Soccer Star Deported After Reporting Scholarship To ICE: How He’s Starting Over | Sports Illustrated

And new at. 10 tonight there were new, developments wednesday in the story of diego and lizandro And i mean it all began last week, when ice agents detained the brothers following a regular checkup That they had set up with immigration officials in baltimore the undocumented teen informed immigration of his plans to head to north carolina for college 19 Year old Lizandro Claro Sarabia was heading to college on a soccer scholarship he and his 22 year old brother diego were detained when they checked in at the ice Baltimore office last friday i mean nothing had happened or anything like, that so we just thought it was gonna be normal a normal day i Sent a letter it had the scholarship i got and that i was accepted to the school, and that i Was getting enrolled that i had gotten enroll already and and so They, asked if we could come because, we had to check in and so they Asked if we could come earlier they took us to a back room and then, we waited for like two hours and they came out and They just said that they couldn’t let us go because they couldn’t let, me go to another state and living in another state Because in some if they needed to get catch us One day it was going to be harder on them which is way different like i Used to have my car i just grabbed, my keys and go out. You know over here Iike I can’t, cause I don’t have my car. I don’t even know the place I Can’t put the gps And go out cause there’s no gps you know there’s no name on the street i feel, like this is my university but at the same time like around here i i’m not adapted to it yet i Don’t really have pictures that i put around here and all that I don’t know I feel like i’ll never be able to adapt normally if i keep bringing this out, from there at First I I i used to blame it on myself because i was the one who sent that letter i was the one, who was going to college and i mean, my, brother had nothing to do with it and Just because he, was there in the process with me he also was a victim of it so if you could go, back and do it all over, again, would you send that letter no i Wouldn’t i wouldn’t show up to the immigration offices i didn’t know, my dad until i i i Moved to the US so i when when he left i was about one year old And so then, my mom went went next and then, my, my older brother and my sister and It was just me and diego back in El Salvador so We’ve been together for a long time My, whole family’s in the US. And that’s where, my home, is that’s that’s, where all my family is so you, don’t feel at home if Your people was not at home This is Lizandro and Diego Have you seen pictures of Lizandro looked really, not really but fat they were They, were living here together before and Then when Lizandro had a girlfriend so, Diego decides to move to this room No me atrebo aveces a entrar al cuarto porque, al cuarto de ellos me da mucha tristeza Muy, dificil muy triste La casa es muy vacia, muy sola Muy difícil para mi porque ya no, no los tenemos ya This is Diego and Lizandro in a fair in El Salvador, they were always together always And this is was last year for christmas It’s really hard not to be together and especially these holidays Um last year we were so happy for christmas And this year is hard for us Cuando ellos vinieron aqui, yo platique con ella para meternos en una academia para que después de escuela se mantenieran ocupados Para que no tuvieran problemas aquí He was very aggressive player and that’s that’s Why, we loved him For like his soccer, soccer world because he brought something to the field that a lot of us probably Wouldn’t have but it was the times like, before practicing, after practice, on the bus rides to games, when we’re traveling That’s when you really get to know people and that’s when he made the biggest impact on all of us Just to see his progression not only soccer wise but in this country, and what he’s doing down in front of homeland security Which is just up off nebraska avenue, we didn’t, assume the worst but like We knew it was a possibility that it wasn’t gonna do anything But i think it made enough noise that People still are still talking, about it Which in our mind is like, what’s the most important part because it can, help other people in the future And they’re an example of great people that Were doing great things in this country that benefited a ton of people and impacted a ton of people That were wrongfully taken away from it You look at a kid like Lizandro and diego, and They were, despite the fact that they came here at 10 and 14 Despite the fact that they have, no criminal record despite the fact that they have been valuable contributors to our community they were deported and How, is that just i don’t know? Add to the fact that This administration is hell-bent on criminalizing immigrants and Add to the fact that they’re targeting youth that are going to college I’d say it’s not just Disheartening but inhumane and and i would say any rational person In America would say, that’s just terrible policy we’re trying to um To, see if we can, play first division here so If we can make it there is gonna be you know Good future for us is the thing that we’d like to do not be in school and then go play When i’m in the field, when i’m with the ball ah There’s nothing, no problems i’m back home Where i’m supposed to be like nothing and it’s all about the game at that moment At this moment i’m just it’s it’s whatever it’s i gotta, do what i gotta do here and if they gave me the opportunity here, why not Take advantage of it and then we see What life has on for us after that

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