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96 thoughts on “SOMETIMES THE MEDICAL TOOLS DON’T WORK! (3.15.18)”

  1. hey mary&peter! i have cystic fibrosis too & CF related diabates! i am a youtuber too & i just got out of the hospital 3 days ago finally after a long month! vlogs from the past month are up on my channel.. i really hope you guys read this!! it would mean a lot if you guys checked out my channel or anybody else reading this too!! from one cyster to another mary.. keep fighting & stay strong girl! 💜🌹 hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

  2. And another day in the books! Keep on keeping on, friends! We are cheering for YOU! Who are you cheering for today? Let’s go out of our way to try to cheer someone on today- even if that’s just here in the comments!

  3. Something to consider sister……go grain free it reduces spikes in blood sugar and reduces inflammation in your body!!! It has helped my son with autism and my other son with Chron’s and me with my autoimmune disease!!

  4. hit here mom had a biopsy of the two masses on Friday at 8:45.and is home resting everything went well. I had so many seizures because mom was in the same area as my dad was she was even in the same prep room as dad so i had 30 seizures. and then fell asleep

  5. I did a PFT today and couldn't help but think of you! Watching you do your PFT's over and over again helped prepare me for what to expect. Those are harder than it seems!

  6. I am not doing well at all physically. However once mentally the positive vibes override the sucky parts? Internally I am so happy. THAT is my victory this week. I just love you guys and Peter is right! Mary you are a rock star and work so hard doing what you need to do. It is very inspirational to me. Thank you.

  7. I would like being a cheerleader to anyone that needs it ..even to myself at times 🙂 ..Music is my go to always for my times of need of cheering ,,or some chocolate 🙂

  8. HOPE REALLY DOES CHANGE EVERYTHING! Hope recovery from snow day wasn't too rough<3 Although you looked great when you picked us up!

  9. I love you 2.. you remind me of my husband and myself. My hubby has been my fulltime caretaker for the past 3 years but has had to return to work. It's been difficult without him but I binge watch hour videos to help. I also have a service dog.

  10. You two are amazing. How you vlog every single day. It’s got to be hard. But we sure do appreciate it😀

  11. Hi Mary and Peter…..I liked what Peter said he was. putting on the sign, but I have a question for you Peter (or both), What do you do when you have no hope left?

  12. I can't wait to see the church sign. I used to do a bit of calligraphy, years ago. I love how it looks! If the person wouldn't mind being filmed doing it, that would be awesome! (But I could see where that would be stressful for them.)

  13. Peter, every time I see you use that drill I try to figure out why it's sparking. Then I remember it has a light on it. Spooky.

  14. I remember when you were in the process of talking about getting a feeding tube. So glad is has helped you in your journey.

  15. I loved your friends idea – when I was a child and having surgery my mom would buy me new underwear and new pajamas

  16. When I found out about my cancer and knew I would have chemotherapy, I bought myself a new sheets, comforter, curtains and had my room painted, it was great! I looked forward to coming home after chemo and crawling in my pretty bed! I felt special…God is good!

  17. I am cheering for you Mary, and Jaquie from chronically Jaquie. You both are brave warriors in your fight with chronic illness and are a inspiration to us all as we go through life with our own struggles.

  18. i had a friend who played that first song you played at a worship group we have on wednesday mornings before school. you almost made me cry because it’s such a sweet song!

  19. I just hope it doesn't snow this Easter. With all the crazy weather we've been having this year, it could totally happen! lol

  20. Lol, when you said, 'I think I hear Peter' I turned my head like I wanted to look around the corner. 😆 I am cheering for Peter, not only is he a Minister, but a great carpenter! 🤗. And Mary always cheers for you for fighting hard for your better health!! 🤗🤗🤗

  21. Ollie seems to really like your guitar music. 🐶👍🎸I think encouraging others may be the best way, for me at least, to spread God's love.

  22. I loved this video. There were so many little side things going on and they were all so sweet and cool. I love your new chair Peter that looks so much better than the stool or that wooden chair. I never realized how handy you are at building things. That must be really awesome Mary to be married to a husband who knows how to build things and use his hands that's a rare thing these days. It's so good to know that everyday I will get to watch a video of yours and I know that I will get an energy boost and I know that I'll be encouraged and that's why I love the videos so much because you guys are encouragers you do lift my spirits all the time no matter what part of the journey I'm watching.thanks for everything

  23. With Peter in the kitchen, the new camera isn’t wanting to focus. Look at the surroundings behind you. Even sitting on the floor with the guitar.

  24. Hope does change everything Peter …. And it certainty brings a new perspective to a lot of things . Wishing I could attent your service . Why you might aak? Because I'm trying and fighting very hard to go into remission . Love to you and Mary & Ollie ( Olly ) … forgot the spelling … sorry. Herma 🍀🍀🐆

  25. Mary, could you tell me what the ingredients are in the solution you use for your feeding tube & if it's organic or not? Thanks in advance! (((Hugs)))

  26. I love watching you too. You are so good for each other. So cute. On another note, watching you do your vest 😱 makes my chest hurt 😂😂 i feel like i cant breathe 😂 so weird

  27. My 3 year old son uses that same pump for his feeds. He was born with congenital heart disease which include multiple heart defects.

  28. Peter and Mary, I teach Sunday School ages 4 to 12 in one group and I find Easter so difficult to teach, I get really emotional. Any suggestions maybe for kids?

  29. I think your friend had a great idea I did the same thing for my ankle surgery bc I had to stay on the first floor and sleep in a twin bed in my living room bc I couldn’t go upstairs for awhile so the sheets were something fun!

  30. Had a really bad day hope everyone else had a better just really stressed about car breaking down no money

  31. I would love to hear one of your sermons Peter! And I think my SDiT, Bo, (A 1 yr old black lab) would love to have a play date with Ollie😄 Maybe someday, AFTER I get my head screwed back on the way God intended it to be, relieve the pressure in my brain and fix the Chiari, straighten out whatever's twisted in my gut (don't ya just love Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?), and figure out what's up with my lipids… I'll get around to some sight seeing again! I'm in God's hands right now.

  32. Peeks and valleys sound like life… Also I think there's a song out there called peeks and valleys… But as I look back over the many many years of my life God has walked with me through ALL my peeks and valleys praise be to Jesus my personal friend and LORD…

  33. I had a feeding tube for 13 years however I used mine only at night. About 4 years ago I was doing well and got to get it taken out. I was so happy, however I was so used to taking meds through it that when it was gone I was new to taking meds by mouth. I am glad to see you enjoying and being happy with your feeding tube. It almost makes me miss mine… still glad I am doing better and don’t need it! Ps. Tell Ollie I said hi!

  34. Baby girl has arrived! Her name is Sadie Jane Anne. Appreciate your prayers for my csection. Sadie is currently using some tools to help her because her bilirubin levels are low. She is laying on a bed with blue lights and eating every three hours including formula.

  35. Do you think you guys could do a video about how you keep such a strong, healthy relationship? You two seem so perfect for each other and so in love even though you’ve already been together for so long!

  36. No joke guys…I am up in the middle of the night, having a rough time with an anxiety attack, and your video came up and you guys helped it melt away. Thank goodness for your smiles ❤️

  37. When I had my feeding tube I hated every second of it!! I had to have it the first time when I was 12. I just hated being "tied down". When I was rejecting my 1st set of lungs I fought it every step of the way. And I hate even thinking about it. Weird huh?

  38. Mary, those days when your blood sugar keeps crashing? Try keeping track of your activity level, and whether or not you are enjoying yourself, or if you get cold. All those things affect my blood sugar. Surprisingly, having fun, or just spending time with people I like, can make my blood sugar go down. Cold weather, you also burn more calories maintaining your body temperature. Conversely, doing things that are stressful can make it go up. Even GOOD stress, like someone having a baby or getting married… and you're absolutely right that your body randomly does what it wants to. Mine does, too! LOL

  39. The way you and Mary serve each other is just so precious. God is so present in your marriage! I hope one day my husband will come to Christ and we’ll be able to serve the Lord together. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. May God continue to bless you ❤️😊

  40. Hi Mary n Peter, I really like you all's daily vlogs. I have NOONANSYNDROME, a disease that I was born with. I can really relate to alot of the things that you go through daily.. You both are very awesome..

  41. Hi Mary & peter.. wanted to say I enjoy what u do and the time u share on here . Helps me get through my own challenges and shows me time and time again , how to keep positive and to stay happy and hopeful through it all . Just wanted to say thank u . Ps say hi to Ollie for me

  42. OMG I love your channel but I am supposed to be fasting for my procedure and now all I can think about is Indian food

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