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Soccer Tips : How to Do a Rainbow Kick in Soccer

Soccer Tips : How to Do a Rainbow Kick in Soccer

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth
soccer. Have you ever seen someone do a rainbow kick? A rainbow kick is actually when somebody
puts the ball behind, when the ball is right between your legs and you kick it behind you,
kicking the ball over you. It’s called rainbow because it actually, the ball travels in a
shape of a rainbow. Normally when you are having fun with your friends at the park,
you want to do these kinds of tricks for the enjoyment of the game. That’s what soccer
is all about. To have fun. In a regular team or a formal game, coaches would prefer you
not to do that because they don’t always work and sometimes they break their rhythm of play.
At any rate, it doesn’t mean that if you’re good at it you shouldn’t do it. To explain
to you how we do a rainbow kick, first let me start by using my right foot, which I’m
going to refer to as my front foot and my left foot is going to be my back. What I’m
going to do is put my front foot, which is my right, I put my heel right next to the
ball, okay, and then with my back foot, which is the left, I lock the ball with the inside
of my shoe laces. I’m going to lift the ball about three inches up and then as I’m moving
in a forward motion, I kick the ball with my right heel, going up so the ball can go
right up behind my back on top of my head and receive it in front of me. Okay. So, to
capture again, to summarize, I use my heel of my right foot, put the ball right behind
it. I lock the ball with my back foot,which is my left foot. Lock the ball. Lift the ball
with my left foot up a little bit, while I kick the ball upwards with my heel of my front
foot so the ball can go up and in front of me. That’s how you can do a rainbow kick.

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  1. Fútbol, soccer, football. Different titles it goes by. Just depends on where you're from or where you're at.

  2. European rule of football #9145: USA is the only country not to use the word soccer. Australia, SA, and East Asia are allowed to call it soccee

  3. Who care if it call football or soccer in America we call it soccer so stop complaing we all come from different place dur

  4. The retards are growing. Someone said it is called football in other places and soccer in America. America is a fucking continent and only in United States it is called soccer, in my country located in America, it is called football.

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