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Soccer Tips : How to Do a Maradona Move in Soccer

Soccer Tips : How to Do a Maradona Move in Soccer

Hi my name is Guillermo Gomez and I coach
soccer. Have you ever seen the Maradona move? It is a move at 360 so that you can go around
a defender and you can also use it when you have a defender on your back and you want
to actually face that defender so you can take him while you are looking at the defender.
You want to choose that move depending on the position of the field that you are in.
You definitely don’t want to do that while you are in the defensive part of the field
because that could be dangerous. You don’t want to lose the ball in the defensive part
of the field. So how do you do the Maradona move? You put one foot on top of the ball
and then with that foot you pull the ball while you are spinning into a 180. You are
spinning and then you pass that ball to your other foot while at the same time keep turning
and do another 180. Now you have done a completed 360 but you are now in a different position
past the defender. One way that you can learn how to balance so that you can do that move
is by putting your foot on top of the ball and remember that the weight of your body
is not on your front foot it is actually on your back foot and that gives you balance.
Then what you do then is to hop a little bit, hop about ten times with your foot on top
of the ball, then switch. Switch legs and do the same exercise with your other leg.
Put your foot on top of the ball, remember your weight is on your back leg. Hop ten times
and that exercise is very useful for balance. Then what you can also do is just put your
foot on top of the ball and then as your foot is on the top of the ball you want to switch
feet quickly and now you are stepping with the other foot so you are switching feet back
and forth. Start slowly and then progressively just start moving faster. This creates balance
and also you get used to how to, you get used to stepping on the ball.

100 thoughts on “Soccer Tips : How to Do a Maradona Move in Soccer”

  1. @riverplatepss what maradona does is way different then the one that zidane uses. in this video he shows the zidane move

  2. fuck americans! they called a sport FOOTBALL in which all players grab the ball with their HANDS !! AND ON THIS VIDEO IS SOCCER ?! NOT FOOTBALL !? lol jackasses

  3. @SuperTarHeelz lol, american football you barely use your feet! i think people should call "soccer" in where you use your FOOT most of the time except throw-ins and goalie,i think "soccer" should be called FOOTball

  4. Este ejercicio es para "soccer players", no para verdaderos jugadores de football, como los latinoamericanos, quienes hacemos el movimiento de manera natural.

  5. haha it is the easiest trick ever but I like the trick tip fr starting soccer players. haha nice.

  6. @SantiagoCarlos dude you clearly know nothing about football by saying this . the best player in the world is PELE !!

  7. @SantiagoCarlos yep i did, the user and all of us know that maradona did this trick first, what he meant was that zidane did it alot more than maradona did. Thats it calm down

  8. @FootballXFootball i can help YOU mate.. step 1. go to shop and buy english dictionary – step 2. study english so you know that you dont spell it "learn"(the step 3) .. its "teach"

  9. @dosdude13 Dude why the hell would think itd Zidane move? You know nothing about soccer dude……….. Get your facts straight before you go saying stuff

  10. I am from Argentina. I've been playing futbol for more than 20 years. I saw and preformed this move a zillion times. WE NEVER CALL THIS "THE MARADONA MOVE".
    I think it's just lame to "name" every single move you do. Also the clown that speaks in this video doesn't even know what to say.

  11. @SantiagoCarlos lo dije porqe los argentinos (sin ofender) son los que tienen la mejor hinchada del mundo y eso que soy peruano.

  12. @Alan89486 You're very likely too young and have never seen play either Maradona or Sanchez, to dare such a comparison between the two.
    Sanchez was a very good striker, period.
    Maradona was way more than that, trust me.

  13. I don't get all the negative comments tbh. Its a good move, he tells you how to practice the balance techniques right and i'm damn sure he speaks FAR better english than i speak his language.

  14. So you just step on the ball, do a spin on top of the ball and hope the defender would be distracted and then run like hell

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  16. Thank You. I needed this. I've been trying to do this move for ages XD!
    This will definitely help me with US ODP! Thank you!

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