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Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever πŸ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever πŸ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

(suspenseful music) – We started with 400 ladies and today we are down to 80. Than includes 28 returning
veterans that are entering the process today. – [Woman] Charlotte’s back for this final round of auditions. She has high expectations when it comes to anyone representing the brand. – [Charlotte] The impression
that that they leave, on the fans that they meet, is the number one priority and reason why we have the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. (suspenseful music) – [Judge] Hi. – [Contestants] Good morning. – The ladies have to be smart. They have to be well-spoken and they have to be pretty clever. Kat, can you tell me a joke? – Um. (bouncy music) – Pfffft – [Kat] Knock, Knock – Who’s there? – Kat. – [All Together] Kat who? – Cat’s out of the bag, I’m auditioning for DCC! (laughter) – They laughed… Thankfully. (chuckles) But it was such a corny joke. – Name 3 Cowboy players. – Dak Prescott. – Taco Charlton. – And…Jason Witten! (bouncy music) – [Charlotte] Do you know who the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is? (bouncy music) – I do not know the uh, um, owner. – Okay. You wanna tell her – [Charlotte] who the owner is? – It’s Jerry Jones. – [Charlotte] Jerry Jones. – Thank you. – That would be very
important for you to know. (nervous chuckle) – Yes ma’am. – Beautiful blue eyes… – [Angela] I’m…blanking on her name. Jerry Jones’ daughter. Love that. That’s why she asked me that question. (suspenseful music) – [Woman] This is the first time I’ve been across the table from Malina – [Woman] Since we last saw
her which ended in a very dramatic, final cut. – [Man] When watching that back, what did you think about yourself? What did you learn about yourself? – It was a lot of feelings
and a lot of emotions. I’m a very passionate person. But, now learning I think
these past few months how to channel that passion. The mental step is a lot
bigger than sometimes the physical step. – [Woman] Malina was very philosophical… I didn’t feel like she
was necessarily at ease with the conversation
compared to some of the other returning Training Camp
gals we’ve had in the past. – During the last auditions,
you took a lot of heat on Social Media. Just curious to know how you handled that. – I did get some direct
messages that were not he loveliest. And it took a while for me
to not have that self doubt that I wasn’t good enough. But, I want to prove them all wrong. Those negative comments I use them as fuel. I want to show everyone
that this is my goal and I am going to achieve it. – [Man] All right. Final cuts are coming and its between Charlotte, Kelly and Judy. Who are you cutting, and why? – Oh no. (suspenseful music) – Ms. Charlotte, I have not seen you dance before (crowd laugh) Tonight will be you last night! – And she cut me! (laughs)

9 thoughts on “Smart, Well-Spoken & Clever πŸ’… #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT”

  1. Did they fix the salaries of these woman or are they supposed to be smart, well-spoken, clever and underpaid? You want an educated well spoken woman with life experiences and the ability to dance professionally yet you pay them buttons.

  2. Ugh Victoria is amazing!! And I really think that Kelli has sour grapes over Maleena. It’s like no matter what she says, Kelli says a comment in the interview to bring her down.

  3. Charlotte's eyes really are beautiful!!!That girl who didn't know her or Jerry Jones,Umm bye!!Next…🀠🀠🀠🀠

  4. Wow, all these women in these deemed powerful slots….I wouldn’t certainly have the 3 main players anywhere near my business stream or even let them wash my car…..witches of eastwick. Those poor kids auditioning

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