) – Yes ma’am. – Beautiful blue eyes… – [Angela] I’m…blanking on her name. Jerry Jones’ daughter. Love that. That’s why she asked me that question. (suspenseful music) – [Woman] This is the first time I’ve been across the table from Malina – [Woman] Since we last saw
her which ended in a very dramatic, final cut. – [Man] When watching that back, what did you think about yourself? What did you learn about yourself? – It was a lot of feelings
and a lot of emotions. I’m a very passionate person. But, now learning I think
these past few months how to channel that passion. The mental step is a lot
bigger than sometimes the physical step. – [Woman] Malina was very philosophical… I didn’t feel like she
was necessarily at ease with the conversation
compared to some of the other returning Training Camp
gals we’ve had in the past. – During the last auditions,
you took a lot of heat on Social Media. Just curious to know how you handled that. – I did get some direct
messages that were not he loveliest. And it took a while for me
to not have that self doubt that I wasn’t good enough. But, I want to prove them all wrong. Those negative comments I use them as fuel. I want to show everyone
that this is my goal and I am going to achieve it. – [Man] All right. Final cuts are coming and its between Charlotte, Kelly and Judy. Who are you cutting, and why? – Oh no. (suspenseful music) – Ms. Charlotte, I have not seen you dance before (crowd laugh) Tonight will be you last night! – And she cut me! (laughs)

9 thoughts on “Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever ๐Ÿ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. Did they fix the salaries of these woman or are they supposed to be smart, well-spoken, clever and underpaid? You want an educated well spoken woman with life experiences and the ability to dance professionally yet you pay them buttons.

  2. Ugh Victoria is amazing!! And I really think that Kelli has sour grapes over Maleena. Itโ€™s like no matter what she says, Kelli says a comment in the interview to bring her down.

  3. Charlotte's eyes really are beautiful!!!That girl who didn't know her or Jerry Jones,Umm bye!!Next…๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค 

  4. Wow, all these women in these deemed powerful slots….I wouldnโ€™t certainly have the 3 main players anywhere near my business stream or even let them wash my car…..witches of eastwick. Those poor kids auditioning

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