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SOME BASICS ON TRAMPOLINE (JUMPS/SKILLS) – TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Tumbling Cheer Cheerleading

SOME BASICS ON TRAMPOLINE (JUMPS/SKILLS) – TUTORIAL – Gymnastics Tumbling Cheer Cheerleading

This video is going to be on some trampoline basics First, when you get on a trampoline and get off a trampoline you want to walk on and walk off If you jump on and jump off you could get hurt. Next, when you are on the trampoline you want to stay in the middle usually facing in 1 direction One of the most important things on tramp is being able how to stop So we’re going to practice doing a nice controlled landing So when you land on trampoline you want to bend your knees and use your leg muscles to absorb the landing and land with stomach tight and back rounded so your back isn’t arching. Next we’re just going to bounce a few times in the middle, get comfortable with bouncing with our arms by our ears arms nice and straight palms turned out. Next we’re going to add a backwards arm circle where your arms are going to be up at the top of your jump and you’re going to circle back around like this. Next we’re going to do some basic jumps There’s a tuck jump, a straddle jump, a pike jump a jump half turn and a jump full turn And you can do a jump full turn to the left or to the right Usually which ever leg is in front on your cartwheel is the way you’re going to twist. Awesome, thanks Justin Next we’re going to do a seat doggie belly and we’re going to go over each position First is a seat drop where you’re going to land on your legs with your legs straight, hands by your sides right here Hands not this way, you can hurt your elbows palms facing this way And then there’s a doggie drop where you’re going to land on your arms with your arms straight knees bent and your back nice and rounded, so your back is nice and flat or horizontal to the tramp. From this doggie we’re going to open up flat and do a stomach drop, landing with our hands here and our knees bent nice and flat on your stomach We’re not going to dive forward either Wherever our feet are, we’re going to jump back a tiny bit so our hips or belly button land where our feet were. Something else you can do on tramp is seat doggie forward roll First we’re going to go over the forward roll a tiny bit You are going to bend down, hands on the tramp, make sure you support your weight on your arms, your chin down and roll and stand up. You can also break this down into seat doggie stand up roll And you can also turn it into seat doggie and flip a little bit And do one where you actually flip all the way to your feet Ok Awesome

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